Aura Skincare Clinic & Lucky Bird Boutique is nestled in the heart of Parkhurst.

We offer a fantastic range of treatments from Intense Pulse Light hair removal to a relaxing aromatherapy massage to ease the stress. We are in the process of manufacturing our Summer Lucky Bird clothing line, which will be sold along side great lines such as Status, G Couture and Sissy boy clothing. We are the best beauty spot in the city where you can have a relaxing pamper and a tweet of retail therapy....

**Please Note: Three therapists need to be booked at the same time for the January special 1 hour makeover.

Why not try some of our amazing packages....

Combo Massage - R490
> 30min back neck and shoulder massage
> 30min foot massage

De-Stress Massage Combo - R 540
> 30min Indian head massage
> 30min foot massage
> 30min hand massage

Pamper Blitz (all three treatments must be done in an hour) - R 1130
> 1 hour advanced facial
> 1 hour Vinylux manicure
> 1 hour Aura pedicure

> 1 hour Dermalogica anti-aging facial
> 1 hour Shellac manicure
> 1 hour Shellac pedicure

Man Time - R1360
> 1 hour advanced facial
> 1 hour pedicure
> 1 hour full body massage

Aura Anniversary Package - R610 each (R1220 per couple)
Book this package for you and your partner.
> 30min back neck and shoulder massage
> Aura pedicure

Energize Me - R780
> 30min back neck and shoulder massage
> 30min Indian head massage
> 30min express facial

100% Pamper - R2160
> 1.5 hour full body massage
> 1 hour shellac manicure
> 1.5 hour shellac champagne pedicure
> 1 hour dermalogica anti-aging facial

Top to Toe - R940
> 30min back neck and shoulder massage
> 30min express manicure
> 30min express pedicure
> 30min express facial

Rejuvenating Pamper - R1770
> 1 hour full body massage
> 1 hour Dermalogica anti-aging facial
> 1 hour paraffin manicure
> 1 hour paraffin pedicure

More than 1 therapist can work on you at a time. If you require any assistance, please contact us.

Kindly note that our regular operating hours are from 9:00AM to 6:00PM however, we are available on request from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Please contact us telephonically if you wish to book outside of our regular hours.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged in full.

We offer spray tans in the privacy of your own home, please call the salon to book.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 7am - 7pm
Tuesday: 7am - 7pm
Wednesday: 7am - 7pm
Thursday" 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 7am - 4pm
Sunday: 7am - 4pm

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
65 6th Street

Tel 1: 071 889 8572

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Evo Treatment Gel Mani (R360)
- Evo Treatment Gel Pedi (R490)
- Just Evo (R270)
- Just Evo and Soak Off (R310)

Eyelash Extension
- Eyelash Extension Soak Off (R100)
- Eyelash Fill (R460)
- Individual Extensions (R830)
- Russian 4D Lashes Fill (R650)
- Russian 4D Lashes Full Set (R1000)

- Lash Perming (R580)

- Skin Creamery Facial (R360)

- Back Cleanse (R360)
- Dermalogica Advanced Facial (R800)
- Express Facial (R360)
- High Frequency (R90)

Facial - Dermalogica
- Dermalogica Anti-Aging facial (R830)

Facial - Guinot
- Guinot Age Summum (R870)
- Guinot Double Delux (R1500)
- Guinot Hydrodermie (R915)

Facial - QMS
- QMS activator facial (R810)
- QMS classic collagen facial (R950)
- QMS deep cleanse intensive (R760)
- QMS Eye Treatment (R460)
- QMS Neotissuedermie (R1050)
- QMS Pigmentation Facial (R1400)
- QMS sensitive skin re-balance (R590)
- QMS Urban Repair Facial (R890)
- Team Dr Joseph Specialised Facial 50
- Team Dr Joseph Specialised Facial 80min

- Angel Gel Pedicure (R390)
- Aura Pedicure (R390)
- Express Pedi with Massage No Paint(R190)
- Express Pedi with Paint (R230)
- Gelish Pedicure (R400)
- Lola Lee Pedicure (R400)
- Medi Heel Treatment (R50)
- Mens Pedicure including Medi heel (R305)
- Pedicure on the move - in chair (R340)
- Pedicure on the move - on bed (R340)
- Shellac Pedicure (R450)
- Vinylux Pedicure (R380)

- Angel Gel Manicure (R300)
- Gelish Manicure (R340)
- Just Gelish (R250)
- Just Gelish and Soak Off (R295)
- Just Shellac (R295)
- Just Shellac and Soak Off (R340)
- Lola Lee Manicure (R340)
- Shellac Manicure (R390)

Gelish - Dip
- Gelish Dip Fill (R105)
- Gelish Dip Manicure (R380)
- Gelish Dip Soak Off (R105)

- Express Mani with Massage No Paint (R160
- Express Mani with Paint (R200)
- Manicure (R265)
- Mens Manicure (R210)
- Vinylux Manicure (R340)

- Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (R370)
- Foot Massage (R220)
- Full Body Massage 60min (R570)
- Full Body Massage 90min (R810)
- Hand Massage (R180)
- Hot Stone Massage (R620)

Micro Blading
- Dermaplaning Anti-Aging (R600)
- Dermaplaning Hair Removal (R550)

- Needling (R1260)

- Microbladding Touch Up 1 year + (R1300)
- Microblading (R2000)
- Microblading Touch Up (R950)

- RegimA 30% Peel (R640)
- RegimA 50% Peel (R770)
- Regima Acne Peel (R830)

Soak Off
- Gelish/Shellac Soak Off (R80)

Spray Tan
- Spray Tan at home (R500)

- 3/4 Leg Sugaring (R370)
- Back Sugaring (R370)
- Bikini Sugaring (R315)
- Brow Sugaring (R115)
- Chest Sugaring (R340)
- Chin Sugaring (R135)
- Full Arm Sugaring (R350)
- Full Bikini Sugaring (R410)
- Full Face Sugaring (R230)
- Full Leg Sugaring (R460)
- Half Arm Sugaring (R250)
- Half Leg Sugaring (R350)
- Lip Sugaring (R140)
- Under Arm Sugaring (R210)
- Upper Leg Sugaring (R430)

- Threading brows (R105)
- Threading cheeks (R130)
- Threading chin (R90)
- Threading full face (R220)
- Threading lip (R90)

- Brow Tint (R90)
- Eyelash Tint (R105)
- Lash and Brow Tint (R180)

- 3/4 Leg Wax (R210)
- Back Wax (R200)
- Bikini Wax (R180)
- Brow Wax (R80)
- Chest Wax (R200)
- Chin Wax (R115)
- Full Arm Wax (R210)
- Full Face Wax (R180)
- Full Leg Wax (R295)
- Half Arm Wax (R115)
- Half Leg Wax (R190)
- Lip Wax (R90)
- Under Arm Wax (R105)
- Upper Leg Wax (R265)

Waxing - Brazilian
- Brazilian/Full Bikini Wax (R230)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Chelsea   [ Trainee ]
Stha   [ Trainee ]
Sindi   [ Trainee ]
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