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Who We Are
Flomic Skin strives to provide our clients with the best affordable and effective medical grade treatments delivered in a personable and passionate manner.
We offer a wide range of medical skin treatments each designed to suit your skin type or specific skin concern. Flomic skin is an establishment that deals with skin treatments for both men and women. Performed by qualified Somatologists who assists clients to improve their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through inhouse medical skin treatments and the use of medical homecare products.

Flomic Skin uses Mesoestetic which is an international pharmaceutical company from Spain specializing in the development and manufacturing of top-quality therapeutics along with a wide range of cosmeceuticals with scientifically proven results and Optiphi which is optimal concentrations of quality ingredients working in synergy for the best results. Optiphi evolved from the expertise applied in the fields of wound care.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09h00 - 16h30
Open on selected Saturdays and Public holidays.

Contact Us:

437 Van Heerden Road
Grove Tree
Gate 1

Tel: 074 979 3341

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Our Services Include:

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Chemical Peels
- Brightening Peel Neck (R500)
- Clarifying peel Neck (R400)
- Face Neck Chest- Brighten Peel (R1850)
- Face Neck Chest- Clarifying Peel (R1650)
- Face Neck Chest- Retinol Peel (R2000)
- Facial - Brightening Peel (R950)
- Facial- Clarifying Peel (R800)
- Facial- Periocular Eye Peel (R550)
- Facial- Retinol Peel (R1050)
- Glycolic Acid Peel (R650)

- Dermaplaning- Face (R550)

- Deep Cleansing Facial (R620)
- Hydrating Facial (R550)

- Micro needling- Face (R900)
- Micro needling- Face and Neck (R1050)
- Micro needling- Face Neck Chest (R1650)

Skin Tags
- Skin Tag Removal 30min (R550)
- Skin Tag Removal 60min (R1150)

- Wax - Upperlip (R80)
- Wax- Brow Shape (R100)
- Wax- Chin (R80)
- Wax- Full Arm (R280)
- Wax- Full Leg (R375)
- Wax- Half Arm (R195)
- Wax- Half Leg (R240)
- Wax- Hollywood (R350)
- Wax- Hollywood and Vajacial (R650)
- Wax- Underarm (R125)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.


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