The Cutting Gallery

Our Business Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7am - 5pm
Wednesday: 7am - 5pm
Thursday: 7am - 5pm
Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
702 Jacquiline drive

Tel 1: 012 993 2697

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Our Services Include:

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- D Tint 100ml
- D Tint 125ml
- D Tint 150ml
- D Tint 25ml
- D Tint 50ml
- D Tint 75ml
- E Foils 100ml
- E Foils 125ml
- E Foils 25ml
- E Foils 50ml
- E Foils 75ml
- H Client on account
- H Regular BW Long
- H Regular BW Pensioners
- H Regular BW Short

- A Ladies C & BW- High School
- A Ladies C & BW- Long hair
- A Ladies C & BW- Pre-School
- A Ladies C & BW- Primary School
- A Ladies C & BW- Short hair
- A Ladies C & BW- Student
- A Ladies Cut - High School
- A Ladies Cut - Pre-School
- A Ladies Cut - Primary School
- A Ladies Cut - Regular Long
- A Ladies cut and finish short hair
- A Ladies Cut and Finish- Long Hair
- A Ladies Cut- Student
- B Ladies BW- High School
- B Ladies BW- Long hair
- B Ladies BW- Pre-School
- B Ladies BW- Primary School
- B Ladies BW- Short hair
- B Ladies BW- Student
- B Ladies Highschool cut and finish
- C Gents- Cap H & Cut
- C Gents- Cut & Colour
- C Gents- Cut and style
- C Gents- High School
- C Gents- Pre-School
- C Gents- Primary School
- C Gents- Shave
- C Gents- Student
- D Blue Cap HL
- D Bryon Foils
- D Cap HL- Long
- D Cap HL- Medium
- D Cap HL- Short
- D Hair Treatments
- D Pensioners - Gents
- D Pensioners -Perm- top pw 40ml
- D Pensioners- Ladies BW
- D Pensioners- Ladies C & BW
- D Pensioners- Ladies Cut
- D Pensioners- Perm- full pw 80ml
- D Perm- Full pw 80ml
- D Perm- Spiral pw 80ml+
- D Perm- Top pw 40ml
- E Flash Foils
- E Foils 150ml
- F Bleach bath
- G Up styles- Bride
- G Up styles- Bride Trial
- G Up styles- Flower girls
- G Up styles- Matric
- G Up styles- Matric Trial
- G Up styles- Normal
- H Session on Account R0
- Toner

Hair Treatments
- Cacau FIne medium hair
- Cacau Medium medium hair
- Micro Keratin Partial
- Cacau Fine long hair
- Cacau Fine short hair
- Cacau Medium long hair
- Cacau Medium short hair
- Cacau Partial
- Cacau Thick long hair
- Cacau Thick medium hair
- Cacau Thick short hair
- Micro Keratin Fine Long hair
- Micro Keratin Fine medium hair
- Micro Keratin Fine short hair
- Micro Keratin Medium long hair
- Micro Keratin Medium medium hair
- Micro Keratin Medium short hair
- Micro Keratin Thick long hair
- Micro Keratin Thick medium hair
- Micro Keratin Thick short hair
- Micro Keratin/Cacau for Men

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Bryon   [ Hair Stylist ]
Edward   [ Hair Stylist ]

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