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We are a professional nail salon that specialises in gel and acrylic nail enhancements, gel polish application, manicures, pedicures, pedi peels, hand and foot massages. We specialise in Nail Art. We have a wide variety of professional nail brands available such as OPI, Gelish, Shellac, Trugel, Evo by Biosculpture, Biosculpture, Morgan Taylor, Vinylux, NSI, Body Candy, Wondernail, Mia Surgiheel. We can cater for group (up to 20 people) functions such as Bridal showers, Birthdays, Corporate events, Year end functions and matric farewells. Gift vouchers available in store or e-vouchers available on request. A selection of complimentary drinks available while you sit back and relax at The Nail Spa.

Our Business Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 08:00 - 17:30
Sunday - Monday : Closed

Contact Us:

Kloof road Cnr Arterial East
Kloof Mall

Tel: 011 450 2218
Tel: 071 129 5865

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Our Services Include:

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- Buff Off Gel Polish/ Color Acrylic (R65)
- Gel Polish App Feet No Soak (R270)
- Gel Polish App Hands No Soak (R270)
- Gel soak off with a service (R65)
- Gel Soak with Polish Paint (R185)
- IBX Treatment (R160)
- Shellac base/Topcoat (R60)
- Shellac brand additional paint
- Shellac Gel App Hands No Soak (R385)
- Shellac Gel App Toes No Soak (R385)
- Soak & Gel Polish App Hands (R335)
- Soak & Gel Polish Application Feet(R335)
- Soak Only Feet (R145)
- Soak Only Hands (R145)
- Vitagel Recovery Add On (R95)
- Vitagel Strength Add On (R95)

Manicure and Pedicure
- Mani - Biosculpture Delux Gel Pol (R540)
- Mani - Biosculpture Delux Polish (R340)
- Mani - Classic Mani Gel Polish (R425)
- Mani - Classic Mani with Polish (R235)
- Mani - Spa Mani with Gel Polish (R485)
- Mani - Spa Mani with Polish (R295)
- Pedi - Biosculpture Delux Gel Pol (R630)
- Pedi - Biosculpture Delux Polish (R440)
- Pedi - Classic Pedi Gel Polish (R490)
- Pedi - Classic Pedi with Polish (R310)
- Pedi - Spa Pedi with Gel Polish (R550)
- Pedi - Spa Pedi with Polish (R365)
- Summer Heel Peel Biosculpture (R290)

- Foot Massage 15min (R160)
- Foot Massage 30min (R260)
- Foot Massage 45min (R345)
- Foot Massage Aromatherapy 15m (R180)
- Foot Massage Aromatherapy 30m (R280)
- Foot Massage Aromatherapy 45m (R365)
- Foot massage Soy Candle 15m (R185)
- Foot massage Soy Candle 30m (R275)
- Foot Massage Soy Candle 45m (R365)
- Hand Massage 15min (R150)
- Hand Massage 30min (R210)
- Hand Massage Aromatherapy 15m (R170)
- Hand Massage Aromatherpay 30m (R220)
- Hand Massage Soy Candle 15m (R185)
- Hand Massage Soy Candle 30m (R220)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage 15m (R185)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage 30m (R345)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage 45m (R440)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage Aroma 15m (R205)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage Aroma 30m (R365)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage Aroma 45m (R445)
- Neck & Shoulder Soy Candle 15m (R210)
- Neck & Shoulder Soy Candle 30m (R370)
- Neck & Shoulder Soy Candle 45m (R440)

Nail Art
- Advanced Nail Art per Nail (R30)
- Basic Nail Art per Nail (R12)
- Chrome per Nail (R17)
- Diamante Large per Stone (R7)
- Diamante Medium per Stone (R6)
- Diamante Small per Stone (R5)
- Fading Glitter per Nail (R12)
- Intricate nail art per nail (R40)
- Ombre per Nail (R17)

Nail Enhancements - Biosculpture & NSI
- Acrylic Fill - Nat with Gel Polish(R480)
- Acrylic Fill - Natural (R285)
- Acrylic Overlay - Nat Gel Polish (R525)
- Acrylic Overlay - Natural (R310)
- Acrylic Sculpting - Gel Polish (R690)
- Acrylic Sculpting - Natural (R580)
- Acrylic Tips - Nat with Gel Polish(R570)
- Acrylic Tips - Nat with Polish (R495)
- Acrylic Tips - Natural/French (R395)
- Gel Fill - Natural (R285)
- Gel Fill With Gel Polish (R470)
- Gel Fill- Nat with Gel Polish (R440)
- Gel Overlay Natural (R285)
- Gel Overlay with Gel Polish (R525))
- Gel Tips Nat with Gel Polish (R490)
- Soft Gel Fill - with Gel Polish (R455)
- Soft Gel Fill - with Polish (R395)
- Soft Gel Tips - with Gel Polish (R570)
- Soft Gel Tips - with Polish (R430)

Nails - Acrylic
- Soak off Acrylic & re-application (R75)

Nails - Add On
- Add French Paint (R40)
- Add Hot Stone (R110)
- Add Structure Gel 1 Layer (R95)
- Add Structure Gel 2 Layers (R140)
- Add Structure Gel 3 Layers (R205)
- Birthday Discount (R100)
- Buff and Reglaze (R225)
- Buff File and Paint (R150)
- Cuticle Grooming (R110)
- Exfoliation (R110)
- Foot File (R110)
- Hydrating Mask (R110)
- Hydrating Paraffin Mask (R110)
- Nail Repair (R55)
- Shaping Coffin (R95)
- Shaping Stiletto (R95)
- Silk Nail Repair (R65)
- Soak off acrylic only

Nails - Gents
- Gents - Biosculpture Delux Mani (R350)
- Gents - Biosculpture Delux Pedi (R440)
- Gents - Classic Mani (R240)
- Gents - Classic Pedi (R320)
- Gents - Spa Mani (R295)
- Gents - Spa Pedi (R365)

Nails - Little Ladies
- Kids - Buff File & Paint (R95)
- Kids - Gel Polish App Feet (R170)
- Kids - Gel Polish App Hands (R170)
- Mini Me Gel Soak off (R55)
- Mini Me Mani - Gel Polish (R240)
- Mini Me Mani - Polish (R130)
- Mini Me Pedi - Gel Polish (R290)
- Mini Me Pedi - Polish (R160)

Nails Combo
- Biosculpture Pedi Summer Heel Gel (R875)
- Biosculpture Pedi with Summer Heel(R685)
- Classic Mani with Gel Polish (R430)
- Classic Pedi with Gel Polish (R510)
- Gel tips with manicure (R750)
- Spa Mani & Pedi with Gel Polish (R1035)
- Spa Mani & Pedi with Polish (R575)
- Spa Pedi Gel with Summer Heel (R790)
- Spa Pedi with Summer Heel (R610)

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