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Tel 1: 061 529 6904

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Our Services Include:

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- Bridal Acrylic French/French Fade (R550)
- Bridal Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails
- Bridal Acrylic/Gel Overlay on Toes (R450
- Bridal Art per Nail (R50)
- Bridal Couture/Signature Acrylic Set
- Bridal Package (R550)
- Bridal Pedi with Gel Toes (R350)

- Add On - Eye Mask (R190)
- Anti-Aging Facial 60min (R550)
- Anti-Aging Facial 90min (R700)
- Carbon facial
- CO2 skin resurfacing - Arms
- CO2 skin resurfacing - face
- CO2 skin resurfacing - hands
- CO2 skin resurfacing - neck
- CO2 skin resurfacing - stretch marks
- Deep Cleanse Facial (R450)
- Hyaluronic pen
- Mini Facial (R250)
- Radion frequency- facial
- Rejuvination Facial (Peel) (R400)
- Rejuvination Facial (R700)
- Spider vein removal
- Tattoo laser removal
- Teen Facial (R400)

Hands and Feet
- Buff & Shine (R120)
- File Down (R60)
- Gel Overlay on Natural Nails (R250)
- Hand Masque (R50)
- Mani Only (R200)
- Mani with Gel Polish (R450)
- Mani with Nail Polish (R250)
- Nail Polish only (R100)
- Nail Repair (R50)
- Optiphi Hand Exfoliation Masque (R100)
- Pedi only (R250)
- Pedicure with Gel Overlay (R380)
- Pedicure with Nail Polish (R325)
- Reshaping of Nails (R60)
- Soak Off Toes (R100)

Laser Hair Removal
- Ladies hair laser removal- Bikini
- Ladies hair laser removal- Bikini & bum
- Ladies hair laser removal- Brazillian
- Ladies hair laser removal- G string
- Ladies hair removal- Breast & Nipple
- Laser Hair Removal- Buttocks
- Laser Hair Removal- chin
- Laser Hair Removal- face
- Laser Hair removal- Full arm
- Laser Hair Removal- Full leg
- Laser Hair Removal- Half arm
- Laser hair Removal- Half leg
- Laser Hair Removal- Half Monte
- Laser Hair Removal- Umbilical
- Laser Hair Removal- Underarm
- Laser Hair Removal- upper lip
- Laser Hair Remval- neck

- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R355)
- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Aroma Full Body 60min (R500)
- Back & Neck Massage 30min (R250)
- Back & Neck Massage 45min (R300)
- Express Foot Massage 20min (R230)
- Express Hand Massage 20min (R230)
- Express Indian Head Massage 30min (R300)
- Foot Massage 30min (R200)
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R380
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R435
- Hot Stone Full Body 60min (R585)
- Indian Head Massage 30min (R160)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R330)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R380)
- Swedish Full Body 60min (R500)
- Vaginal tightening

Nails - Acrylic and Hybrid
- Acrylic 2 Week Fill (R260)
- Acrylic 2 Week Fill with Gel Overlay
- Acrylic 3 Week Fill (R340)
- Acrylic 3 Week Fill with Gel Overlay
- Acrylic File Off / Soak off(R90)
- Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails (R400)
- Acrylic Overlay with Gel (R450)
- Acrylic Sculpture - French Fade/Colour
- Acrylic Signature Art Set (R700)
- Sculpt-Acrylic Gel Hybrid Clear/Soft Pin
- Sculpt-Acrylic Gel Hybrid with Gel (R800
- Tips with Acrylic Overlay (R500)

Nails - Art and Add-Ons
- 3D/Couture/Bespoke Nail Art per Nail
- Swarovski Full Nail (R50)
- Swarovski Half Nail (R25)
- Swarovski Per Stone (R10)

Nails - Gel
- Gel 2 Week Fill (R260)
- Gel 3 Week Fill (R340)
- Gel Overlay on Natural Nails (R300)
- Gel Overlay on Natural Toes (R250)
- Gel Soak Off (R100)
- Hard Gel - No Colour (R300)
- Hard Gel Fill - Gel Colour (R290)
- Hard Gel Fill - No Colour (R200)
- Hard Gel Over Gel Colour (R300)
- Hard Gel Overlay with Gel Colour (R400)
- Hard Gel with Nail Polish (R325)

Princess Treatments
- Princess Gel Polish Nails 1 col (R180)
- Princess Gel Polish Toes (R150)
- Princess Pamper Party
- Princess Pedicure (R175)

- Fat freeze
- G5 Cellulite treatment
- Radio frequency - arms (both)
- Radio frequency - Buttocks
- Radio frequency - Stomach
- Radio frequency - Thighs
- Radio frequency - Thighs and buttocks

Teen Treatments
- Teen Acrylic Overlay on Nails (R295)
- Teen Acrylic Overlay on Toes (R350)
- Teen Acrylic Sculpt-Art/Bespoke/Sig Set
- Teen Acrylic Sculpture-French Fade/1 col
- Teen Art per Nail (R30)
- Teen Pedicure Only (R225)
- Teen Pedicure with Acrylic Toes (R395)
- Teen Pedicure with Gel Toes (R300)
- Teen Sculpt-Acrylic Gel Hybrid (R495)
- Teen Sculpt-Acrylic Gel Hybrid with Gel
- Teen Soak Off Nails (R90)
- Teen Soak Off Toes (R90)

- Hair laser removal- nose, ears, unibrow
- Ladies Bikini wax (R150)
- Ladies Brazilian wax (R220)
- Ladies Brow/Lip/Chin wax (R110)
- Ladies Full Arm wax (R220)
- Ladies Full Face wax (R220)
- Ladies Full Leg wax (R250)
- Ladies Half Leg wax (R180)
- Ladies Hollywood wax (R250)
- Ladies Underarm wax (R140)
- Mens Back & Chest wax (R410)
- Mens Back wax (R350)
- Mens Ear/Brow wax (R150)
- Mens Full Arm wax (R230)
- Mens Full Leg wax (R320)
- Mens Half Leg wax (R220)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Madelene   [ Top Nail Tech ]
Simone   [ Beauty ]
Phindile   [ Nail Tech ]
Debbie   [ Lashes ]

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