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"Waxing clients have had to endure unhygienic, painful and long outdrawn appointments by poorly trained therapists for far too long." says Fast & Furious Waxing Specialist owner, Adele Mans.

Adele opened her first branch of Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists in Randburg, Gauteng, in 2010, after spending 16 years in the beauty industry. “In regular spas and salons waxing is more than often the last priority, both for therapists and clients.” The Pretoria branch opened in 2013, and subsequently the Waxing Academy opened in 2014 to help re-train existing waxing therapists as well as anyone who wants to enter the industry for the first time. Men and women can now have a very quick, efficient wax in a clean, classy set up with a specialised wax, mixed by a cosmetic laboratory, to ensure extreme comfort and an almost painless experience. Like the salon name promises, the treatment is over quickly and administered thoroughly.

Fast & Furious Waxing’s specialists know the ins and outs of the beauty industry, and have a thorough understanding of every nook and crevice of the body’s most crucial and delicate part, the skin. Clients can rest assured that they will be in good and capable professional
hands. The rooms are decorated with a Salsa dance theme, and the beds covered with red sheets. The vibe is funky and air is
filled with a cherry scent. Every utensil, towel and wax pot is hygienic and clean.

Clients are re-educated in the correct pre-and post-waxing care and can obtain an anti-ingrown hair kit for home use to keep
skin smooth and comfortable well past walking or running with aerodynamically enhanced speed in and out the salon doors.

Bookings are done regularly, every two to three weeks, so waxing is done on short hair to ensure best results and minimal pain.
Gone are the old fashioned beliefs that waxing should be done on long hair, every six to eight weeks.

The studios also offer Vajazzle Swarovski body crystals after waxing, as well as Body art.   

Our Services Include:

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Female Waxing
- Barbie Bare 1st Time and Homecare (R435)
- Brazilian/Barbie Touch Up 14 days (R195)
- Brow Make Over (wax,shape,shade) (R165)
- Female Barbie Bare Follow Up (R325)
- Female Bikini Line Swimsuit (R190)
- Female Brazilian Strip 1st+HomeC (R410)
- Female Brazilian Strip Follow Up (R300)
- Female Brow and Lash Tint (R170)
- Female Brow Tint (R80)
- Female Brow/Lip/Chin Wax (R75 each)
- Female Buttocks Only (R105)
- Female Chest Wax (R140)
- Female Full Arms Wax both (R200)
- Female Full Leg Touch up 14 days (175)
- Female Full Legs Wax both (R280)
- Female G-string Wax (R235)
- Female Half Arms Wax both (R150)
- Female Half Legs Touch Up 14 days (R110)
- Female Half Legs Wax both (R205)
- Female Lash Tint (R85)
- Female Spot Random Fluff Wax (R90)
- Female Stomach Wax (R140)
- Female Three Quarter Legs Wax (R225)
- Female Underarms Touch Up 14 days (R95)
- Female Underarms Wax both (R140)
- Ingrown Hair Removal Lancet Session(R110
- Vajazzle Swarovski - Any Design (R165)

Male Waxing
- Male Back,Neck,Shoulders 1st+HomeC (395)
- Male Back/Neck/Shoulders Followup (R270)
- Male Bikini Line Speedo Wax (R200)
- Male Brazilian Follow Up Wax (R415)
- Male Brazilian Wax 1st Time +HomeC(R530)
- Male Brow/Nose/Ears Wax (R80 each)
- Male Buttocks Wax Only (R130)
- Male Chest & Stomach Follow Up(R270)
- Male Chest and Stomach 1st+HomeC (R395)
- Male Chest Wax Only (R195)
- Male Crack & Buttocks Wax (R225)
- Male Crack Wax Only (R130)
- Male Full Arms Wax both (R220)
- Male Full Legs Wax both (R300)
- Male Half Arms Wax both (R170)
- Male Half Back Wax Only (R195)
- Male Half Legs Wax both (R225)
- Male Ken Bare Wax 1st + Homecare (R560)
- Male Ken Bare Wax Follow Up (R440)
- Male Spot Random Fluff Wax (R90)
- Male Stomach Wax Follow up (R195)
- Male Three Quarter Legs Wax (R265)
- Male Underarms Wax both (R150)

- Female Full Body Fruit Acid (R600)
- Female Cherry Barbie Peel+HomeC (R250)
- Male Banana Ken Peel and Home Care(R270)
- Male Full Body Fruit Acid Peel (625)
- Spot Peel Any Area (R110)
- Underarm Pigmentation Peel (R210)

Our staff members are:


Our business hours are:

Monday: 11am - 3pm
Tuesday: 7am - 6pm
Wednesday: 7am - 6pm
Thursday: 7am - 6pm
Friday: 7am - 6pm
Saturday: 7am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed

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Physical Address:
15 Lawley Avenue
Corner Alida Street

Tel 1: 071 936 1303