Blades of Glory


Zane' has been in the hairstyling industry for more than nine years. She began her career at the tender age of 3, when she cut her very first client's (her sister) hair. Though she has come a long way since that haircut, Zane' has always loved hairdressing for what it represents: the opportunity to create something vibrant, inspired, and individualistic.
Zane' is originally from Cape Town, but moved to Johannesburg in 2012 after being selected to further her hairstyling career at Terenzo. Following a successful career at Terenzo, she joined Snip It in 2018, where she gained valuable experience in what it entails to run a salon. Now in her 9th year of hairstyling, Zane' has launched her own salon, Blades of Glory.
Zane' has a wide range of experience: she is a L’Oreal colour expert, has styled hair for magazines such as Glamour and Vrouekeur, has worked on the 7de Laan set with casting talent and has helped many brides be wedding-day ready.
She loves creating professional solutions that make you feel beautiful and knows that the worth of an original look is invaluable. She takes pride in setting the integrity of your hair at the core of her artistry and never compromises quantity over quality. The very heart of Blades of Glory is exactly that: her belief that her distinct haircuts and styles is an essential part of helping you be the best you.

Our Business Hours:

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
26 Bompas Road

Tel: 084 686 1111

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Our Services Include:

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- cleansing / silver shampoo (R115)
- Styling Services

Hair - Blow Dry
- Blowdry - Intermediate (R345)
- Blowdry - Long (R410)
- Blowdry medium (R290)
- Blowdry short (R260)

Hair - Brazilian
- Brazilian Blowout - Hairline (R675)
- Brazilian Blowout - Long (R3810)
- Brazilian Blowout Inter (R3235)
- Brazilian Blowout Medium (R2600)
- Brazilian Blowout Short (R2080)

Hair - Colour
- Colour Intermediate (R1220)
- Colour Long (R1500)
- Colour Medium (R1065)
- Colour Short (R890)
- Effasor 1 sachet (R740)
- Effasor 2 sachets (R1480)
- Hairline (R365)
- Roots (R680)
- Toner 1 (R335)
- Toner 2 (R670)

Hair - Gents
- Brazilian Blowout Gent (R1215)
- Gents 2 week cut (260)
- Gents Clipper (R375)
- Gents Cut (R510)

Hair - Highlights
- Highlights Foils up 10 (R880)
- Full Foils Intermediate (R1795)
- Full Foils Long (R1910)
- Full Foils Medium (R1680)
- Full roots / short (R1500)
- Per Foil (R99)
- per foil intermediate (R80)
- per foil medium (R75)
- per foil short (R70)
- Shoeshine (R580)

Hair - Kids
- Children 0 yr -2 yr (R260)
- Children 3 yr - 13 yr (R345)
- high school (R410)

Hair - Ladies
- Bridal upstyle (R1730)
- Ladies Cut Blowdry (R800)
- Ladies Up Style (R650)
- Upstyle (R755)

Hair - Ombre
- Ombre/ Balayage Intermediate (R1965)
- Ombre/ Balayage Long (R2140)
- Ombre/ Balayage Medium (R1910)
- Ombre/ Balayage Roots (R1560)
- Ombre/ Balayage Short (R1730)

Hair - Treatments
- Bond ultimate 1 scoop
- Deluxe loreal prolong Steamtreat (R1155)
- Double Treatment
- k18 repair treatment (R250)
- matrix bond ultim8 1 scoops (R200)
- Matrix bond ultim8 2 scoops
- olaplex 1 scoop (R410)
- olaplex 2 scoops (R800)
- olaplex stand alone treatment(R925)
- scalp treatment
- Single treatment

Hair Extensions
- 1 box 14 inch extensions
- 1 Box 20 inch extensions
- 1 Box removal / Retape (R405)
- 1 Box removal and Retape

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.


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