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At Exclusively Me, we offer everything from Six Sensational Facials, Lamelle Chemical Peels, Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, Young Nails Acrylic nails, waxing, Manicures, Excellent Pedicures and a variety of nail art design.   

Our Services Include:

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Eyelash Extension
- 2Week Fill Classic Lashes (R285)
- 2Week Fill Volume Lashes ( R375)
- 3Week Fill Classic Lashes (R320)
- 3Week Fill volume Lashes (R400)
- Full Set Classic Lashes (R570)
- Full Set Volume Lashes (R640)
- Lash Curl (R300)
- Lasting Lashes Eyelash Removal (R100)

- Dermapen MN Face & Decollete R1800
- Dermapen MN Face R1600
- SIX Add On Treatment (R220)
- SIX Heavenly Journey Skin (R460)
- SIX Sensational Skin Treatment (R640)
- SIX Timeless Skin Treatment (R470)
- SIX Velocity Skin Treatment (R300)

- Exclusive Pedicure (R360)
- Full Pedicure and Gel Overlay (R380)
- Full Pedicure and Gel Overlay Fill(R360)
- Maintenance Heel Treatment (R180)
- Parraffin Wax Treatment (R105Extra)
- Pedicure (R300)
- Soak Off Gel Toes (R90)
- Toenail Tidy and Paint (R120)

- Buff and Polish (R115)
- Exclusive Manicure (R300)
- Manicure (R215)
- Nail Tidy and Paint (R125)
- Parraffin Dip Treatment (R105Extra)

- 30 mins Extra Massage (R180)
- Add Back Salt Glow Exfoliation (R115)
- Add Back Wrap (R115)
- Add Hot Stones (R115 Extra)
- Aromatherapy Back Neck Shoulder (R370)
- Aromatherapy Full Body (R560)
- Indian Head Massage (R320)
- Pressure Point Foot Massage (R320)
- Relax Detox Body Wrap Back (R260)
- Relax Detox Body Wrap Full Body (R385)
- Salt Glow Exfoliation Back (R230)
- Salt Glow Exfoliation Full Body (R320)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic & Gel Toe Overlay (R280)
- Acrylic and Gel Overlay Fill -Both(R270)
- Acrylic and Gel Overlay Fill Same (R230)
- Acrylic Overlay and Gel Colour (R360)
- Acrylic Overlay Clear (R310)
- Acrylic Overlay Clear and Soak Off (R325
- Acrylic Overlay Colour (R340)
- Acrylic Overlay Colour and Soak (R350)
- Acrylic Overlay French Sculpt Soak(R375)
- Acrylic Overlay French Sculptured (R360)
- Acrylic Overlay Gel Col and Soak (R375)
- Acrylic Tips and Gel Colour (R475)
- Acrylic Tips and Soak (R475)
- Acrylic Tips French Reverse & Soak(R515)
- Acrylic Tips French Sculpture (R500)
- Acrylic Tips Gel Colour and Soak (R495)
- Acrylic Tips Natural Fren Acry Col (R460
- Fill Acrylic & Gel Tips both (R290)
- Fill Change Acrylic & Gel Overlay (R240)
- Fill Change Acrylic Overlay (R240)
- Fill Change Acrylic Tips (R240)
- Fill Change Gel Acrylic & Gel Tips(R270)
- Fill Same Acrylic Overlay (R230)
- Fill Same Acrylic Tips (R235)
- Fill Same Gel Acrylic & Gel Tips (R250)
- Full Set Sculpture & Nail Art (R580)
- Full Set Sculpture Acrylic Colour (R500)
- Full Set Sculpture Faded (R530)
- Full Set Sculpture French Reverse (R560)
- Repair Acrylic & Gel Overlay (R60)
- Repair Acrylic Overlay (R55)
- Repair Acrylic Sculpture (R70)
- Repair Acrylic Tip (R60)

Nails - Gel
- Fill Change Gel Overlay (R240)
- Fill Change Gel Tips (R250)
- Fill Change Gel Toe Overlay (R255)
- Fill Same Gel Overlay (R230)
- Fill Same Gel Tips (R230)
- Fill Same Gel Toe Overlay (R230)
- Gel Overlay Clear (R305)
- Gel Overlay Colour or French (R340)
- Gel Overlay Colour/French & Soak(R355)
- Gel Tips Colour (R450)
- Gel Tips Colour and Soak (R465)
- Gel Tips French or Natural (R440)
- Gel Tips French/Natural and Soak (R455)
- Gel Toe Overlay (R270)
- Repair Gel Nail Overlay (R40)
- Soak Off Artifical Nails (R100)
- Tip repair( R20.00)
- Velena fill change
- Velena Fill same

- Derma Roller First Treatment (R1950)
- Derma Roller Treatment Only (R650)
- Lamelle Acne Correct Back or Chest (R640
- Lamelle Acne Correct Beta 15% (R540)
- Lamelle Acne Correct Beta 20% (R580
- Lamelle Age Correct Lactiferm 9010 (R620
- Lamelle Age Prevent Alpha 20 (R580)
- Lamelle Age Prevent Alpha Peel 30 (R620)
- Lamelle Age Prevent Lactiferm 3010 (R580
- Lamelle Pigmentation Beta 15% (R540)
- Lamelle Pigmentation Beta 15%&Serum(R780
- Lamelle Pigmentation Beta 20% (R580)
- Lamelle Pigmentation Beta 20%&Serum(R820

Permanent Make Up
- Microblading 6 Week Touch Up (R750)
- Microblading Initial (R1500)
- Ombre/Powdered Brow (R1500)
- Ombre/Powdered Brow 6Week TouchUp (R750)

- 1 Sunbed Session 15mins (R70)
- 10 Sunbed Sessions (R495)
- 2 x Sunbed Session 30min (R140)
- Sunbed Package Session
- Tan Lab Spray Tan (R300)
- Tan Lab SprayTest

Teen Treatments
- Nail Paint - Under 12 (R90)
- Nails and Toe Paint - Under 12 (R130)
- Pampering Facial - Under 12 (R190)
- Spa Manicure - Under 12 (R120)
- Spa Pedicure - Under 12 (R160)
- Toe Paint - Under 12 (R70)

- Brow Wax and Tint (R170)
- Eyebrow Tint (R90)
- Eyelash and Brow Tint (R165)
- Eyelash Tint (R90)

- Arm Wax (R140)
- Back or Chest Wax (R220)
- Bikini Line Wax (R120)
- Brow and Lip Wax (R170)
- Brow Wax (R90)
- Brow Wax and Tint (R170)
- Chin Wax (R90)
- Face Wax (R215)
- Full Bikini Wax - Brazilian (R195)
- Full Leg Wax (R195)
- Half Leg Wax (R140)
- Hollywood Wax (R260)
- Lip Wax (R90)
- Underarm Wax (R120)

Our staff members are:

Natasha Steinhobel
Natasha Hare

Our business hours are:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7am - 5pm
Wednesday: 7am - 5pm
Thursday: 7am - 5pm
Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed

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Physical Address:
158 O'Reilly Merry Street

Tel 1: 011 425 6869