Divaz Day Spa

"I believe in manicures… I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls," said Audrey Hepburn.

A perfectly polished nail makes us feel instantly more chic, pulled together and confident.

To appreciate a fabulous blow-dry or the results of a radiance-enhancing facial you have to look in the mirror; yet to reap the uplifting benefits of a manicure you simply have to glance down at your hands. With this in mind, visit our Divaz Spa & salon, whether you are in need of a quick fix or want something a little more indulgent…
Our team are known for understated nail art and consistently perfect manicures/pedicures – gel and express

You receive cutting edge in-salon technology (including a 'nailfie' photo booth for your social media) and timely treatments, plus the classics

For the times when a girl needs a glam squad, you can find yours at Divaz Spa and Salob where therapists will nail a manicure and pedicure while you're having your hair done.

A bubbling footbath and nail decals are highlights of the Divaz Kids spa packages for girls (ages 4+), while tweens and teens can try a 30-minute massage.

An All About Me massage rubs away school stress, and a #Nofilter Facial is geared for teen complexions

-Priority on wellness

-Express service

-Friendly and open

Divaz Day Spa is a family friendly spa that caters for family treatments( parent and child, siblings, friends) and a separate kids free zone for adults. Both these zones are separated totally from each other to allow both individual as well as family treatments in total privacy.

Divaz Hair Salon is a destination of choice for those seeking exceptional quality in service for their hair care and styling needs. Our experienced, professional stylists regularly attend training to ensure they provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Our Business Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday is Party time
2 x slots for Parties
Morning 09h00 – 12h00
Afternoon 14h00 – 17h00

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Divaz Spa & Salon
Langhams Luxury Estate
1 Tamchele Avenue

Tel 1: 0786 100 975

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Add On Warming Cooling Back Scrub
- Full Body massage
- Mandarin & Sandalwood Back Treatment

- Add on - Eyes like diamonds (R300)
- DMK Deep Cleanse Facial (R650)
- DMK Enzyme Therapy Advanced (R1200)
- DMK Enzyme Therapy Signature (R999)
- DMK Instant Lift (R1200)
- Elixir Balancing Facial (R450)
- Elixir Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial (R550)
- Elixir Express Youth Facial (R250)
- Elixir Pure Hydration Facial (R450)
- SIX Heavenly Journey treatment (R480)
- SIX Mens Energising treatment (R750)
- SIX Mens First Class treatment (R950)
- SIX Mens On the Move treatment (R650)
- Six Sensational skin treatment (R800)
- SIX Timeless skin treatment (R650)
- SIX Velocity skin treatment (R400)

- Boys Cut (under 14) (R120)
- Brazilian Blow Wave (R999)
- Color Full Head (R600)
- Color Half Head (R400)
- Color Roots only (R300)
- Cut & Blow - long hair (R520)
- Cut & Blow - med hair (R450)
- Cut & Blow - short hair (R400)
- Gents Cut (R180)
- Girls Cut (under 14) (R150)
- Highlights - Balayage (R900)
- Highlights - Full Head (R1200)
- Highlights - Half Head (R800)
- Highlights - Toner (R400)
- Highlights - Toner roots to end (600)
- Joico 4 step treatment (R499)
- Ladies Cut Short to Long (R300)
- Mycro Keratin long (R1499)
- Mycro Keratin medium (R1299)
- Mycro Keratin short (R999)
- Root tint
- Wash & Blow Short Med & Long (R250)
- Wash & Blow special

- Add On Self Heating Back Mask (R260)
- Back Neck Shoulder Massage 30min (R350)
- Back Neck Shoulder Massage 45min (R420)
- Cellulite/Light legs treatment (R450)
- Foot and Leg Massage 30min (R320)
- Full Body Massage 60min (R550)
- Full Body Massage 75min (R650)

- Diamond Diva Manicure (R340)
- Diamond Diva Pedicure (R390)
- Diamond Manicure Gel (R380)
- Diamond Pedicure Gel (R480)
- Express Manicure (R200)
- Express Pedicure (R250)
- File & Paint only
- Gel Polish application (R220)
- Gel add on to Special
- Gel soak off only (R55)
- Kids Express Mani (R99)
- Kids Express Pedi (R99)
- Medical Peel pedi & gel color (R540)
- Medical Peel pedi & paint (R460)
- Signature Diamond Mani & Pedi Duo (R699)
- Signature Diamond Mani & Pedi Gel duo

- Joico 4 step treatment SPECIAL
- Back Treatment SPECIAL (R400)
- Back, Neck & Shoulder massage (R199)
- Back, Neck Shoulder Massage
- Brazillian Blow wave SPECIAL
- DMK EID special (R600)
- DMK Enzyme SPECIAL (R850)
- Elixir facial SPECIAL
- Half Day Package SPECIAL (R999)
- Lunch hour
- Mani and Pedi combo - mani
- Mani and Pedi combo - pedi
- Mani and Pedi combo SPECIAL
- Manicure SPECIAL
- Pedicure SPECIAL
- Pure Hydrating Facial (R299)
- SIX EID special (500)
- SIX Sensation SPECIAL
- Vegan Facial (R299)
- Wash & Blow SPECIAL

- Combo tint (lashes & brow) (R110)
- Eyebrow tint (R70)
- Lash tint (R90)

Waxing Ladies
- Wax - Ladies - Bikini (R150)
- Wax - Ladies - Brazilian (R220)
- Wax - Ladies - Brow Lip & Chin (R150)
- Wax - Ladies - Chin (R80)
- Wax - Ladies - Eyebrow (R80)
- Wax - Ladies - Full arm (R180)
- Wax - Ladies - Full back (R200)
- Wax - Ladies - Full Face (R220)
- Wax - Ladies - Full leg (R250)
- Wax - Ladies - Half arm (R110)
- Wax - Ladies - Half leg (R180)
- Wax - Ladies - Hollywood (R250)
- Wax - Ladies - Lip (R80)
- Wax - Ladies - Nose/Ear (R80)
- Wax - Ladies - Stomach (R120)
- Wax - Ladies - Stomach and Chest (R240)
- Wax - Ladies - Three quarter leg (R210)
- Wax - Ladies - Underarm (R100)

Waxing Men
- Wax - Men - Chest (R280)
- Wax - Men - Full arm (R220)
- Wax - Men - Full back (R300)
- Wax - Men - Full leg (R300)
- Wax - Men - Half arm (R150)
- Wax - Men - Half leg (R220)
- Wax - Men - Stomach & Chest (R360)
- Wax - Men - Stomach (R260)
- Wax - Men - Three quarter leg (R250)
- Wax - Men - Underarm (R120)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Cleo   [ Beauty ]
Hair   [ Hair Stylist ]
Maureen   [ Beauty ]
Natasja   [ Beauty ]
Therapist 1
Therapist 2

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