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Our Services Include:

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- Consultation
- Hair and Sculpt Analysis

- cornrows with singles infront
- Decolourise Natural Hair Long (R500)
- Decolourise Natural Hair Medium (R400)
- Decolourise Natural Hair Short (R300)
- Decolourise Weaves Long (R700)
- Decolourise Weaves Medium (R600)
- Decolourise Weaves Short (R500)
- Detangling Wash Only (R150)
- flat twist
- Layered Trim (R170)
- Natural Hair Dry Perm (R350)
- Natural Hair Flexi rods long (R450)
- Natural Hair Flexi rods medium (R350)
- Styling (R250)
- Tint Long (R750)
- Tint Medium (R650)
- Tint Regrowth (R300)
- Tint Short (R450)
- Trim (R100)

Hair - Blow Dry
- Blow Wave Natural Hair (R300)
- Straightening Only (R150)
- Wash and blow (R200)

Hair - Braids
- Box Braids (ExL) (R1500)
- Box Braids (L) (R1000)
- Box Braids (M) (R850)
- Box Braids (S) (R700)
- Braid Removal (R150)
- cornrows with singles at back
- Crochet Application Long (R800)
- Crochet Application Medium (R650)
- Crochet Styling (R250)
- faux locs
- Havanna Braids excl braids Long (R850)
- Havanna Braids excl braids medium (R750)
- Havanna Braids excl braids x long(R1000)
- short box braids

Hair - Cornrows
- Cornrow Removal (R100)
- Cornrows with Hairpiece (Ex L) (R850)
- Cornrows with Hairpiece (L) (R650)
- Cornrows with Hairpiece (M) (R550)
- Cornrows with Hairpiece (S) (R450)
- twist out natural hair
- Wig - max 10 lines (R200)

Hair - Kids
- Kids Box Braids (R450-R550)
- Kids Cornrows with Braid (R350)
- Kids Cornrows with Natural Hair (R250)
- Kids Keratin Treatment S (R650)
- Kids Softening Treatment L (R395)
- Kids Wash and Blow 4-6yrs (R150)

Hair - Relaxers
- Mizani relaxer
- relaxer

Hair - Treatments
- Keratin Smooth Treatment Weave (R1000)
- Keratin Smoothing Treatment Short (R645)
- keratin treatment medium
- keratin treatment medium

Hair - Upstyle
- Upstyle Long (R450)
- Upstyle Short (R350)

Hair - Weaving
- Weave Removal (R80)
- Weave with closure (R650)
- Weave with Frontal (R700)
- Weave with Hair Out (R550)
- Wig Installation
- wig making
- Wig Rejuvination

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.


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