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Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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Irene Village Mall
Nellmapius Dr & Van Ryneveld Ave

Tel 1: 083 409 4267
Tel 2: 087 702 2596

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Our Services Include:

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- 30/30 Peel (R750)
- Add on Algae Mask (R190)
- Add on Anti Aging Mask (R190)
- Add on Eye Mask (R190)
- Add on Eye Serum (R190)
- Add on Vitamin and Mineral Mask (R190)
- Anti Aging Facial (R650)
- Deep cleanse facial (R600)
- Hydrate and Repair Facial (R650)
- Lashes
- Lipohydroxy Peel (R750)
- Radiance Booster Facial (R650)
- Skin Rejuvenation Peel 30 min (R550)
- Skin Rejuvenation Peel 60 min (R700)
- Teen Facial (R400)

- Aroma Back Neck 30min (R300)
- Aroma Back Neck 45min (R380)
- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R355)
- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Aroma Full Body 60min (R500)
- Express Foot Massage 20min (R210)
- Express Hand Massage 20min (R210)
- Express Indian Head Massage 20min (R260)
- Foot Massage 30min (R250)
- Hand Massage 30min (R250)
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R380
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R435
- Hot Stone Full Body 60min (R585)
- Indian Head Massage 30min (R300)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R300)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R380)
- Swedish Full Body 60min (R500)

- Micro Needling Face & Neck (R1500)
- Micro Needling Face only (R1100)
- Micro Needling Neck Decolette (R1750)

Nail Art
- 2-3 Dazzle Stones per nail (R25)
- 3D Nail Art per nail (R35)
- Advanced 3D/Nail cutting art (R50)
- All out Swarovski and Nail Art (R180)
- Basic Nail Art 4 Fingers (R80)
- Bridal (lace/encaptulation/3D) (R35)
- Diamond 2
- Diamond 3
- Diamond 4
- Diamond 5
- Diamond 6
- Diamonds 1
- Full Cut Diamond 10
- Full Cut Diamond 6
- Full Cut Diamond 8
- Nail Art per full nail (R30)
- Nail Art per toe (R25)
- Swarovski Full Nail (R50)
- Swarovski Half Nail (R25)
- Swarovski large stones (one) (R65)
- Swarovski Nail Charms (R80)
- Swarovski One Stone (R10)

- Buff and Shine (R120)
- Buff Shine and Shorten (R140)
- File Down (R60)
- Mani only (incl soak off) (R200)
- Mani with Nailpolish (R320)
- Nail Polish Only (R200)
- One Nail Demo (free)
- One Nail Repair (R50)
- Optiphi Hand Exfoliation Masque (R100)
- Reshaping (R60)
- Soak off nails Gel/Acrylic (R100)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic file down and New Colour (R500)
- Acrylic Overlay (1 col/French/Ombre)
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 2 weeks (R260)
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 2 weeks with Gel
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 3 weeks (R340)
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 3 weeks with Gel
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 4 weeks (R400)
- Acrylic Overlay Fill 4 weeks with Gel
- Acrylic Overlay with Gel (R450)
- Acrylic Tips (R500)
- Mani with Acrylic Overlay (R550)

Nails - Acrylic and Hybrid
- Acrylic Gel Hybrid Overlay (R400)
- Acrylic Gel Hybrid Sculpture (R650)
- Acrylic Gel Hybrid Sculpture / Gel (R800

Nails - Gel
- File off and New Gel Colour Overlay(R400
- File off Gel (R120)
- Gel fill Colour (R290)
- Gel fill No Colour (R200)
- Gel Overlay on Natural Nails (R320)
- Mani with Gel overlay (R450)

Nails - Sculpture and Acrylic
- Sculpture Acrylic Nails longer than 4
- Sculptured Acrylic 2 week fill (R290)
- Sculptured Acrylic 3 week fill (R410)
- Sculptured Acrylic 4 week fill (R480)
- Sculptured Acrylic Nails (R550)
- Sculptured Acrylic Nails with Gel (R750)

Princess Treatments
- Princess Gel Polish Hands (R190)
- Princess Gel Polish Toes (R150)
- Princess Mani (R135)
- Princess Mani with Gel (R260)
- Princess Mani with Polish Hands (R212)
- Princess Nail Polish Hands (R130)
- Princess Nail Polish Toes (R100)
- Princess Pedi (R170)
- Princess Pedi with Gel (R250)
- Princess Pedi with Polish Toes (R216)
- Princess soak off hands or feet (R60)
- Princess stickers per nail (R15)

Teen Treatments
- Teen Acrylic Gel Hybrid Overlay and Gel
- Teen Acrylic Gel Hybrid Sculpture (R550)
- Teen Acrylic overlay Hands (R300)
- Teen Acrylic overlay Toes (R250)
- Teen Acrylic Sculpture (R450)
- Teen art per nail (R30)
- Teen Gel Polish Hands (R250)
- Teen Gel Polish Toes (R200)
- Teen Mani (R180)
- Teen Mani with Acrylic (R420)
- Teen Mani with Gel (R355)
- Teen Mani with Polish Hands (R300)
- Teen Nail Polish Hands (R170)
- Teen Nail Polish Toes (R140)
- Teen Pedi (R225)
- Teen Pedi with Acrylic (R400)
- Teen Pedi with Gel (R350)
- Teen Pedi with Polish Toes (R300)
- Teen soak off hands or feet (R90)

- Eyebrow Tinting (R150)
- Eyelash Tinting (R150)
- Wax and Tint Brow (R200)

- Acrylic Overlay Toes (R350)
- GeL Overlay Toes (R300)
- Nail Polish Toes (R150)
- Pedicure only (R250)
- Pedicure with Acrylic (R450)
- Pedicure with Gel (R400)
- Pedicure with Nail polish (R350)
- Soak off feet Gel/Acrylic (R100)

- Abdomen wax (R150)
- Brazilian wax (R220)
- Brows/Cheeks/Chin/Lip wax (R110)
- Hollywood wax (R250)
- Ladies 3/4 Leg wax (R200)
- Ladies Chest wax (R200)
- Ladies Full Arm wax (R220)
- Ladies Full Back wax (R310)
- Ladies Full Face wax (R220)
- Ladies Full Leg wax (R250)
- Ladies Half Arm wax (R160)
- Ladies Half Back wax (R210)
- Ladies Half Leg wax (R180)
- Mens Back and Chest wax (R410)
- Mens Ear and Brow wax (R150)
- Mens Full Arm wax (R250)
- Mens Full Back wax (R350)
- Mens Full Leg wax (R320)
- Mens Half Back wax (R240)
- Mens Half Leg wax (R220)
- Standard Bikini wax (R150)
- Underarm wax (R140)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Epiphanie   [ Nail Tech ]
Chaendri   [ Nail Tech ]
Gift   [ Nail Tech & Beauty ]
Bakang   [ Beauty/Gel Nail Tech ]

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