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The Sun and Beauty Room

Tan Tan Lab Exfoliater 200ml

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At THE TAN LAB@ we know longevity of your tan is based on thorough skin preparation. Exfoliation is key to a tan that lasts longer and fades evenly.
Shake a small amount of MICRO-EXFOLIANT into wet palms and activate by rubbing hands together to form a light foamy consistency. Massage onto dry skin using circular motions for a few minutes. Continue to dampen hands or add more powder depending on the desired consistency and exfoliation required. Rinse thoroughly to reveal smoother skin.
Dry skin and prepare for self-tan or spray tan application.
STEP 1:(Exfoliation) Exfoliate using THE TAN LAB® Micro-Exfoliant
STEP 2:(Preparation) Apply THE TAN LAB® Barrier Cream to dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles prior to Self Tan application.
STEP 3:(Application) Apply the right shade of THE TAN LAB® Self Tan or Gradual Tan – blend with THE TAN LAB® Barrier Cream.
STEP 4:(Maintenance) Moisture and maintain the longevity of your tan with a daily application of THE TAN LAB® Hydration Lotion
NO TIME?Go Instant! Apply THE TAN LAB® Instant Tan for a dark, velvety luminous sheen.



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