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We are excited to share the launch of SOLO TU with you!

And with a new name comes a new location… Ground Floor, Building A Sandton Gate 7 Minerva Avenue Sandton.

A collaboration between Maria, Skin Specialist and Lina, Hair Specialist bringing you a space to breathe, connect and forget about your to do list. Refresh and step back into the world of being the best version of yourself without skipping a beat.
Find the balance between work, play and self-love in our professional environment that has been created by professionals, for professionals. Let us be your support team. You don’t need to juggle schedules and work and forget about your hair, nails or skincare. We’ll take care of the details so that you can live the best version of yourself – without dropping any balls.

Our story: Creating a space of beauty and self-love
Solo Tu’s founders, Maria Odello and Lina Paykova have dedicated themselves to not only caring about hair and skincare, but the people they work with. As two professionals who have built their own personal brands and businesses, they understand the demands of balancing work, life and personal time.

Maria, has dedicated the last 9 years, since The Laser Suite was founded by her, to nurturing and growing her business and brand. Through the years the business has evolved and a change in space and location was much needed…with that came a rebranding change as well to suit the new business model.

With more than 20 years experience in hair care, Lina Paykova believes that the overall wellbeing of her clients is first and foremost, which is why the space they come to for their beauty needs is so important.

Together, they have created Solo Tu in the heart of Sandton where professionals, working mothers and full-time mothers have a space where they can step out of their busy lives and recharge – even if that means they sometimes have to take care of business at the same time.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7am - 7pm
Wednesday: 7am - 7pm
Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 7am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Ground Floor Building A
Sandton Gate
7 Minerva Avenue

Tel: 083 254 1447

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Complimentary Consultation

- Dermapen Full Face only (R1350)
- Dermapen Full Face, Neck, Chest (R1650)
- Dermapen Hands (250) in addition to Face
- PRP Hair Treatment -Draw Spin Inject
- PRP Treatment - Draw Spin Inject
- PRP Treatment - Draw Spin Needle
- PRP Treatment - Draw Spin Inject Needle
- Stretchmarks

- Eyebrow Shaping (R80)
- Eyebrow Tint (120)
- Eyelash Tint (R120)
- Lash Botox (R200)
- Lash Lift & Tint (R550)
- Lash Lift (R450)

Facial - Sothys
- Sothys Advanced Brightening Facial
- Sothys Cryo Eye Treatment
- Sothys Detox Energie Intensive Facial
- Sothys Fundamental Anti-Ageing Facial
- Sothys Fundamental Brightening Facial
- Sothys Fundamental Hydrating Facial
- Sothys Fundamental Soothing Facial
- Sothys Glysalac Pro Peel add on
- Sothys Hydration Intensive Facial
- Sothys Seasonal Facial (R750)
- Sothys Teen Facial (R400)

- Delivery Charge
- PDT Therapy 30 mins

Hair Removal
- Arm HR - Full - Female (R1800)
- Arm HR - Full - Male (R2400)
- Arm HR - Underarms - Female (R700)
- Arm HR - Underarms Male (R800)
- Arm HR - Upper or Lower - Female (R1300)
- Arm HR - Upper or Lower - Male (R1600)
- Bikini HR - Brazilian (R1100)
- Bikini HR - G-String (R1000)
- Bikini HR - Hollywood Ext (R1500)
- Bikini HR - Hollywood (R1250)
- Bikini HR - Standard (R750)
- Body HR - Chest - Male (R1600)
- Body HR - Feet or Hands (R500)
- Body HR - Full Back Shoulders Neck(R3400
- Body HR - Knuckles (R375)
- Body HR - Shoulders (R1000)
- Body HR - Toes (R350)
- Body HR - Tummy - Male (R1600)
- Body HR - Umbilicus - Maximum (R500)
- Body HR - Umbilicus - Minimum (R375)
- Body HR - Upper Back & Shoulders (R2450)
- Body HR - Upper or Lower Back (R1850)
- Face HR - Beard (Male) (R1300)
- Face HR - chin maximum (R550)
- Face HR - Eyebrows (R180)
- Face HR - Full Face (R900)
- Face HR - Hairline (R350)
- Face HR - Half Face (R750)
- Face HR - Neck - Front & Back (R1200)
- Face HR - Neck - Front or Back (R750)
- Face HR - Sideburns Cheek or Chin (R370)
- Face HR - Upper Lip/Nose (R280)
- Full Leg HR - Extensive Incl G-Str(R3900
- Full Leg HR - Female (R3200)
- Full Leg HR - Male (R3750)
- Laser hair removal touch ups (R1000)
- Laser hair removal touch ups (R500)
- Leg HR - Lower Leg excl knee (R1750)
- Leg HR - Lower Leg incl Knees (R1950)
- Leg HR - Upper Leg excl Knees (R1850)
- Leg HR - Upper Leg Extensive (R2200)
- Leg HR - Upper Leg G-String (R2450)
- Underarm Full Extended Bikini x 9
- Underarm Full Leg Full Bikini
- Underarm Half Leg Full Bikini

- Massage - Aromatherapy 1hr (R700)
- Massage - Back and Neck 30mins (R350)
- Massage - Foot Massage 30mins (R250)
- Massage - Hand and Foot 30mins (R300)
- Massage - Kahuna 90mins (R850)
- Massage - Swedish Full Body 1hr (R600)

- 2nd Layer Added (R150 Extra)
- Lamelle Facial
- Lamelle Peel - Alpha 20% & 30% (R750)
- Lamelle Peel - Beta 15% & 20% (R750)
- Lamelle Peel - Beta Plus 15 & 20% (R700)
- Lamelle Peel - Lacti-Firm 30/10 (R700)
- Lamelle Peel - Lacti-Firm 90/10 (R750)
- Lamelle Peel - Retistore (R1000)
- Lamelle Peel - Retistore Plus (R1250)
- Mask Added to Peel (R130 Extra)
- Retinol Added (R180 Extra)

Plasma Skin Tightening
- PL Cheek Lift (R2800)
- PL Cherry Angionomas (R500)
- PL Crows Feet (R1750)
- PL Eyelid Lift (R2000)
- PL Forehead (R2500)
- PL Forehead and Frown Lines (R2800)
- PL Frown Lines (R1000)
- PL Hylaron Full Face Express (R580)
- PL Jawline (R2000)
- PL Lip Lift (R2000)
- PL Naso Labial Fold (R1750)
- PL Neck Lift (R2800)
- PL Skin Tag Removal (From R500)
- PL Stretchmarks (R1500)
- PL Top and Bottom lip
- PL Tummy Lift (R3000)

Skin Rejuvenation
- Brown Spot Decollete (R1500)
- Brown Spot Hands (R1000)
- Brown Spots Full Arms (R2500)
- Brown Spots Half Arm (R1800)
- Skin Rejuv - Broken Capillaries (R1000)
- Skin Rejuv - Broken Capillaries (R500)
- Skin Rejuv - Broken Capillaries (R50p/f)
- Skin Rejuv - Eyes Area (R400)
- Skin Rejuv - Full Face & Neck (R1900)
- Skin Rejuv - Full Face (R1400)
- Skin Rejuv - Full Face Neck & Deco(R2300
- Skin Rejuv - Mouth Area (R400)
- Skin Rejuv - Pigmentation (R50 per Flash
- Skin Rejuve - Hands

- Threading - Eyebrows or Cheeks (R120)
- Threading - Full Face (R250)
- Threading - Lip or Chin (R90)

- Waxing - Arms Full (R250)
- Waxing - Arms Half (R200)
- Waxing - Back or Chest (R300)
- Waxing - Bikini Brazilian (R300)
- Waxing - Bikini G-String (R200)
- Waxing - Bikini Hollywood (R350)
- Waxing - Bikini Standard (R150)
- Waxing - Eyebrows (R100)
- Waxing - Full Face (R250)
- Waxing - Leg 3/4 (R270)
- Waxing - Leg Full (R320)
- Waxing - Leg Half (R250)
- Waxing - Leg Upper (R250)
- Waxing - Lip or Chin (R90)
- Waxing - Shoulders (R200)
- Waxing - Underarms (R120)

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