Azania Kids

Azania Kids Salon is a NATURAL hair salon for girls and boys aged 2-15 years. We don’t go NATURAL; we RETURN where it all BEGAN. Ours is to affirm our kids and encourage them to never fear their BEAUTY and AWESOMENESS even in this world that wants them to wish they looked like someone else.

Founded by two sisters Hunadi Modise and Ouma Tema. Our salon is intentionally colourful and fun for every child to feel at home and alive. This is the salon where stylists and barbers are our Aunties and Uncles. From haircuts to cornrows, all kids leave Azania Kids Salon happy to be who they are in all their diversity.

We don’t think our kids need a MAKE OVER, all they need is their AZANIA Aunts and Uncles who believe in their beauty and awesomeness.
Next time you want your child to FREELY BE, Bring them to Azania Kids Salon. Where Every Child is Just as Beautiful and Awesome.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 09:00- 16:00

Contact Us:

Shop 12 (next to Virgin Active)
Eco Park Boulevard
270 Witch Hazel street

Tel: 0718994541

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Our Services Include:

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- Adults (R200)
- Brush Cut (R80)
- Chiskop (R60)
- Fade cut (R90)
- Freestyle (R180)
- Mowhawk Cut (R150)
- Scissor cut (R120)
- Trim Only (R50)
- Wash (R30)

Hair - Braids
- Bob (R400)
- Braids Undo (R80)
- half short braids (R300)
- Long Box Braids with hairpiece (R650)
- Long Box Braids with wool (R580)
- Long twist (R700)
- Medium box Braids with hairpiece (R550)
- Medium box Braids with wool (R500)
- Medium twist (R550)
- Own hair braids with elastics (R250)
- Short box Braids with hairpiece (R450)
- Short braids with wool (R450)
- Short twist (R550)
- ShortBox braids with hairpiece (R500)
- Straight back with fibre braids (R589)
- Straight back with wool braids (R500)

Hair - Cornrows
- Needle Cornrows with Hairpiece (R290)
- Needle Cornrows without Hairpiece (R250)

Hair - Dreadlocks
- Dreadlock starting (R500)
- Dreadlock styling (R350)
- Dreadlock twisting (R300)
- Dreadlocks wash (R100)

Hair - Plaiting
- 1 pony Freehand extended hairpiece(R300)
- 1 pony Freehand no extended fibre (R250)
- 1 pony needle extended hairpiece(R300)
- 1 pony needle no extended fibre (R250)
- 1 pony straight up (R380)
- 2 line plaits (R300)
- 2 ponies freehand extended fibre (R360)
- 2 ponies freehand without fibre (R300)
- 2 ponies needle extended fibre (R360)
- 2 ponies needle no extended fibre (R300)
- 2 ponies straight up (R420)
- 3 ponies freehand no fibre (R380)
- 3 ponies freehand with fibre (R410)
- 3 ponies needle no fibre (R380)
- 3 ponies needle with fibre (R410)
- 3 ponies straight up (R460)
- Adult Add ON 100
- Adults braids (R700)
- Bantu Knots upgrade (R280)
- Bantu Knots with hairpiece/wool (R250)
- Bantu Knots with side braids (R280)
- Ben & Betty up with brazill wool (R300)
- Ben & Betty upgrade with wool (R280)
- Ben & Betty with brazillian wool (R200)
- ben & betty with extended Hairpiece
- Ben & Betty with wool (R180)
- Cornrows Undo (R60)
- free hand straight up with no hairpiece
- Freehand plait with Bantu Knots (R410)
- Freehand plait with hairpiece(R250)
- Maphondo with side braids (R320)
- Maphondo with wool/hairpiece (R250)
- Maphondo without Hairpiece/Wool (R160)
- Straight back (R350)
- Thick straight back (R300)
- Thick straight up (R320)

Hair - Wash & Treatment
- Adult Add ON 50
- Blow out relaxer (R200)
- Braids Undo
- Braids Undo
- Detangler Treatment (R200)
- Dreadlock wash (R90)
- Hair Wash (R100)
- maphondo ben&betty undo(R30)
- Plait Undo
- undo detangling and wash (R200)
- wash and detangling (R150)
- Wash and undo (R150)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Carenot   [ Stylist ]
Sanelisiwe   [ Store manager ]
Neo   [ Stylist ]

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