Plumeria Beauty Bar

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday: Closed

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45 Maude Avenue

Tel: 064 541 4779

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Our Services Include:

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- Brow wax (R110)
- Brow wax and Henna (R190)
- Brow Wax and Tint (R160)

- Cat Eye Toes (R250)
- cat Eye toes plus soak (R250)
- French on Toes (R270)
- Gel toes (R230)
- Gel toes plus soak(R260)

- Pedi Express combo (R400)

- Acrylic soak off (R150)
- Base and Top Coat (R150)
- Base and Top Coat with soak off(R200)
- Base plus builder gel (R200)
- Base plus builder gel with soak (R250)
- Cat Eye hands (R280)
- cat Eye hands plus soak (R280)
- Express Pedi (R230)
- Extra Color 4th coat (R20)
- French nails with soak off(R370)
- French On Natural Nails (R320)
- French Overlay with 5 Colours (R370)
- French with 2 Colours (R340)
- Gel Ombre (R330)
- Gel Ombre with 5 Colours (R350)
- Gel Overlay Nail Fix (R50)
- Gel Polish Overlay (R250)
- Gel Polish Overlay Plus soak (R300)
- Gel Polish Overlay with 5 Colours (R300)
- Gel Soak (0nly) (R80)
- Gel toes plus soak(R280)
- Luxury Pedi (R250)
- Medi Heel (R150)
- Nail Art Drawing (per finger) (R20)
- Nail Art Sticker (per finger) (R15)
- Naila (R350)
- Naila extension (R30)
- Naila Nail Fix (R50)
- Normal Pedi (R100)
- Paraffin dip (R80)
- Patch (R20)
- Thermo GEL Hands (R280)
- Thermo GEL Hands plus soak (R320)
- Thermo GEL toes plus soak (R280)
- Thermo toes (R250)

- Bikini wax (R250)
- Brazilian wax (R300)
- Brow and Chin Wax (R180)
- Brow and Lip wax (R180)
- Brow Chin and Lip Wax (R250)
- chest waxing(R400)
- Chin wax (R100)
- Hollywood (R300)
- Lip (R100)
- Tummy line wax (R100)
- Under Arm wax (R120)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.


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