Monthly Packages
Basic Care Package: Rebalance, Gel Pedicure
Beauty Care Package: Rebalance, Gel Pedicure, Facial
Spoil Yourself Package: Rebalance, Gel Pedi, Facial, Back & Neck Massage

Bride to be Package: Full Set Sculptured Nails, Gel Pedicure
Make Her Day Bridal Package: Full Set Nails, Gel Pedicure, Facial
Make Her Day Extensive Bridal Package: Full Set Sculptured Nails,
Gel Pedicure, Full Set Lash Extensions, Make-up

Facial Care Packages
3 Month facial Care Problem Specific (3 Treatments)
6 Month Intensive Care (6 Treatments)
3 Month Shock Treatment (2 Facials & Microneedling)
6 Month intensive de-ageing/pigmentation (2X Needling, 4X Facials)
3 Month Acne (5X Peels 2X facials)
6 Month Acne (12 X Peels 4X Facials)

Treat yourself Package: Facial, Pedicure
Spoil Yourself Package: Back Neck Massage, Facial, Pedicure
You Deserve it Package: Full Body Massage, Facial, Pedicure
Time Out Package: Full Body Massage, Facial, Pedicure, Scalp Treat
Important Information
Only top-quality brands are used such as LCN a Professional German brand. Kalahari a proudly
South African Phyto effective brand, and Depileve.
Right of admission reserved, prices are subject to change, in event of late arrivals treatment time
will be reduced, terms and conditions apply.

Pensioners and Students receive 15% OFF of all treatments.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

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Physical Address:
Shop 17A Highlands Centre
c/o Glover Ave & Rabie Street

Tel 1: 082 695 0427

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Our Services Include:

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- Back Facial Deep Cleanse Treatment (R400
- Dream Weigh Centimetre Loss Course of 8
- Dream Weigh Centimetre Loss Wrap (R400)
- Dry Body Exfoliation (R350)
- Henna/Mehndi
- I Lipo Incl 30min Cycle 60min (R350)
- I Lipo incl 30min Cycle Course of 12
- I Lipo incl 30min Cycle Course of 8
- Lymph Drainage 30min (R270)
- Lymph Drainage 60min (R395)

- Consultation
- Follow up Treatment

- Brow Tint (R85)
- Kalahari Collagen Induction Facial (R950
- Kalahari Deep Scalp Exfoliation (R200)
- Kalahari Hydrating Honeybush Facia (R240
- Kalahari Lipid Rich Facial (R340)
- Kalahari Neck/Decollete Treatment (R200)
- Kalahari Peel Away Treatment Mask (R480)
- Kalahari Phytic Clay Facial (R390)
- Kalahari Phyto Compounding Facial (R450)
- Kalahari Vit C Eye Treatment (R200)
- Kalahari Vita Gel Facial (R385)
- Kalahari Vitamin C Facial (R450)
- Lash Tint (R90)
- LCN Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (R600)
- LCN Hydrating Facial (R550)
- LCN Lifting and Tightening Facial (R700)

- Callus Peel Treatment (R150)
- Callus Peel Treatment incl Pedicure(R350
- File and Varnish (R100)
- File and Varnish French (R110)
- Gel - Colour Gel Toes (no pedi) (R260)
- Gel - French Gel Toes (No Pedi) (R270)
- Gel - Toes with Pedicure (R450)
- LCN- Brace for ingrown toe nail (R250)
- LCN- Pedique Overlay (R350)
- LCN- Pedique Reconstruction More Than 1
- LCN-Pedique Nail Reconstruction p/nail
- LCN-Pedique Overlay Pedi incl Gel (R550
- Paraffin Treatment (R90)
- Pedicure (R280)
- Soak Off (R80)
- Summer Deluxe Foot Treatment (R550)
- Winter Deluxe Foot Treatment (R600)

- 10 X Nail Art
- File and Varnish (R100)
- File and Varnish French (R110)
- Gel Polish- French on Natural Nail (R260
- Gel Polish- Soak Off (R80)
- Gel Polish-Overlay on Natural Nails(R250
- Hand Peeling Treatment (R150)
- LCN Recolution Gel- Natural Overlay(R360
- LCN Recolution Gel- Rebalance Fill (R350
- LCN Recolution Gel- Soak Off (R80)
- LCN Recolution Gel-Full Set w Tips (R390
- LCN- Designer Nails (R600)
- LCN- File and Seal (2 weeks) (R370)
- LCN- Full Set Sculptured Extensions(R550
- LCN- Nail Art (per nail) (R10)
- LCN- Nail Fix (per nail) (R55)
- LCN- Overlay on Natural Nails (R500)
- LCN- Product Removal (File/Buff) (R250
- LCN- Rebalance (Fill 2-4 wks) (R450)
- LCN- Rebalance (Fill 4-6 wks) (R490)
- LCN- Rebalance (Fill 6/more wks) (R530)
- LCN- Sealant Underneath (R50)
- Manicure (R190)
- Mini Man Manicure (R80)
- Natural Nail BoostGel (NNBG) (R200)
- Paraffin Treatment (R80)

Lash Extensions
- 2D Silk Eyelash Extensions (R650)
- 3D Silk Eyelash Extensions (R750)
- 5D Silk Eyelash Extensions (R850)
- Classic Individual Silk Extension (R550)
- Lash Extension Removal (R150)
- Lash Fill (From R350)

Make Up
- All Make Up Trials (R350)
- Bridal Make Up excl Travel (R600)
- Bridal Party Make Up (R500)
- Day Make Up (R380)
- Evening Make Up (R450)
- Special Effects Make Up (from R500)

- Back and Neck Massage 30min (R270)
- Back and Neck Massage 45min (R375)
- Cellulite Reduction 30min (R375)
- Feet Massage 30min (R200)
- Full Body Swedish Massage 60min (R395)
- Full Body Swedish Massage 90min (R550)
- Hot Stone Back & Neck Massage 30min(R395
- Hot Stone Full Body Massage 60min (R425)
- Hot Stone Full Body Massage 90min (R575)
- Indian Head Treatment 30min (R220)
- Legs and Feet Massage 45min (R375)

- Body- Scars Removal Per Session (R950)
- Body- Stretch Mark Removal Session (R950
- Body- Tattoo Removal Per Session (R950)
- Face (R1050)
- Face and Neck (R1250)
- Face Neck and Decollete (R1400)
- Hair Growth Stimulation (R950)
- Lips Eyes Forehead (R595)

- Advance Feet 4x Pedi with Gel (R1800)
- Advance Lash 4x Lash Fills (R1200)
- Advance Massage 4x BNS 30min (R800)
- Advance Nails 4x Rebalances (R1800)
- Basic Care Package (R800)
- Beauty Care Package (R1100)
- Bridal- Bride to Be Package (R900)
- Bridal- Make Her Day Extensive (R1950)
- Bridal- Make Her Day Package (R1500)
- Facial Care Acne 12x Peel 4x Facial
- Facial Care Acne x5 Peel x2 Facial
- Facial Care De-Ageing/Pigmentation x6
- Facial Care Intensive Care x6 (R1800)
- Facial Care Problem Specific x3 (R960)
- Facial care Shock Treatment x3 (R1400)
- Relax- Spoil Yourself Package (R800)
- Relax- Time Out Package (R1100)
- Relax- Treat yourself Package (R500)
- Relax- You Deserve it Package (R1000)
- Spoil Yourself Package (R1320)

- 3 Treat Package (R960)
- 6 Treat Package (R1750)
- D-Age Peel (R420)
- L-Ascorbic phyto acid peel (R350)
- TCA Peel (R385)

Permanent Make Up
- Additional Touch Up (in same year)(R850)
- All touch ups/2nd treatments (R950)
- Beauty Spot (R900)
- Eye Liner Thicker per 1mm (R1250)
- Eye Liner Top and Bottom Natural(R1400)
- Eye Liner Top and Bottom Designer (R1600
- Eye Liner Top/Bottom only Designer(R1250
- Eye Liner Top/Bottom Only Natural (R1100
- Eyebrows Full Shading (R1400)
- Eyebrows Hair Simulation (R1700)
- Full Lip Colour enhancement per shade
- Full Lip Colouring incl Liner (R1800)
- Lash Enhancement Top and Bottom (R1050)
- Lash Enhancement Top/Bottom only (R800)
- Microbladed Eyebrows (R1600)
- Microbladed Ombre Eyebrows (R1700)
- Mucosal Top/Bottom Only Liner (R1250)
- Scalp Pigmenting/Hair Tattoo (R1500)

Plasma Skin Tightening
- Body- Scars Removal Per Session (R700)
- Body- Stretch Mark Removal Session (R700
- Body- Tattoo Removal Per Session (R700)
- Bottom Lip (R950)
- Chin (R700)
- Crows Feet (R1700)
- Eye Combo (Upper/Lower/Crows Feet)(R3000
- Forehead (R2000)
- Forehead and Frown Combo (R2500)
- Frown (R700)
- Full Face Lift incl Neck and Jaw (R6000)
- Jaw Lift/Tightening (R3000)
- Lower Eye Tightening (R1500)
- Mid Face Lift (R3000)
- Nasolabial Fold Lift/Tightening (R1000)
- Neck Lift (R2500)
- Skin Tag Mole and Wart Removal (R400)
- Sun Spot Removal (Pigmentation) (R700)
- Top and Bottom Lip Combo (R1500)
- Top Lip Lift (R950)
- Upper Eye Lift/Tightening (R1700)

- D-Age Peel (R420)
- Kalahari Vitamin C Facial (R450)
- L-Ascorbic phyto acid peel (R350)
- TCA Peel (R385)

- 1/2 Arm wax (R115)
- 1/2 Back wax (R150)
- Bikini Wax (Sides and top) (R250)
- Bikini wax (sides only) (R135)
- Chest wax (R170)
- Chin Wax (R85)
- Epil Free
- Eyebrows (R90)
- Full arm wax (R160)
- Full Back wax (R255)
- Full Bikini/Brazilian wax (R270
- Full Face Combo (R230)
- Ladies - 1/2 Leg wax (above knee) (R175)
- Ladies - Full leg wax (R240)
- Lip Wax (R85)
- Men - 1/2 Leg wax (R195)
- Men - Full leg wax (R260)
- Sideburns wax (R110)
- Stomach wax (R150)
- Under arm wax (R110)

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