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Skin Nourishers was Established in 2019 by Sonia, who has been in the industry for over 25 years, Sonia holds a number of accolades for being the top therapist. Skin Nourishers was birthed to fill in the gaps in the industry, especially with targeting treatments such as pigmentation and acne. Skin Nourishers has joined hands with an esthetician doctor for more focused treatments. Skin Nourishers aims to be outstanding and offer a difference in the industry by providing effective treatments.

Why Choose us:

At Skin Nourishers, we firmly believe in the uniqueness of every skin, recognizing its distinct characteristics and the need for personalized care. Our commitment lies in understanding the diverse expectations of our valued customers, and as such, we meticulously tailor treatments to address individual needs and concerns.

Central to our skincare approach is the utilization of Dermaceutic as our primary range. We have chosen Dermaceutic for its unparalleled quality, optimal efficacy, and results-driven orientation. This brand stands out for employing active ingredients at precise concentrations, ensuring a superior level of effectiveness.

Founded in France in 2002, Dermaceutic has garnered acclaim for its high-potency formulations that yield noticeable results within a short timeframe. It remains at the forefront of skincare innovation, proving to be the most effective solution for addressing a spectrum of skin concerns, including pigmentation, acne, and premature aging.

At Skin Nourishers, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional skincare solutions that go beyond conventional standards, providing our clientele with the utmost in quality and efficacy.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

100 south road
Morningview shopping center

Tel: 078 821 0150

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Our Services Include:

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Body Treatments
- Body - Vajacial (R400)
- Body- Body Polish (R1200)
- Cellulite Treatment
- Heat Lipolysis Contour Therapy
- HIFU Vaginal Treatment
- Mesotherapy

- Combo- Brow and Lash Tint (R250)
- Combo- Brow Wax Tint n Lash Tint (R290)
- Combo- Brow Wax and Tint (R200)
- Combo- Threading and Tint (R210)

- Eyes- Brow Tint (R150)
- Eyes- Lash Lift (R450)
- Eyes- Lash Tint (R150)

Face Treatments
- (HIFU) Face lift Face
- (HIFU) Neck
- Basic Facial
- Face- Acne Treatment (R800)
- Face- Dermaplaning (R500)
- Face- Microneedling (R1350)
- Face- Oxygen Facial (R1500)
- Face- Peel (R1200)
- Face- Pigmentation (R900)
- Face- RF Anti Wrinkle (R1350)
- Face- Signature Facial (R850)
- Face-Rejuvenating Anti Aging (R1250)
- Facial Consultation (R250)
- Femiwand VG Tightening

- Laser Neck
- Teens Laser - Half Leg (R800)
- Teens Laser- Bikini Line (R400)
- Teens Laser- Brazilian (R600)
- Teens Laser- Buttocks (R500)
- Teens Laser- Cheeks (R250)
- Teens Laser- Chest (R600)
- Teens Laser- Chin (R250)
- Teens Laser- Forehead (R300)
- Teens Laser- Full Arm (R800)
- Teens Laser- Full Beard and Neck (R500)
- Teens Laser- Full Leg (R900)
- Teens Laser- Half Arm (R600)
- Teens Laser- Hollywood (R900)
- Teens Laser- Neck (R340)
- Teens Laser- Nose (R250)
- Teens Laser- Stomach (R500)
- Teens Laser- Tummy Line (R250)
- Teens Laser- Underarms (R300)
- Teens Laser-Back and Shoulders (R850)
- Teens Laser-Side Burns (R250)

Laser Ladies
- Full Back Ladies Ladies
- Full Face LASER
- Ladies Laser- Back and Shoulder (R950)
- Ladies Laser- Bikini Line (R650)
- Ladies Laser- Brazilian (R880)
- Ladies Laser- Buttocks (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Cheeks (R450)
- Ladies Laser- Chest (R800)
- Ladies Laser- Chin (R300)
- Ladies Laser- Forehead (R400)
- Ladies Laser- Full Arm (R800)
- Ladies Laser- Full Face (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Full Leg (R1100)
- Ladies Laser- Half Arm (R550)
- Ladies Laser- Half Leg (R900)
- Ladies Laser- Hollywood (R950)
- Ladies Laser- Neck Front and Back (R450)
- Ladies Laser- Nose (R250)
- Ladies Laser- Side Burns (R250)
- Ladies Laser- Stomach (R600)
- Ladies Laser- Tummy Line (R359)
- Ladies Laser- Underarm (R350)
- Ladies Laser-Lip (R250)

Laser Men
- 3/4 Arm Laser Men
- Bikini Line Laser Men
- Full Back Laser Men
- Full Beard
- Hollywood Laser Men
- Jaw Line Laser
- Laser
- Lower Back Laser Men
- Men Laser- Back and Shoulder (R1350)
- Men Laser- Cheeks (R450)
- Men Laser- Chest (R1200)
- Men Laser- Chin (R500)
- Men Laser- Forehead (R450)
- Men Laser- Full Arm (R1200)
- Men Laser- Full Beard and Neck (R850)
- Men Laser- Full Face (R900)
- Men Laser- Full Leg (R1350)
- Men Laser- Half Arm (R950)
- Men Laser- Half Leg (R1000)
- Men Laser- Nose (R300)
- Men Laser- Side Burns 350
- Men Laser- Stomach (R1000)
- Men Laser- Underarm (R600)
- Men Laser- Unibrow (R300)
- Neck Laser
- Uni Brow Laser

- Massage- Back and Neck (R400)
- Massage- Lymphatic Drainage (R800)
- Massage- Reflexology (R500)
- Massage- Swedish (per hour) (R700)

- Microneedling - Both Thighs (R2350)
- Microneedling - Tummy (R1800)
- Microneedling - Upper Arms (R1350)
- Microneedling Buttocks
- Microneedling Formulage & Peel
- Microneedling Hair

Skin Tags
- Skin Tag- Removal (R600)

- Body - Cavitation (Localized Area)
- Body- Mesotherapy (R350)
- Heat Lipolysis Contour Therapy (R500)

- Threading- Brows (R150)
- Threading- Chin (R150)
- Threading- Full Face (R250)
- Threading- Lip (R120)
- Threading- Side Burns (R150)
- Wax Men Nose (R200)

- Wax 3/4 Leg Men (R300)
- Wax Chest Men (R250)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Under Arm (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Back Shoulder(R300)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Bikini (R180)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Brazilian (R250)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Butt Cheeks (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Chest (R200)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Chin (R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Eye Brow (R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Arm (R250)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Face (R220)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Full Leg (R300)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Half Arm (R190)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Half Leg (R220)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Hollywood (R320)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Lip (R110)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Side Burns (R150)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Stomach (R160)
- Wax Ladies and Teen- Tummy Line (R150)
- Wax Men- Back (R350)
- Wax Men- Combo Ears Nose (R300)
- Wax Men- Ears (R200)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Bongiwe Nene

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