Legacy Beauty Lounge

Our Vision:
To be the best value in the beauty salon industry in South Africa.
Continually improving through ongoing education and experience, with a willingness to learn by all associates.

Our Mission:
We provide inner & outer Beauty treatments and luxurious therapies for the mind and body. We enhance physical beauty with designer jewellery from the Calafato Legacy. We strive to promote a healthy mind through altruism, story-telling and sharing lessons learnt. We pride ourselves on our client centric service and excellent care for our clients. Through the promotion of healthy mind and body we have created an environment where friendships and trust can develop in support of helping people reach their optimal state.

Our Values:
Team work

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 8:30am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 6pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 6pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 6pm
Friday: 8:30am - 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Shop nr 4
Rubida Shopping Centre
Cnr of Rubida & Rossouw street

Tel 1: 060 716 8212

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Our Services Include:

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Brows and Lashes
- Brow Shape (R60)
- Brows-Microblading 8 week touch up (R450
- Lipstick
- Makeup remover wipe
- Shape & Tint Eyebrows (R150)
- Special 3- Free Brow wax,shape,tint
- Tint Brow & Lash Tint (R140)
- Tint Brow Tint (R60)
- Tint Lash Tint (R80)

- Feet Acrylic Toes (R320)
- Feet Buff & Shine (R50)
- Feet Gel Overlay incl prep (R200)
- Feet Medi Heel treat (R50) 30 min extra
- Feet Soak Off Prep (R50)
- Feet Toenail Polish (R30)
- Feet-Mini Pedi (cut nails & pol) R100
- Feet-Paraffin Wax Treatment (R75)
- Medi Heel treatment (150)
- Pedi and Gel toes (R400)
- Pedicure only (200)
- Pensioners Pedicure (R150)
- Soak off file buff & Pol (R110)
- Sp Matric pack hands/feet
- Sp-Gelnails&Geltoes Combo (R300)
- Sp/Mani-pedi-combo pol(R200)
- Sp/Mani-pedi-combo&mom(R39o
- Special Princess gel toes 6-13 (R75)
- SpPack1 June-pedimedigel (160)
- SpPack3 May-2 manpedi(2 people) (R230)

- Make-up session (R100)

- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Gents M (R425)
- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Gents S (R320)
- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Ladies L (R1325)
- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Ladies M (R1040)
- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Ladies S (R700)
- Hair-Brazilian Blowout Ladies XL (R1620)
- Hair-Colour Strip L (R360ea)
- Hair-Colour Strip S&M (R340ea)
- Hair-Colour Strip XL (R370ea)
- Hair-Full Colour L (R860)
- Hair-Full Colour M (R730)
- Hair-Full Colour S (R600)
- Hair-Full Colour XL (R990)
- Hair-Full Colour XS (R440)
- Hair-Full Head Highlights L (R1210)
- Hair-Full Head Highlights M (R980)
- Hair-Full Head Highlights S (R750)
- Hair-Full Head Highlights XL (R1340)
- Hair-Full Head Highlights XS (R670)
- Hair-Gents Clipper Cut only (R80)
- Hair-Gents Colour one colour (R265)
- Hair-Gents Colour Reshade (R300)
- Hair-Gents Wash & Clipper Cut (R150)
- Hair-Gents Wash Full Cut&Style (R150)
- Hair-Half Head Highlights L (R890)
- Hair-Half Head Highlights M (R740)
- Hair-Half Head Highlights S (R500)
- Hair-Half Head Highlights XL (R940)
- Hair-Half Head Highlights XS (R450)
- Hair-Indian Head Massage add on (R100)
- Hair-Ladies Wash&Curl L (R320)
- Hair-Ladies Wash&Curl M (R280)
- Hair-Ladies Wash&Curl S (R200)
- Hair-Ladies Wash&Curl XL (R430)
- Hair-per foil excl Toner L (R45)
- Hair-per foil excl Toner M (R40)
- Hair-per foil excl Toner S (R35)
- Hair-per foil excl Toner XL (R50)
- Hair-Perm L (R680)
- Hair-Perm M (R580)
- Hair-Perm S (R455)
- Hair-PRE School cut Boys (R120)
- Hair-PRE School cut Clipper only (R80)
- Hair-PRE School cut Girls (R100)
- Hair-Prim School (7-13) Boys R140
- Hair-Prim School (7-13) Girls cut only
- Hair-Prim School (7-13yrs) Girl-cut&blow
- Hair-Root Colour L (R500)
- Hair-Root Colour M (R420)
- Hair-Root Colour S (R370)
- Hair-Root Colour XL (R550)
- Hair-Root Colour XS (R310)
- Hair-Spiral Perm (R750)
- Hair-Treatments 15 minutes L (R265)
- Hair-Treatments 15 minutes M (R200)
- Hair-Treatments 15 minutes S (R110)
- Hair-Treatments 15 minutes XL (R300)
- Hair-Wash & Cut XL (R390)
- Hair-Wash Cut & Blow Wave L (R380)
- Hair-Wash Cut & Blow Wave M (R340)
- Hair-Wash Cut & Blow Wave XL (R470)
- Hair-Wash Cut & Blow Wave XS (R235)
- Hair-Wash Cut and Blow Wave S (R285)
- Hair-Wash&Blow Wave L (R290)
- Hair-Wash&Blow Wave M (R250)
- Hair-Wash&Blow Wave S (R190)
- Hair-Wash&Blow Wave XL (R400)
- Hair-Wash&Blow Wave XS (R170)
- Hair-Wash&Cut L (R300)
- Hair-Wash&Cut M (R260)
- Hair-Wash&Cut S (R235)
- Hair-Wash&Cut XS (R230)
- Hair-Wash&Indian Head Massage (R150)
- Hair-Wedding Full Up Style (R660)
- Hair-Wedding Halfup Halfdown (R550
- Hair-Wedding Loose curls (R550)
- Hair-Wedding Up Style (in salon trial)
- Toner and Blow Wave L (R320)
- Toner and Blow Wave M (R250)
- Toner and Blow Wave S (R200)
- Toner and Blow Wave XL (R400)
- Toner and Blow Wave XS (R160)

- Comp Manicure
- Hands Acrylic FILL 2 Week (R220)
- Hands Acrylic FILL 3 Week (R290)
- Hands Acrylic FILL 4 Week (R330)
- Hands Acrylic Overlay (R300)
- Hands Dip Acrylic FILL 2 week (R220)
- Hands Dip Acrylic FILL 3 week (R290)
- Hands Dip Acrylic FILL 4 week (R330)
- Hands Gel Overlay (R200)
- Hands Manicure & Acrylic Overlay (R400)
- Hands Manicure only (R200)
- Hands Manicure with Gel Overlay (R400)
- Hands Repair/Replace broken Nail (R40)
- Hands- File & paint natural (R40)
- Hands-Fullset acrylic/gel (R350)
- Hands-Fullset Dip Acrylic (R350)
- Hands-Natural Buff & Shine (R80)
- Hands-Paraffin Wax Treatment(R75))
- Hands-special Fullset Acrylic/gel(225) (
- Hands-Special-Fullset Dip Acrylic (R225)
- Soak off File buff& Pol (R110)
- soak off prep (R90)
- Sp French/Ombre Set R250
- Sp Matric pack hands/feet
- Sp-July-Gel Nails&Toes Combo (R300)
- Sp-Student Nails (R155) Mon&Tues
- SpAugCrazyR100
- SpAugCrazyR100
- Special- Newset (incl 3week fill) (515)
- SpPack1 May-2 full sets(R360 (R180ea)
- SpPack2 May-2 full sets(R360
- Transport

Hands and Feet
- Art & Swarovski (R30)
- Art individual (R20)

Lash Extensions
- LASH Additional Weekly maint (R50)
- LASH FILL 2 Week (R250
- LASH Full Set Individual Lashes (R550)

- Massage Back & Neck 30min (R250)
- Massage Feet 20min (R120)
- Massage Full Body 1hr (R350)
- Massage Head & Shoulder 30min (R180)

- Brows-Microblading Introductory (R950)

Mobile Spa
- HouseCall Services
- PI-Nail Services

- Slimming Faradic pad treat per session
- Slimming Faradic pad treatment package

Teen Treatments
- Princess 6-13 Gel Polish (R150)
- Princess 6-13 Gel Toes (R150)
- Princess 6-13 Manicure Only (R100)
- Princess 6-13 Pedicure (R250)
- Teenage Queen Acrylic Sculpture (R400)
- Teenage Queen Acrylic Toes only (R200)
- Teenage Queen Acrylic/Gel Tips (R300)
- Teenage Queen Gel Polish (R200)
- Teenage Queen Gel Toes Only (R200)
- Teenage Queen Manicure Only (R160)

- Full Face Wax (R140)
- Lip Wax (R60)
- SpJuneFullfacewax (R100)
- SpPack4 May-UA,HLorFL,Bik (R300)
- SugarWax Chin (50)
- SugarWax Ears (R50)
- SugarWax Full face ex brows (R120)
- SugarWax FullArm (R140)
- SugarWax HalfArm (R190)
- SugarWax Ladies Bikini (R130)
- SugarWax Ladies Brazilian (R160)
- SugarWax Ladies Full Leg (R480)
- SugarWax Ladies Half Leg (R300)
- SugarWax Ladies Hollywood (R320)
- SugarWax Lip (R60)
- SugarWax Men Chest (R190)
- SugarWax Men Full Back (R260)
- SugarWax Men Full Beard (R190)
- SugarWax Men Half Back (R140)
- SugarWax Men Half Leg (R400)
- SugarWax Mens Full Leg (R580)
- SugarWax Sideburns (50)
- SugarWax Stomach (R100)
- SugarWax Stomach Line (R50)
- SugarWax UnderArm (R100)
- Wax Bikini Wax (R120)
- Wax Brazilian Wax (R180)
- Wax Female Brow Wax (R60)
- Wax Full Arm Wax (R150)
- Wax Full Leg Wax (R200)
- Wax Half Arm Wax (R80)
- Wax Half Leg Wax (R160)
- Wax Hollywood Wax (R220)
- Wax Men Back Wax (R180)
- Wax Men Brow Wax (R70)
- Wax Men Chest Wax (R80)
- Wax Men Chin Wax (R70)
- Wax Men Full Leg Wax (R240)
- Wax Men Lip Wax (R70)
- Wax Three Quarter Leg Wax (R180)
- Wax Underarm Wax (R80)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Rene   [ Beauty & Nail Tech ]
Seriti   [ Nails ]
Olga   [ Beauty & Nails ]
Aneske   [ Hairdresser ]
Cubicle 1   [ Internal use ]
Cubicle 2   [ Internal use ]

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