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Commerce Square Office Park
Ground Floor Building 2
39 Rivonia Road

Tel: 063 426 6508

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IV Drip
- 100ml Weight Assist
- 1ltr Anti Inflam / Auto Immune Drip
- 1ltr Detox Drip
- 1ltr Energy Boost Drip
- 1ltr Fertility Drip
- 1ltr Hangover / Jetlag Recovery Drip
- 1ltr Immune Boost Drip
- 1ltr Jetfuel Drip
- 1ltr Menopause Drip
- 1ltr Menopause Drip x10
- 1ltr Menopause Drip x5
- 1ltr Rehydration Drip
- 1ltr Skin Radiance Drip
- 1ltr Sports Endurance & Recovery Drip
- 1ltr Weight Assist Drip
- 200ml Anti Inflam / Auto Immune Drip
- 200ml Detox Drip
- 200ml Energy Boost Drip
- 200ml Fertility Drip
- 200ml Hangover / Jetlag Recovery Drip
- 200ml Immune Boost Drip
- 200ml Jetfuel Drip
- 200ml Menopause Drip
- 200ml Nano Detox Drip
- 200ml Nano Energy Boost Drip
- 200ml Nano Immune Boost Drip
- 200ml Rehydration Drip
- 200ml Skin Radiance Drip
- 200ml Sports Endurance & Recovery Drip
- 200ml Weight Assist
- Biotin Drip Stand Alone 1ltr
- Biotin Drip Stand Alone 200ml
- Glutamine Drip Stand Alone 1ltr
- Glutamine Drip Stand Alone 200ml
- Vit B12 Stand Alone 100ml

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