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Located in Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Brow and Lash studio inside Veaudry International Hair Salon in the heart of Fourways. We offer Microblading and all things brows and lashes, extensions, lifts, coats, lash botox, brow shaping and tinting.   

Our Services Include:

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- Brow Shape & Tint (R290)
- Brow Shaping (R270)-Threading & Tweezing
- Male brow shape (R100)
- Storm Pass Makeup Voucher

Eyelash Extension
- Classic lashes - fill 1-3weeks (R450)
- Classic Lashes Full Set (R850)
- Lash Removal (R270)

- Lash Botox (R100)
- Lash Lift & Tint (R550)
- Lash Tint (R80)

- 6-8wk touchup paid upfront
- Microblading including 6 wk touch up
- Microblading or Microshading (R2200
- Microblading or Microshading touch up
- Microblading Touch Up >8 Weeks (R1000)
- Microshading incl 6 wk touch up (R2800)
- Microshading Touch Up >8 Weeks (R1000)
- Touch Up > 1 yr (R1500)

- Chrome Art- per nail (R50)
- french finish add on ( R35)
- Gelish Overlay (R240)
- Gelish soak off (R70)
- gents mani (R120)
- gents pedi (R180)
- IBX follow up (R80)
- IBX treatment (R95)
- Kids mani age 12 R100
- Kids pedi age 12 R100
- Morgan Taylor buff and paint (R160)
- Nail art, per nail (R30-35)
- pedi morgan taylor ( R200)
- pedicure gelish ( R300)
- pedicure morgan taylor react (R210)
- polygel fill with GELISH (R295)
- polygel fill with MT (R260)
- polygel new set GELISH (R485)
- polygel new set MT (R450)
- polygel overlay (R385)
- tips add on (R100)

- Lash Lift Tint & Botox (R650)
- Lash Lift Tint & Brow Shape & Tint (R750

Permanent Make Up
- Bottom eyeliner incl 6wk touch up (R2250
- Bottom eyeliner>8wk touch up (R800
- Color correction
- Full lips no touch up
- Full lips touch up
- Ombré full lips R4500
- Powdered Brows touch up>8 wks(R1750)
- Powdered Brows with 1 touch up (R3500)
- Top eyeliner with 6 wk touch up(R2250)
- Top Lash Line Enhancement incl (R2250)
- Top Lash Touch Up > 1yr (R1200)
- Top Lash Touch Up >8wks(R800)
- Top liner touch up > 8 weeks (R800)
- Top liner touch up > 8 wks (R800)
- Top&Bottom Eyeliner incl touchup (R4200)
- Top&Bottom Eyeliner touchup>8wk (R1750)

- Permanent eyeliner top/lashline enhancem
- Permanent lips

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