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Alpha Clin Clinics offer much more than the average in-pharmacy clinic.
Alpha Clin Clinics are connected to many of the top medical aids, making it possible for you to enjoy the convenience of professional care, right where you buy your medicines.
The list of care and services provided by Alpha Clin Clinics is extensive. Whether you are planning to start a family and need counselling, need your blood pressure checked, or have your baby inoculated, or weighed, we do it all.
The list of medical aids associated with Alpha Clin Clinics is extensive and impressive.

We offer a number of essential affordable health services.
Speak to the nursing sister or your pharmacist for an appointment. In association with most medical aids.

Health Risk Assessment
Family Planning
Baby Assessment
Breast Feeding
Baby Vaccinations
Pregnancy Tests (urine)
Pregnancy and Post Delivery
Mother and Baby
Ear Syringe (Only available at selected pharmacies)
Urine Sample
Breasy Examination
HIV Counselling and Testing
Blood Pressure

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 5pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Shop 35
N1 City Mall

Tel: 021 595 1433

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

Adult Health
- Feel Better Fast Consultation

Adult Injections
- Adult Injection
- Adult Injection - Flu Vaccine
- Adult Injection - Traumeel

Baby Clinic
- Baby - Vaccine 10 Weeks
- Baby - Vaccine 12 months
- Baby - Vaccine 14 weeks
- Baby - Vaccine 18 months
- Baby - Vaccine 6 months
- Baby - Vaccine 6 weeks
- Baby - Vaccine 9 months
- Baby - Vaccine Other/ Private
- Baby and Child Vaccine (Own)
- Baby/ Child Vaccine Administration Fee
- Child - Vacccine 6 years old
- Child - Vaccine 12 years old

Female Health
- Female Health - Depo Provera
- Female Health - Hy-An
- Female Health - Nur Isterate
- Female Health - Oralcon/nordette
- Female Health - Trigestrel/Triphasil
- Female Health-Emergency Contraception
- Female Health-Postnatal Test
- Female Health-Pregnancy Clearblue
- Female Health-Pregnancy Clearblue (Wks)
- Female Health-Pregnancy Test Urine

- Alpha Doc
- FP - 1st with Depp Provera/Petogen
- FP - 1st with Hy-An
- FP - 1st with Nordette/Oralcon
- FP - 1st with Nur Isterate
- FP - 1st with Triphasil/ Trigesteral
- Time off

Minor Ailments & Wound Care
- Dressing (Small Only)
- Laborotory Bloods (AMPATH)
- Primary Healthcare Consult (15min)
- Primary Healthcare Consult (30min)
- Removal of Stitches

Screening Tests
- Discovery Vitality Screening
- Screening - Blood Group Test
- Screening - Blood Pressure
- Screening - BMI Assessment
- Screening - Cholestrol Screening
- Screening - Five Panel Drug Test
- Screening - Glucose
- Screening - Haemoglobin
- Screening - HbA1c Test
- Screening - Health Risk Assessment
- Screening - HIV Test & Counseling
- Screening - Peak Flow Measurement
- Screening - Uric Acid Test
- Screening - Urine Test
- Screening -Cholestrol Screening Lipogram

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

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