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The practice of Kemp & Martin Physiotherapists is a well-established practice located in Nieuw Muckleneuk in Pretoria. Our aim is to provide an exceptional service to all our patients. Our personnel is friendly, effective and helpful. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled with post-graduate qualifications. Annatjie Kemp obtained a MSc in Physiotherapy from the University of the Free State. Annatjie has a special interest in helping patients struggling with incontinence. Willemien Martin obtained a MSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town and a BA Hons (Psychology) from UNISA. Willemien is specializing in the vestibular field treating patients with balance disorders and dizziness. This practice focus on the treatment of several conditions such as headaches, back and neck conditions, other orthopedic and soft tissue conditions, sport injuries and lung and sinus conditions.

Please take note of the following:

Extra time is booked and extra fees will be charged if a patient need more than one condition to be treated. Consult with the rooms regarding treatment fees. The physio has the right to change bookings according to any emergencies that might arise. Strict cancellation policies apply: A cancellation fee / missed treatment fee of R 500 WILL be charged if an appointment is cancelled less than four hours prior to the appointment. The patient will be liable for this payment and not the medical aid. Early morning appointments up until 10h00 must be cancelled before 14h00 the previous day.

What to bring:
All Contact Details
Referral letter with a list of current medications (only if applicable)
All X-rays and scans

Please arrive 15min early to complete the Medical History and Acquaintance forms.


Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list
Existing Patient
- Additional rehab
- Follow-up 1 condition
- Follow-up 1 condition including rehab
- Follow-up ANKLE
- Follow-up ANKLE and Rehab
- Follow-up BACK
- Follow-up BACK and COUNSELLING
- Follow-up BACK and HIP
- Follow-up BACK and HIP including rehab
- Follow-up BACK and KNEE / HIP
- Follow-up BACK including rehab
- Follow-up CALF injury
- Follow-up Counselling and Rehab
- Follow-up ELBOW
- Follow-up ELBOW including rehab
- Follow-up FOOT
- Follow-Up FOOT / ANKLE
- Follow-up FOOT / ANKLE including rehab
- Follow-up FOOT and Rehab
- Follow-up HAMSTRING injury
- Follow-up HIP
- Follow-up HIP including rehab
- Follow-up KNEE including rehab
- Follow-up KNEE only
- Follow-up MUSCLE injury(other)
- Follow-up NECK and ANKLE including rehab
- Follow-up NECK and BACK
- Follow-Up NECK and BACK incl REHAB
- Follow-up NECK and BACK incl REHAB/COUNS
- Follow-up NECK and COUNSELLING
- Follow-up NECK and ELBOW including rehab
- Follow-up NECK and HIP
- Follow-up NECK and HIP including rehab
- Follow-up NECK and KNEE including rehab
- Follow-up NECK and SHOULDER incl REH/COU
- Follow-up NECK and SHOULDER incl rehab
- Follow-up NECK and WRIST including rehab
- Follow-up NECK incl Rehab & Counselling
- Follow-up NECK including rehab
- Follow-up NECK only
- Follow-up QUADS injury
- Follow-up SHOULDER
- Follow-up SHOULDER and HIP
- Follow-up SHOULDER including rehab
- Follow-up SINUS and LUNG
- Follow-up TMJ
- Follow-up WRIST
- Follow-up WRIST including rehab

- New patient INCONTINENCE

New Patient
- New patient 1 condition
- New patient 2 conditions
- New patient 3 conditions
- New patient first follow-up
- New patient SINUS
- New patient SINUS and LUNG

- New patient VESTIBULAR rehabilitation
- Vestibular and Neck
- Vestibular Follow Up

Our staff members are:

Annatjie Kemp
Willemien Martin

Our business hours are:

Monday: 7am - 5:45pm
Tuesday: 7am - 5:45pm
Wednesday: 7am - 5:45pm
Thursday: 7am - 5:45pm
Friday: 7am - 5:45pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us

Physical Address:
170 Main Street

Tel 1: 012 460 0770