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Our Business Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed

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Physical Address:
39 Hornbill Ave

Tel 1: 066 246 1905

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Our Services Include:

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- Brow & Lash Tint (R150)
- Brow Shape & Tint & Lash Tint (R220)
- Brow Tint (R75)
- Clarifying & Detox Facial (R280)
- Deluxe Clarifying & Relaxation Facial
- Deluxe Hydration & Relaxation Facial
- Lash Tint (R85)
- Lunch
- Rejuvination & Hydration Facial (R280)

- Fill Polygel Feet – 2 Week (R220)
- Fill Polygel Feet – 4 Week (R240)
- Gelish feet French (R240)
- Gelish Nail Paint Feet (R230)
- Polygel French Overlay Feet (R260)
- Polygel Overlay Feet (R240)

- Fill Polygel – 2 Week (R220)
- Fill Polygel – 4 Week (R250)
- Gelish French Paint (R240)
- Gelish Nail Paint (R230)
- Polygel full set tips French (R380)
- Polygel full set tips natural (R380)
- Polygel overlay French (R350)
- Polygel overlay natural (R300)
- Polygel Sculpture Tips (R420)
- Polygel Sculpture Tips French (R450)

Mani / Pedi
- Relax & Revive (Gelish) Mani/Pedi (R320)
- Relax & Revive (no paint) Mani/Pedi(R200

- Aroma Back and Neck massage 30min (R280)
- Aroma Full Body massage 60min (R390)
- Aroma Full Body massage 90min (R540)
- Back and Neck massage 30min (R270)
- Back and Neck Sport massage 30min (R300)
- Lymph Drainage Full Body 60min (R500)
- Lymph Drainage per area (R200)
- Sports Full Body massage 60min (R400)
- Sports Full Body massage 90min (R550)

Mobile Spa
- Corporate or Event Bookings Full Day
- Corporate or Event Bookings Half Day

Nails - Extras
- Add Gelish colour to Polygel (R100)
- Add mini mani (R120)
- Add mini pedi (R120)
- Add structure gel layer (R50)
- Add Vitagel Strength layer (R50)
- Nail art (R25 per finger)
- Polygel Buff off and Soak (R120)
- Repair Gelish (R30 per finger)
- Repair Polygel (R50 per finger)
- Soak off & treat with Vitagel Recovery
- Soak off and replace (R50)
- Soak off only (R100)

Sugaring - Ladies
- Ladies Bikini Line sugaring (R130)
- Ladies Brazilian sugaring (R220)
- Ladies Brow Lip & Chin sugaring (R190)
- Ladies Brow/Lip or Chin sugaring (R80
- Ladies Chest sugaring (R300)
- Ladies Full Arm sugaring (R250)
- Ladies Full Face sugaring (R290)
- Ladies Full Leg sugaring (R310)
- Ladies Half Arm sugaring (R150)
- Ladies Hollywood sugaring (R300)
- Ladies Leg 1/2 sugaring (R210)
- Ladies Leg 3/4 sugaring (R250)
- Ladies Underam Leg & Bikini sugaring
- Ladies Underarm sugaring (R130)
- Uni Brow (R50)

Sugaring - Men
- Men Brow Lip or Chin sugaring (R80)
- Men Full Arm sugaring (R280)
- Men Full Leg sugaring (R350)
- Men Half Arm sugaring (R180)
- Men Leg 1/2 sugaring (R290)
- Men Leg 3/4 sugaring (R290)
- Men Underarm sugaring (R180)

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