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Established in 1983, Tammy Taylor Nails is a leader in the Professional Nail and Beauty industry. Nail Technicians and Cosmetologists rely on the Tammy Taylor brand in over 10,000 professional salons, world-wide.
Tammy Taylor Nails offers everything you need to be a successful nail technician, including:

The highest quality nail products, tested and developed by Tammy Taylor
Education and classes taught by highly-trained, certified Tammy Taylor nail educators
An outstanding support team of personal educators, trained by Tammy Taylor

I opened my first salon in 1981, when I was 18 years old, with only a $400 budget. It was only 385 square feet, but… within two years, it expanded into a larger, full-service salon, including my own professional nail product line, began offering seminars, workshops, teaching nail technicians, salon owners, beauty school instructors and students on skills and how to build their own business.

​In 1986, I won the World Record for the fastest set of Pink & White Sculptured Nails, in less than 20 minutes, and in front of a live audience. I still continue to hold this title.

​In 1990, I wrote The Complete Guide to Manicuring and Advanced Nail Technology. It is still used in the nail industry by professionals and beauty schools to prepare students to pass their State Board Examinations.

For over 30 years, I have developed a comprehensive business including nail products, tools and procedures that helped shape the way the nail industry does nails.

Not only are we passionate about nails... we are more passionate about our customers and how we treat them. At TAMMY TAYLOR NAILS we ensure top class nails, service and treat you like the queen you are. If you exit our salon you will certainly feel like one as well.

​TAMMY TAYLOR NAILS has over 30 nail salons in South Africa and growing at a fast tempo as our brand is the most wanted nail product in South Africa.

What makes us different?

Soak it off - 50% faster than acetone, gentle, smells amazing and no more drying out of hands or allergic reactions
Our amazing disposable filling system - peel off and throw away saving you from buying a new one each time and 10 times more hygienic!!
No more smelly monomer - 4x different liquids to suit your clients need (see catalogue) especially for those chronic lifters
Spray the pain away - Topical pain reliever for those sensitive cuticles - works like magic!
Massive variety of powders - never have to mix again - one for every need
No marbling with the Prizma powders!! Stays the same colour!
Our gel polishes has a 14 day extended ware! And only two coats needed!! Has a glass effect!! Tammy created the first oval brush ever with a flat ferrule. Nail Brushes, Custom, Original and Flat (Kolinsky Sable)
Our very famous dazzle rocks are not like any dazzle product as it is not glitter; it has holographic effects to it and never loses its shine!!

Our Services Include:

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Add On
- Add On - Gelegance Overlay (180)
- Buff & Shorten Natural Nails (R50)
- Cancellation Fee (R150)
- Nail Art Stamps - Per Nail (R5)
- Swarovski Crystals Per Hand (R100)
- Swarovski Crystals Per Nail (R40)
- Swarovski Crystals-each (R10)

Artificial Nails
- Acrylic - 2 Week Fill (R250)
- Acrylic - 3 1/2 Week Fill (R350)
- Acrylic - 3 Week Fill (R320)
- Acrylic - 4 Week Fill (R400)
- Acrylic Full Set Sculpture (R550)
- Acrylic Full Set Tips (R450)
- Acrylic Full Set Tips&Gel Overlay(R700)
- Acrylic Nail Repair - Per Nail (R40)
- Acrylic Overlay - Natural Nails (R400)
- Acrylic Overlay Student (R380)
- Acrylic Sculpture Student (R460)
- Add On - File Down with Fill
- One Nail Demo - Free Nail
- Soak Off with Optiphi Hand Peel (R150)

Eyelash Extension
- Classic Lash 1 Week Fill (R200)
- Classic Lash 2 Week Fill (R250)
- Classic Lash 3 Week Fill (R320)
- Classic Lash 4 Week Fill (R400)
- Classic Lashes (R500)
- Volume Lash 1 Week Fill (R300)
- Volume Lash 2 Week Fill (R340)
- Volume Lash 3 Week Fill (R400)
- Volume Lash 4 Week Fill (R490)
- Volume Lashes (R650)

- Optiphi Free Peel with Purchase (R0)
- Optiphi Lunch Time Peel (R250)
- Optiphi Skin Rejuv Peel - Package of 6
- Optiphi Skin Rejuv Peel 30min (R450)
- Optiphi Skin Rejuv Peel 60min (R580)

Facial - Vitaderm
- Vitaderm Anti-Oxidant Facial (R400)
- Vitaderm Express Facial Product Bought
- Vitaderm Express Facial Treatment (R290)
- Vitaderm Lactic Acid Peel (R420)

- Acrylic Overlay on Toes (R320)
- Add-On Enegrzing Crystals (R60)
- Add-On Hotstone (R60)
- Gel Toes - (R300)
- Hotstone Spa Pedicure with Gel (R450)
- Pedicure Add on - Paraffin Wax (R80)
- Pedicure Soak Off (R90)
- Pedicure with Acrylic Overlay (R500)
- Pedicure with Gelegance Overlay (R400)
- Spa Pedicure Includes Paint (R320)
- Standard Pedicure (No Paint) - (R250)

- Manicure - No Paint (R200)
- Manicure Add on - Paraffin Wax (R50)
- Manicure with Gelegance Overlay (R400)
- Nail Polish (R120)
- Spa Manicure with Paint (R350)

Hands and Feet
- File Down (R70)
- 3D Acrylic Nail Art Per Nail (R40)
- Buff & New Topcoat (R150)
- Dazzle Dust 10 Nails (R100)
- Dazzle Dust 4 Nails (R40)
- Dazzle Dust Per Nail (R10)
- Dazzle Stone (R20)
- File Off (R120)
- Full Out Gel Paint Art-Both Hands (R200)
- Nail Art Stones Per Nail (R5)
- Nail Repair - Per Nail (R40)
- Nail Stones 2 nails (R20)
- Soak Off (R90)

Lash Extensions
- Eyelash Extensions (R450)

Make Up
- Special Event Make-Up (R380)

- Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (R250)
- Back Neck Shoulder Massage 45min(R320)
- Deep Tissue Full Body Massage (R400)
- Foot Massage(R120)
- Indian Head & Shoulder Massage (R180)
- Reflexology Foot Massage (R200)
- Sports Massage Full Body (R450)
- Stress Relief Massage (R400)
- Swedish Full Body Massage (R380)

- Acrylic Soak Off Buff and Paint (R160)
- Buff, Shine and Shorten Nails (R150)
- Gel Overlay Natural Nails (R320)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic Full Set Sculpture (R550)

Nails - Artificial
- Back & Neck Massage while doing nails

- Acrylic - 2 Week Fill Pensioner (R220)
- Acrylic - 3 Week Fill Pensioner (R290)
- Pensioners Acrylic Overlay (R340)
- Pensioners Gelegance Overlay (R250)
- Pensioners Pedicure with Gel (R320)
- Pensioners Pedicure with Gel (R320)
- Pensioners Standard Manicure (R150)
- Pensioners Standard Pedicure (R200)

Permanent Make Up
- 6D Microblading Brows (R1400) Call First
- Brows Touch Up (R750)
- Micropigmentation Brows (R1400) Call Us
- PMU - Eyeliner Bottom (R500)Call to Prep
- PMU - Eyeliner Top & Bottom (R1100)
- PMU - Eyeliner Top & Bottom TU (R800)
- PMU - Eyeliner Top (R800) Call for Prep
- PMU - Eyeliner Touch Up (R400)
- Shaded Brows (R1400) Call for Prep

Princess Treatments
- Princess Gelegance Overlay (R180)
- Princess Gelegance Toes (R150)
- Princess Manicure Only (R100)
- Princess Pedicure Only (R120)
- Spice Girls Package (4 Girls) (R1800)

Spray Tan
- Spraytan R300 Call For Prep

- Tan Can - 1 session 10mins (R50)
- Tan Can - 10 Sessions 100mins (R390)
- Tan Can - 20 Sessions 200mins (R660)
- Tancan Session Card Booking

Teen Treatments
- Teen Acrylic Full Set Tips (R350)
- Teen Acrylic Overlay (R250)
- Teen Acrylic Sculpture (R390)
- Teen Acrylic Toes (R200)
- Teen Gelegance Overlay (R200)
- Teen One Colour Gelish Toes (R180)
- Teen Pedicure with Gel (R250)
- Teen Standard Pedicure (R160)

- Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint (R150)
- Eyebrow Tint (R80)
- Eyelash Tint (R80)

- Bikini Line Wax(R170)
- Brazilian Wax (R220)
- Cheeks Wax (R60)
- Chin Wax (R60)
- Eyebrows Wax (R80)
- Full Arm Wax (R145)
- Full Chest Wax (R250)
- Full Face Wax (R170)
- Full Leg Wax (R250)
- Half Arm Wax (R100)
- Half Leg Wax (R160)
- Hollywood Wax (R280)
- Side Burns Wax (R40)
- Toes Wax (R50)
- Underarm Wax (R70)
- Upper Lip Wax (R50)

Our staff members are:

Lekky   [ Nail Tech ]
Nomsa   [ Nail Tech ]
Magda   [ Beauty & Nail Tech ]
Melinda   [ Beauty & Nail Tech ]
Natasha   [ Brows & Lashes ]

Our business hours are:

Mon :9 am - 7 pm
Tues :9 am - 7 pm
Wed :8 am - 7 pm
Thurs :9 am - 7 pm
Fri :9 am - 7 pm
Sat :8 am - 7 pm
Sun :Closed

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