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Located in Kosmosdal Ext 19, Midrand, Gauteng

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Lotus Spa is situated on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Johannesburg, Blue Valley Golf & Country Estate.

We offer a variety of luxurious services, making sure each client that walks through our doors can look forward to a memorable and relaxing time. Lotus spa has Internationally qualified professionals on our team to ensure unmatched quality in all your treatments, while aiming to create the welcoming and caring environment you deserve. We pride ourselves on how we make our clients feel after spending time with us.

Welcoming Matis

We would like to welcome Matis Beauty into our salon. Matis was founded in 1936 in Paris by a cosmetology chemist, Doctor Mavro Mati. Today Matis is recognised worldwide as a beauty expert product. Matis is known for their innovative tailor-made skincare products and services that people have come to love and trust.
Love the Matis Experience!
Celebrating 80 years of beauty excellence    

Our Services Include:

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- Ampoule Add On 10Min (R100) Extra
- Ampoule Facial 90Min (R560)
- Basic Facial 90Min (R470)
- Calm Expert Facial 90Min (R600)
- Deep Cleanse Facial 90Min (R520)
- DensiAge Expert Facial 90Min (R730)
- Express Facial 60Min (R320)
- Eye Expert Add On 20Min (R320) Extra
- Eye Expert Facial 75Min (R480)
- Goji Peel Mask 5Min (R120) Extra
- Initial Anti-ageing Facial 90Min (R720)
- Initial Detoxifying Facial 90Min (R720)
- Initial Purifying Facial 90Min (R720)
- Initial Soothing Facial 90Min (R720)
- Initial Unifying Facial 90Min (R720)
- Nutri Expert Facial 90Min (R680)
- Peel Expert Facial 90Min (R710)
- Serum Facial 90Min (R500)
- Smoothing Peel 15Min (R290) Extra

- Deluxe Gel Manicure 90min (R350)
- Deluxe Gel Pedicure 90Min (R390)
- Express Gel Manicure 60Min (R250)
- Express Gel Pedicure 60Min (R280)
- French Gel Manicure 90Min (R400)
- French Gel Pedicure 90Min (R440)
- Gel French (Add On -Express) 15min (R50)
- Gel Polish Application 45Min (R195)
- Gel Soak Off & Buff 30Min (R65)

Hands and Feet
- Cut & File 30Min (R100)
- Deluxe French Manicure 75Min (R290)
- Deluxe French Pedicure 75Min (R330)
- Deluxe Manicure 75Min (R240)
- Deluxe Pedicure 75Min (R280)
- Express French Manicure 60Min (R200)
- Express French Pedicure 60Min (R200)
- Express Manicure 45Min (R150)
- Express Pedicure 45Min (R150)
- File & Revarnish 30Min (R120)
- IBX treatment
- MediHeel
- Paraffin Dip 15Min (R60)
- Revanish 20Min (R90)
- Revanish French 45Min (R120)
- Scrub & Massage 30Min (R70)
- Scrub & Paraffin Dip 30Min (R75)

- Aromatherapy Massage 30Min (R350)
- Aromatherapy Massage 45Min (R400)
- Aromatherapy Massage 60Min (R510)
- Aromatherapy Massage 90Min (R580)
- Foot & Leg Massage 30Min (R300)
- Foot & Leg Massage 45Min (R350)
- Indian Head Massage 30Min (R300)
- Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60Min (R500)
- Lymphatic Drainage Massage 90Min (R580)
- Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage 45Min (R450)
- Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage 60Min (R550)
- Swedish Massage 30Min (R330)
- Swedish Massage 45Min (R380)
- Swedish Massage 60Min (R490)
- Swedish Massage 90Min (R560)

- Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint 30Min (R140)
- Eyebrow Tint 15Min (R70)
- Eyelash Tint 15Min (R80)

- Back Wax 30Min (R200)
- Bikini Wax - Brazillian 30Min (R220)
- Bikini Wax - Full Bikini 45Min (R240)
- Bikini Wax - G-String 30Min (R160)
- Bikini Wax - Standard 30Min (R130)
- BrowShape Wax 30Min (R70)
- Chest Wax 30Min (R200)
- Chin Wax 15Min (R80)
- Eyebrow & Lip Wax 30Min (R130)
- Full Arm Wax 30Min (R160)
- Full Face Wax (incl. Brows) 45Min (R200)
- Half Arm Wax 15Min (R120)
- Leg Wax - 3/4 Leg 30Min (R205)
- Leg Wax - Full Leg 45Min (R235)
- Leg Wax - Half Leg 30Min (R170)
- Leg Wax - Top Leg 15Min (R165)
- Lip & Chin Wax 30Min (R140)
- Lip Wax 15Min (R70)
- Shoulder Wax 15Min (R130)
- Stomach Wax 30Min (R170)
- Underarm Wax 15Min (R95)

Our staff members are:


Our business hours are:

Mon :Closed
Tues :8 am - 6 pm
Wed :8 am - 6 pm
Thurs :8 am - 6 pm
Fri :8 am - 5 pm
Sat :9 am - 5 pm
Sun :Closed

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Physical Address:
Blue Valley Golf and Country Golf Estate
Gary Player Boulevard
Kosmosdal Ext 19

Tel 1: 083 468 4243