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Kontour Studio is a full-service makeover studio and aesthetics beauty salon with facial and body treatments such as a variety of laser, cavitation, IPL and VLP treatments at an affordable price. We also specialise in Microblading, eyelash extensions, professional Makeup, nails and all other beauty treatments, to allow our clients to have an all in one service store for all their beauty needs.

We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere
at an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and demanding work.

Our primary focus is to offer you the safest, most advanced and effective treatments suitable to your requirements. When it comes to a client’s complete makeover, we specialize in natural looking results which will over a fantastic renewal towards our clients. We have a highly experienced team of who all aim for one thing – safely achieving the best results possible for you. We pride ourselves in using the best products with the highest return on results.
Here at Kontour Studio, we follow a simple philosophy: to source the best non-surgical aesthetic expertise, therapist and Makeup artist and most innovative technologies to provide clients with the results they desire safely and with minimal disruption to their everyday lives.
We bring our philosophy to life every day – our superior Teams offer their expert knowledge and expertise to our clients, while we constantly look out for new, effective treatments that our clients could benefit from, safely, and with minimal downtime, whenever possible. We put patient safety first – all the time.

Our Services Include:

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Acne Treatment
- Baby doll Carbon Peel 15% (R1100)
- Hydra and Carbon Laser Peel 20% (R1300)

- Back/ chest skin facial treatment (R560)
- Body contouring massage (R450)
- Full body exfoliation (R280)

Brows and Lashes
- Basic eyebrow shape (R120)
- Basic eyebrow shape and tint (R220)
- Eyebrow/ lash tint (R80)

Eyelash Extension
- Eyelash removal (R300)
- Hollywood 2 week fill (R450)
- Hollywood 3 week fill (R550)
- Hollywood lashes full set (R750)
- Hybrid 2 week fill (R350)
- Hybrid 3 week fill (R450)
- Hybrid lashes full set (R550)
- Russian Volume 2 week fill (R550)
- Russian Volume 3 week fill (R650)
- Russian Volume lashes full set (R850)

Eyelashes - Lash Lift
- Eyelash lift mascara (R750)
- Eyelash lift new perm (R480)
- Eyelash lift perm maintain (R380)

- Add Dermaheal Growth Factor Facial Mask
- Add Galvanic - Firming Gel (R150)
- Add Galvanic - Hydration Gel (R150)
- Add High frequency for acne (R80)
- Add Hydra & extractions treatment (R80)
- Add Ozone treatment for inflamation(R120
- AHA Peel 20% (R650)
- AHA Peel 30% (R700)
- Baby doll Carbon Peel 15% (R900)
- BHA Peel Plus 15% carbon laser (R1100)
- BHA Peel Plus 15%(R650)
- BHA Peel Plus 20% (R750)
- BHA Peel Plus 20% + carbon laser (R1200)
- Carbon Laser Peel 10% (R950)
- Derca Age Prevention Treatment (R450)
- Derca Deep Cleanse Treatment (R350)
- Hydra & Carbon laser Peel 20% (R1200)
- Hydra Carbon and Peel 15% (R1500)
- Hydra Plus Facial Peel (R850)
- Hydrating Treatment (R550)
- Microdermabrasion Facial (R850)
- RegimA Initiation Peel (R580)
- Skin Solutions 30% or 50% Peel (R850)
- Skin Solutions Acne Peel (R450)
- Skin SOlutions Back Peel (R750)
- Skin Solutions Standard Facial (R380)

- Basic studio Pedicure (R250)
- French Painting (R220)
- Full Studio Pedicure(paraffin wax)(R290)
- Gel overlay (R160)
- Polish coat colour (R60)

- Basic studio Manicure (R240)
- French Painting (R220)
- Full Studio Manicure (R280)
- Gel overlay (R160)
- Polish coat colour (R60)

- IPL - Arms (R290)
- IPL - Bikini (R290)
- IPL - Hands and Feet (R60)
- IPL - Legs (R350)
- IPL - Men - Beard and Neck (R220)
- IPL - Men - Chest/ Back (R350)
- IPL - Underarms (R220)
- IPL - Upper lip/chin (R90)

Make Up
- Add False Lashes (R250)
- Add Glitter/Paint (R350)
- Add Makeup Art (R450)
- Basic Makeup (R380)
- Bridal makeup (R950)
- Bridesmaids makeup (R400)
- Film/ Studio makeup per model (R550)
- Flower girls make up (R350)
- Grandmother/ Aunts Make Up (R550)
- Maid of honour make up (R450)
- Mother of the bride/groom (650)
- Occassional makeup (R550)

- 6 month touch up (R600)
- Full Set Microblading & Shading (R2200)
- Full Set Microblading (R1500)
- Full Set Microshading (R1000)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic 2 week fill (R350)
- Acrylic 3 week fill (R380)
- Acrylic soak off (R280)
- Full set Acrylic overlay (R430)
- Full set Acrylic with Tips (R520)
- Nail fix per nail (R60)

- Body Cavitation - Abdomen (R550)
- Body Cavitation - Arms (R450)
- Body Cavitation - Buttocks (R550)
- Body Cavitation - Faradic x 1 (R250)
- Body Cavitation - Faradic x 10 (R1800)
- Body Cavitation - Full Body (R1900)
- Body Cavitation - Legs (R650)
- Crylipolysis fat freezing (R2500)
- Fat Freeze body contouring - Abdomen
- Fat Freeze body contouring - Arms (R350)
- Fat Freeze body contouring - Buttocks
- Fat Freeze body contouring - Full Body
- Fat Freeze body contouring - Legs (R550)
- RF Body Treatment (R600)
- RF, Cavitation and Crylipolysis (R3500)

- Wax - Arms (R160)
- Wax - Bikini (R380)
- Wax - Eyebrows (R90)
- Wax - Ladies - Back/Chest (R420)
- Wax - Ladies - Legs (R240)
- Wax - Lip (R70)
- Wax - Men - Back/Chest (R520)
- Wax - Men - Legs (R360)
- Wax - Underarms (R110)

Our staff members are:

Ziyanda   [ Body Treatments ]
Connie   [ Beauty & Nails ]
Maylene   [ Microblading & Lashes ]

Our business hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed

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Physical Address:
102 Corlette drive

Tel 1: 011 786 0154
Tel 2: 079 515 2859