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Annalie Basson has over 32 Years clinical experience as a physiotherapist. Basson works in private practice with special interest in chronic neck & back pain and headaches. Basson has lectured and taught part time for 18years. Basson has completed her masters degree in 2004 and is currently working on her PhD.
Along the accomplishments, here are some of the highlights:
Chairperson of OMTG from 1998 – 2004 (SA)
Treasurer International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) 2004-2008
President IFOMPT 2008-2012
President IFOMPT 2012-2016

Basson Specialises in:
Manipulative Therapy
Chronic Pain Management
Neck Pain
Back Pain

Our Services Include:

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- Rehabilitation

- Back and Neck pain
- Back pain
- Neck pain
- New Patient
- Other physio
- Physio Session

Our staff members are:

Annalie Basson
Karola Lange

Our business hours are:

Monday: 9am - 1pm
Tuesday: 7am - 5:30pm
Wednesday: 7am - 1pm
Thursday: 8am - 6pm
Friday: 7am - 2pm
Saturday: Clsoed
Sunday: Clsoed

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Physical Address:
407 Stonewall Lane
Faerie Glen

Web: www.abassonphysio.co.za

Tel 1: 012 991 4499
Tel 2: 083 228 9934