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A family orientated practice, geared towards providing you with an all-round convenience of routine dental care and specialised treatments.

We offer:

Specialized Digital Dentistry

Same day digital porcelain/zirconia CEREC veneers, crowns, implant crowns and bridges.

CEREC Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Same day dentistry - We fabricate dental veneers, crowns, implant crowns and bridges on site using our state of the art CEREC CADCAM in ONE visit.

Paediatric dentistry

Oral care dedicated to the oral health of your child from birth through adolescence. Your child's first dental visit should be scheduled when the first tooth erupts, or at six months old. Prevention is always better than a cure.

Minor Oral Surgery

Removal of decayed, broken, infected and painful teeth, including wisdoms.

Digital Radiography

X-ray sensors are used instead of conventional x-ray film. The advantages are a lower x-ray dose to you the patient, quick processing time and high resolution digital images obtained. We are equipped with a Gendex sensor for orthopantomograms (PAN) and Kodak sensor for intra-oral x-rays.

Cosmetic dentistry

The art and science of restoring a patient's appearance. This is not limited to the mouth alone but the face as well, to achieve a balanced and natural result. We are a registered member of Digital Smile Design.


The field of dentistry that deals with correction tooth position. Teeth may be misaligned for a number of reasons, with the aid of treatment specific appliances your dentist can realign, or correct malocclusions.


An alternative to 'pulling out' a tooth, endodontics is a common dental procedure, for treating diseased and injured dental nerves, also referred to as root canal therapy. We use the latest rotary endodontic files and NSK electric motors.


The art and science of replacing missing/damaged teeth to Promote aesthetic facial harmony. This can be achieved with fixed, or removable prosthetic options, utilising the remaining gum, natural teeth, or implants as a foundation.

Restorative dentistry

A restoration, or a restorative filling is used to replace part of a broken down tooth. The most common types being a Composite/Ceramic (white filling), or Amalgam (silver filling). Composite/Ceramic Restorations are the preferred choice.

Dental hygiene

Regular consultations and cleanings at six monthly intervals will ensure your oral health. Your dentist will be able to point out areas of concern before they become a problem. We believe that patient education is key to a successful partnership in oral care.


During a consultation, your dentist will gather relevant information regarding your dental, medical and social history. This is followed by a thorough clinical examination to reach a diagnosis. The primary objective at an initial consultation is to treat the main concern and alleviate pain, thereafter secondary concerns; if any; are raised and an individualised treatment plan formulated.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 16:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:30

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
40 Golf Road
Three Rivers

Tel 1: 016 454 0180
Tel 2: Emergency 0839846767

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Our Services Include:

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Appointment Options
- After Hours Consultation (R500)
- Cleaning (R700)
- Consultation (R350)

- Adams Crip add fee
- Add removable die item 9315 and 9317
- Ball Clasp add fee
- Basic charge incl acrylic base
- Casting and trimming model (yello/white)
- Casting and trimming of study
- Ceramic block
- Crown
- Crown porcelain/ceramic
- Delivery Charge per complete procedure
- Denture high impact acrylic per denture
- Denture Impression (Wax/Acrylic)
- Dentures
- Dentures Complete maxillary mandibular
- Dentures Full upper and lower
- Diatorics 1x6/8
- Digital pan
- Examination
- Extraction
- Extraction
- Fabrication of computer gen ceramic
- Filling
- Fit/ supply of disposable articulator
- Fitting Expansion additional charge
- Full Occlusal bite plate add fee
- Infection Control
- Infection Control per impression denture
- Labian Arch Fitting add fee
- Local Anaesthetic
- Models & duplicates (virgin crown/bridge
- Ortho TX-removable application
- Pindex or index model tray per die
- Resin bonding for restoration
- Resin bonding for restoration
- Root Canal Anterior and Premolar
- Root Canal Posterior
- Sterilized Instrumentation
- Whitening
- Wisdom Extraction

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Dr Farid Saley
Dr Tasneem Saley

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