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Enrich Indulgence builds balance allowing our clients to live a beautiful life. We know it’s the simple pleasures that encourage synergy - from facials that illuminate, massages that rejuvenate and manicures that sparkle. Make your booking today!

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

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10 Flanders Drive
Gleneagles Park
Mount Edgecombe

Tel: 083 391 2803

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Our Services Include:

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Eyelash Extension
- 2 Week Fill Lash Extension (R400)
- Full Set Individual Lash Extension(R650)
- Lash Removal (R100)

- Vitamin Touch 60min (R300)

- Laser Three Quarter Leg (R1300)
- Laser Chest (R900)
- Laser Face Zone (R300)
- Laser Forearms (R700)
- Laser Full Arm (R300)
- Laser Full Back (R1300)
- Laser Full Face (R800)
- Laser Full Legs (From R300)
- Laser Half Legs (R1100)
- Laser Hollywood (R1300)
- Laser Neck (R495)
- Laser Shoulders (R700)
- Laser Stomach (R850)
- Laser Top of Arms (R700)
- Laser Underarm (R200)

- Aromatherapy Back and Neck 45mins (R450)
- Aromatherapy Full Body 60mins (R250)
- Foot Massage with HS 45mins (R150)
- Hot Stone Back and Neck 45mins (R510)
- Hot Stone Full Body 90mins (R800)
- Swedish Back and Neck 30m Massage (R350)
- Swedish Back and Neck 45mins (R150)
- Swedish Full Body 60Mins (R520)

- Face Zone Micro Needling (R450)
- Full Face Micro Needling (R450)

- Acrylic Tips With Gelish (R530)
- Acrylic Clear Tips (R450)
- Acrylic Clear Backfill (R300)
- Acrylic Clear Overlay (R380)
- Acrylic Overlay With Gelish (R180)
- Acrylic Overlay with Polish (R400)
- Acrylic Tips With Polish (R490)
- Back Fill With Gelish (R4o0)
- Back Fill With Polish (R310)
- File Buff Paint Polish (R180)
- Gelish Application Toes (R180)
- Gelish Application Hands (R180)
- Gelish Dip Overlay With Polish (R390)
- Gelish Hands & Gelish Pedi & 1Free Soak
- Gelish Hands & Toes & 2 Soak offs (R680)
- Gelish Mani & Gelish Pedi & 1 Free Soak
- Gelish rep
- Mediheel Treatment Only (R350)
- Nail Art Chrome/Rhino per nail (R30)
- Nail Art Stamp per nail (R25)
- Nail Art Sticker/Glitter per nail (R20)
- Natural Nail Repair (R30)
- OPI Pro Spa Mani With Gelish R220)
- OPI Pro Spa Mani With Polish (R340)
- OPI Pro Spa Pedi With Polish (R390)
- OPI Spa Pedi (R220)
- OPI Spa Pedi (R390)
- Soak Off Buff and Paint (R210)
- Soak Off Only (R50)
- Soft Gel Tips Fill with Gelish (R420)
- Soft Gel Tips Fill With Polish (R350)
- Soft Gel Tips With Gelish (R500)

- May Special (R999)

- Brow and Lash Tint (R210)
- Brow Tint (R100)
- Brow Wax and Tinting (R150)
- Lash Tint (R130)

- Brow Lip & Chin (R180)
- G String wax (R210)
- Half Arm (R160)
- Lip & Chin (R150)
- Nose waxing (R50)
- Wax - 1/2 Leg (R210)
- Wax - 3/4 Leg (R240)
- Wax - Back (R380)
- Wax - Bikini (R170)
- Wax - Brazilian (R250)
- Wax - Brow and Lip (R60)
- Wax - Brow/ Lip/ Chin (R30)
- Wax - Chest (R320)
- Wax - Full Arm (R210)
- Wax - Full Face (R230)
- Wax - Full Leg (R150)
- Wax - Hollywood (R150)
- Wax - Neck (R90)
- Wax - Sides (R160)
- Wax - Stomach (R200)
- Wax - Toe (R50)
- Wax - Under Arm (R85)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

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