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Saturday: 09:00 - 16:00
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100 south road
Morningview shopping center

Tel: 078 821 0150

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Our Services Include:

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Body Treatments
- Body - Vajacial (R400)
- Body- Body Polish (R1200)

- Combo- Brow and Lash Tint (R200)
- Combo- Brow Wax Tint n Lash Tint (R290)
- Combo- Brow Wax and Tint (R200)
- Combo- Threading and Tint (R210)

- Eyes- Brow Tint (R110)
- Eyes- Lash Lift (R450)
- Eyes- Lash Tint (R120)

Face Treatments
- Face- Acne Treatment (R800)
- Face- Dermaplaning (R500)
- Face- Microneedling (R1350)
- Face- Oxygen Facial (R1500)
- Face- Peel (R1200)
- Face- Pigmentation (R900)
- Face- RF Anti Wrinkle (R1350)
- Face- Signature Facial (R850)
- Face-Rejuvenating Anti Aging (R1250)

- Teen half leg (R800)
- Teens Laser- Bikini Line (R400)
- Teens Laser- Brazilian (R600)
- Teens Laser- Buttocks (R500)
- Teens Laser- Cheeks (R250)
- Teens Laser- Chest (R600)
- Teens Laser- Chin (R250)
- Teens Laser- Forehead (R300)
- Teens Laser- Full Arm (R800)
- Teens Laser- Full Beard and Neck (R500)
- Teens Laser- Full Face (R400)
- Teens Laser- Full Leg (R900)
- Teens Laser- Half Arm (R600)
- Teens Laser- Hollywood (R900)
- Teens Laser- Neck (R340)
- Teens Laser- Nose (R250)
- Teens Laser- Stomach (R500)
- Teens Laser- Tummy Line (R250)
- Teens Laser- Underarms (R300)
- Teens Laser-Back and Shoulders (R 850)
- Teens Laser-Side Burns (R250)

Laser Ladies
- Ladies Laser- Back and Shoulder (R950)
- Ladies Laser- Bikini Line (R650)
- Ladies Laser- Brazilian (R880)
- Ladies Laser- Buttocks (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Cheeks (R450)
- Ladies Laser- Chest (R800)
- Ladies Laser- Chin (R300)
- Ladies Laser- Forehead (R400)
- Ladies Laser- Full Arm (R800)
- Ladies Laser- Full Face (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Full Leg (R1100)
- Ladies Laser- Half Arm (R550)
- Ladies Laser- Half Leg (R900)
- Ladies Laser- Hollywood (R950)
- Ladies Laser- Neck Front and Back (R450)
- Ladies Laser- Nose (R250)
- Ladies Laser- Side Burns (R250)
- Ladies Laser- Stomach (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Tummy Line (R359)
- Ladies Laser- Underarm (R350)
- Ladies Laser-lip(R250)

Laser Men
- Men Laser- Back and Shoulder (R1350)
- Men Laser- Cheeks (R450)
- Men Laser- Chest (R1200)
- Men Laser- Chin (R500)
- Men Laser- Forehead (R450)
- Men Laser- Full Arm (R1200)
- Men Laser- Full Beard and Neck (R850)
- Men Laser- Full Face (R900)
- Men Laser- Full Leg (R1350)
- Men Laser- Half Arm (R950)
- Men Laser- Half Leg (R1000)
- Men Laser- Nose (R300)
- Men Laser- Side Burns (R350)
- Men Laser- Stomach (R1000)
- Men Laser- Underarm (R600)
- Men Laser- Unibrow (R300)

- Massage- Back and Neck (R400)
- Massage- Lymphatic Drainage (R800)
- Massage- Reflexology (R500)
- Massage- Swedish (per hour) (R700)

Skin Tags
- Skin Tag- Removal (R600)

- Body- Cavitation (Localized Area) (R450)
- Body- Mesotherapy (R350)
- Heat Lipolysis Contour Therapy (R500)

- Threading- Brows (R120)
- Threading- Chin (R150)
- Threading- Full Face (R250)
- Threading- Lip (R120)
- Threading- Side Burns (R150)

- Wax Ladies and Teen- Under Arm (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Back Shoulder(R300)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Bikini (R180)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Brazilian (R250)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Butt Cheeks (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Chest (R200)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Chin(R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Eye Brow (R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Arm (R250)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Face (R220)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Leg (R300)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Half Arm (R190)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Half Leg (R220)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Hollywood (R320)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Lip (R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Side Burns (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Stomach (R160)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Tummy Line (R150)

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Bongiwe Nene

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