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Our Services Include:

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Body Treatments
- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R350)
- Aroma Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Aroma Colon massage 15min (R85)
- Aroma Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Aroma Full Body 70min (R500)
- Aroma Hand and Forearm 20min (R200)
- Aroma Scalp Neck Shoulder 30min (R300)
- Back Acne Treatment 30min (R300-R400)
- Full Body Exfoliation Back to Africa
- Full Body Exfoliation Kalahari Red (R350
- Full Body Exfoliation Natures Love (R450
- Full Body Exfoliation Salt Glow (R400)
- Full Body Exfoliation Sugar Express
- Hear better package (R700)
- Hear better treatment (R160)
- Kalahari Cocoon Body Claw Wrap (R480)
- MLD 30min (R300)
- MLD 45min (R350)
- MLD 60min (R400)
- Reflexology 45min (R300)

Eyelash Extensions
- Lash Extension Removal (R150)
- Lash Extensions 1 Week Fill (R120)
- Lash Extensions 2 Week Fill (R200)
- Lash Extensions 3 Week Fill (R300)
- Lash Extensions Full set (R400)
- Lash Extensions Half set (R250)

- Baic HoneyBush Facial with Massage (R365
- Basic HoneyBush Facial no massage(R345)
- Basic Phytic Clay Treatement/No Massage
- Basic Vita Gel Treatment/No Massage R360
- Boabab Vitamnn C Treatment (R440)
- D-AGE 5 Skin Treatment (R455)
- Dermaroller - Cheeks (R350)
- Dermaroller - Chin (R200)
- Dermaroller - Forehead (R300)
- Dermaroller - Full Face (R500)
- Dermaroller - Full Face and Neck (R900)
- Dermaroller - Neck (R450)
- Dermaroller - Once Off (R480)
- Lipid Rich Treatment incl Massage (R365)
- Phytic Clay Massage incl Massage (R425)
- Phyto Enzyme Compound incl Baobab (R480)
- Phyto Enzyme Compound Skin Treatment
- TCA Chemical Peel (12pecent) (R465)
- TCA Chemical Peel (8pecent) (R450)
- Vitagel Treatment incl massage (R375)

Feet Treatments
- Basic Pedicure and Paint (R150)
- Calabash Foot treatment (R200)
- Full Pedicure and Nele Gel (R250)
- Full Pedicure and Paint (R180)
- Hot Stone Pedicure (R300)
- Male Pedicure (R120)
- Mediheel Pedi and Gel treatment (R350)
- Mediheel Pedi and Paint (R320)
- Mediheel treatment (R290)
- Perfect Pedicure (R250)
- Relaxing foot treatment (R280)

Hand Treatments
- Basic Manicure and Paint (R150)
- Full Manicure and Paint (R200)
- Hot Stone Manicure (R240)
- Male Manicure (R100)
- Perfect Manicure (R200)
- Tsamma Hand Treatment (R250)

- Calabash Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R350)
- Calabash Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Calabash Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Calabash Full Body 70min (R500)
- Candle Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R450)
- Candle Full Body 60min (R550)
- Cupping Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R350)
- Cupping Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Cupping Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Cupping Full Body 60min (R500)
- Cupping Hand and Forearm 20min (R200)
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R350
- Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400
- Hot Stone Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Hot Stone Full Body 90min (R500)
- Hot Stone Hand and Forearm 20min (R200)
- Pregnancy Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R280
- Pregnancy Foot and Calf 30min (R200)
- Pregnancy Full Body 60min (R380)
- Rungu Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R350)
- Rungu Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R400)
- Rungu Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Rungu Full Body 70min (R500)
- Scalp 30min (R200)
- Scalp Neck Shoulder 45min (R250)
- Sports Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R300)
- Sports Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R350)
- Sports Foot and Calf 30min (R250)
- Sports Full Body 60min (R500)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 30min (R300)
- Swedish Back Neck Shoulder 45min (R350)
- Swedish Foot and Calf 30min (R200)
- Swedish Full Body 60min (R400)
- Swedish Hand and Forearm 20min (R150)

- Acrylic nails without tips (R280)
- Acrylic special (R280)
- Full Manicure with acrylic (R270)
- Full Manicure with Nele overlay (R270)
- Nele overlay (R250)
- Nele Sculptures (R350)
- Nele special (R280)
- Sculpture/tip repair (R50)
- Soak off (R80)

Permanent Make Up
- PMU - Eye Liner Top and Bottom (R1400)
- PMU - Eye Liner Top OR Bottom (R1000)
- PMU - Lips Nano Contour (R1400)
- PMU - Lips Nano Liner (R1200)
- PMU - Microblading/Hybrid Brow (R1300)
- PMU - Pixel/Ombre Brow (R1500)
- PMU - Touch Up Eye Liner Top and Bottom
- PMU - Touch Up Eye Liner Top OR Bottom
- PMU - Touch Up Lips Nano Contour
- PMU - Touch Up Lips Nano Liner
- PMU - Touch Up Lips Nano Liner (Not Mine
- PMU - Touch Up Microblading/Hybrid Brow
- PMU - Touch Up Pixel/Ombre Brow
- PMU - TouchUp LipsNano Contour (Not Mine
- PMU-Touch Up Micro/Hybrid Brow (Not Mine
- PMU-Touch Up Pixel/Ombre Brow (Not Mine
- PMU-TouchUp EyeLiner Top&Bottom(Not Mine
- PMU-TouchUp EyeLiner Top/Bottom(Not Mine

Spray Tan
- Spray Tan Full body (R400)
- Spray Tan Lower body (R220)
- Spray Tan Upper body (R200)

- 3/4 Leg Wax (R140)
- Basic Bikini Wax (R120)
- Brazilian Wax (R160)
- Brazillian and Hollywood Combo (R250)
- Chest Wax (R140)
- Chin Wax (R65)
- Deep Bikini Wax (R140)
- Ear Wax (R50)
- Eye Brows ( Shape and Wax) (R80)
- Full Arm Wax (R200)
- Full Back Wax (R200)
- Full Face Wax (R150)
- Full Leg And Bikini (R300)
- Full Leg Wax (R200)
- Half Arm Wax (R100)
- Half Leg Wax (R100)
- Hollywood Wax (R150)
- Lip and Chin (R100)
- Lip Wax (R50)
- Nose Wax (R45)
- Sides Face Wax (R60)
- Stomach Wax (R80)
- Toes (R15)
- Underarm Wax (R80)

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