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Located in Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng

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Our Spa is a unique place for relaxing and personal rejuvenation, where we seek to pamper you as never before.  Our facilities include a variety of massages, facials, aromatherapy, full body exfoliation, waxing, sun bed, hand and foot treatments, nails, brows & lash tinting and a lovely solar heated swimming pool.

We make sure that you as our guest experience a day of pure relaxation while our fully trained therapists work on your pressure points from head to toe, to de-stress and revitalize you.

We offer a variety of treatment packages for individuals as well as couples, groups and pamper parties, including breakfasts as well as light afternoon meals, and a selection of beverages.

We also cater for children’s pamper parties from the age of 10 and older. Please book well in advance as availability is limited!

Our Aim is to provide each of our guests with a special and memorable experience in a tranquil environment, away from our busy stressful lives.

We strive ourselves in rendering professional client service of the highest quality.

Always remember at Bella Divas Day Spa is...

Where you need to relax...


Our Services Include:

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- African Cley Mask (hand/foot) (R100)
- Exfoliating Back Scrub (R300)
- Full Body Exfoliation (R350)

- 1-30 Minute Facial (R300)
- 2-Appetizer Facial with ultrasound(R500)
- 3-Deep Cleanse mask & ultrasound (R650)

- 1-Long Hair Package (R800)
- 2-Short Hair Package (R680)
- 3-Medium Hair Package (R730)
- 4-Brazilian B/W Short (R700)
- 5-Brazilian B/W Med (R900)
- 6-Brazilian B/W Long (R1100)
- 7-Toner Short (R150)
- 8-Bleach Full Head Med (R410)
- 9-Bleach Full Head Short (R360)
- 10-Full Color Med (R380)
- 11-1/2 Head H/L Short (R350)
- 12-1/2 Head H/L Med (R400)
- 13-Top Head H/L Long (R350)
- 14-Top Head H/L Short (R280)
- 15-Bleach Full Head Long (R500)
- 16-Top Head H/L Med (R310)
- 17-Full Head H/L Short (R450)
- 18-1/2 Head H/L Long (R450)
- 19-Gents Color (R320)
- 20-Full Head H/L Med (R500)
- 21-Full Color Short (R350)
- 22-Full Color Long (R420)
- 23-Roots Short (R300)
- 24-Full Head H/L Long (R550)
- 25-Roots Med (R330)
- 26-Toner Long (R200)
- 27-Roots Long (R360)
- 28-Toner Med (R170)
- 29-Cut & Fin Long (R200)
- 30-Kids Cut (Under 16) (R100)
- 31-Gents Cut (R130)
- 32-Cut & Fin Short (R150)
- 33-Blowave Long (R200)
- 34-Blowave Short (R150)
- 35-Girls Cut & B/W (Under 6) (R150)
- 36-Cut & B/W Long (R260)
- 37-Cut & B/W Short (R230)
- 38-Curls Long (R220)
- 39-Curls Short (R180)
- 40-Wedding excl Trial (R490)
- 41-Upstyle (R250-R390)
- 42-Treat Quick Repair Short (R140)
- 43-Treat Quick Repair Long (R200)
- 44-Treat 4 Step Reconstruct Med (R250)
- 45-Treat 4 Step Reconstruct Long (R300)
- 46-Treat 4 Step Reconstruct Short (R200)
- 47-Treat Quick Repair Med (R170)
- 48-Travel per Km (R7)

Hands and Feet
- 1-Manicure (R250)
- 2-Paraffin Manicure (R300)
- 3-Pedicure (R300)
- 4-Paraffin Pedicure (R350)
- 5-Foot Reflexology (R200)
- 6-Specialized Medi-Heel Treatment(R280)
- 7-Hand & Foot scrub with massage(R350)
- Acrylic Full Set Colour (R400)
- Acrylic Full Set French/Colour (R400)
- Acrylic Full Set Natural Look (R400)
- Nail Art Stickers (each) (R10)
- Nail Art-Foil Strip with Stone (R15)
- Remove Gel/Tips (R50)
- Remove Gel/Tips w Mani & Treatment(R150)
- Repair - Natural Nail Repair (R10)
- Repair - New Tip (R20)

Make Up
- Make Up (R350)

- 1-Back Shoulder and Neck Massage (R300)
- 2-Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder (R350)
- 3-Full Body Swedish Massage (R500)
- 4-Full Body Hot Stone Massage (R550)
- 5-Full Body Soy Candle Massage (R600)
- 6-Indian Head Massage dry (R200)
- 7-Foot Massage (R200)
- 8-Hand Massage (R200)

Nails - Bio Sculpture Gel
- Acrylic French/Colour Natural Nail(R300)
- Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nail(R250)
- Artwork on 2 Nails only (R320)
- Artwork on All Nails (R400)
- Biosculpture Colour Toes (R250)
- Biosculpture French Toes (R300)
- Nail Build Up on All (R400)

- De-Luxe Full Day Couples Package(R2300)
- Enduring Full Day Pamper Package(R890)
- Exquisite Full Day Pamper Package (R1040
- Festive Package for 1x person (R600)
- Festive Package for 2x people (R1200)
- Festive Package for 3x people (R1700)
- Half Day Package (R550)
- His + Hers Full Day Package (R2500)
- Matric Dance Special (R800)
- Moonlight Spa Package per Couple(R1650)
- Night Spa (R700p/p)
- Refresher Package (R349)
- Relaxed Half Day Package (R499)
- Short and Sweet Bridesmaid (R499pp)
- Slimming Package (1 Session) (R250)
- Slimming Package (12 Sessions) (R1800)
- Summer Bliss Package 1 person (R500)
- Summer Bliss Package 2 people (R900)
- Summer Wrap Up (R455)
- Summer Wrap Up for 2 (R900)
- Sunday Fee (R100)
- Super Mom Half Day Package (R550 pp)
- Valentines Spa Package per Couple(R1150)
- VIP Fathers Day Package 1 person (R580)
- VIP Fathers Day Package 2 people (R1150)
- VIP Holiday Pamper Package for 2(R1050)
- VIP Pamper Package for 1 (R550)
- VIP Spring Special (R550)
- VIP Summer Wrap Up 1 person (R600)
- VIP Summer Wrap Up 2 people (R1200)
- VIP Summer Wrap Up 3 people (R1750)
- VIP Warm It Up Package 1 person (R550)
- VIP Warm It Up Package 2 people (R1100)
- VIP Winter Warmer Package for 1 (R550)
- VIP Winter Warmer Package for 2 (R1100)
- Young Girls Pamper Package (R300)

- Special: Full Body Massage (R249)
- Venue Hire (R200)

- Sunbed 1 session (R40)
- Sunbed 10 sessions (R350)

Teeth Whitening
- Teeth Whitening (R790)

- Brow and Lash Tint (R100)
- Brow Tint (R60)
- Lash Tint (R60)

- 1/2 Leg Wax - Ladies (R160)
- 1/2 Leg Wax - Men (R220)
- 3/4 Leg Wax - Ladies (R200)
- 3/4 Leg Wax - Men (R240)
- Back Wax - Men (R240)
- Bikini Wax (R120)
- Brazilian Wax (R200)
- Brow Wax & Brow Tint (R100)
- Brow Wax (R60)
- Chest Wax - Men (R180)
- Chin Wax (R50)
- Facial Wax (R150)
- Full Arms Wax (R120)
- Full Leg Wax - Men (R300)
- Full Leg Wax -Ladies (R240)
- Hollywood Wax (R250)
- Lip Wax (R60)
- Spot Wax (R40)
- Under Arms Wax (R100)

Our staff members are:

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Our business hours are:

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Physical Address:
1181 Dormer ave

Tel 1: 082 211 5592