Werner Botha - Owner and Master Stylist.

With over twelve years experience, Werner is a specialist in his craft of cutting, colouring and styling. He has entered L'Oreal Color Trophy twice and this past year he qualified as a semi-finalist alongside the industry's most talented.

He was an esteemed judge on Via's: Die Hare Waai a Hair Styling competition show. Werner is also the Educational Director at Terenzo Suites.

Corlia Strydom - Senior Stylist and Make-Up Artist

A new addition to Wernology Hair Design Corlia has always been drawn to the beauty industry and prides herself on her profession. She is an accomplished stylist and colorist honing her craft in Barbering, Balayage, Concept Colours & Cutting.

Corlia also specializes in Make-up and has a passion for Wedding Styling and editorial work.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 11am - 8pm
Thursday: 9am - 5:30pm
Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday:8am - 4:30pm
Sunday: 9am - 2pm

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
26 Bompas Road

Tel 1: 066 288 9755

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Blowdry - Intermediate (R340)
- Blowdry - Long (R440)
- Blowdry - Medium (R320)
- Blowdry - Short (R275)
- Clipper Cut (R320)
- Concept Intermediate (R1550)
- Concept Long (R1900)
- Concept Medium (R1330)
- Concept Short (R1020)
- Consultation and Service
- Double Toner & Treatment
- Effasor 1 sachet (R740)
- Effasor 2 sachets (R1480)
- Extensions Insertion
- Extensions Removal
- Gents Cut & Blow Dry Short (R480)
- Ladies Cut & Blow Dry Medium (R750)
- Shoeshine (R580)
- Smartbond 1 scoop (R350)
- Smartbond 2 scoops (R700)
- Smartbond treatment (R850)
- Speciality Styling (750)
- Styling workshop (R750)
- Upstyling workshop (R850)
- Wedding Hair and Make-up (R3500)
- Wedding Make-up incl. trial (R1000)
- Wedding Upstyle Incl. trial (R2700)

Hair - Brazilian
- Brazilian Blowout Gent (R985)
- Brazilian Blowout Inter (R2780)
- Brazilian Blowout Long (R3630)
- Brazilian Blowout Medium (R2200)
- Brazilian Blowout Short (R1430)

Hair - Relaxers
- Straightener (Relaxer) Short (R980)
- Straightener (Relaxer) Long (R1500)
- Straightener (Relaxer) Medium (R1150)

Hair - Weaving
- Full Weaves Long (R1780)
- Full Weaves Medium (R1490)
- Full Weaves Roots/ Short (R1300)
- Per Weave Long (R85)
- Per Weave Medium (R75)
- Per Weave Short (R70)

Hair Colour
- Colour Intermediate (R1050)
- Colour Long (R1300)
- Colour Medium (R920)
- Colour Short (R770)
- Hairline (R310)
- Roots (R590)
- Toner 1 (R290)
- Toner 2 (R580)

Hair Treatments
- Cleansing Cream (R140)
- Perm incl Treatment and C/C (R2200)
- Single Treatment (R430)
- Treatment Colour Equalize (R250)
- Treatment Deluxe (R1100)
- Treatment Double (R690)

- Buff & French Paint (R170)
- Buff & Gel Paint (R280)
- Buff & Paint (R150)
- French & Gel Paint (R280)
- French Manicure (R280)
- French Paint (R170)
- French Pedicure (R400)
- Gel French Manicure (R350)
- Gel Manicure (R340)
- Gel Paint (R270)
- Gel Pedi
- Gelish Dip Manicure (R375)
- Manicure (R270)
- Paint (R140)
- Pedicure (R340)
- Soak Off (R100)
- Soak off, Gel Mani & Pedi
- Soak-off & Gel Pedi

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Werner   [ Stylist ]
Corlia   [ Stylist ]
Tshepo   [ Nail Tech ]

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