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PeptiPlus Hydrolysate Collagen 200g

R 270 - In Stock

Pepti Pure

The benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate

Reduces wrinkles
Improves skin condition
Improves hair condition
Strengthens nails
Reduces stretch marks
Promotes gut health
Boosts metabolism
Increases satiety
Improves energy levels
Rebuilds cartilage
Enhances mobility

PEPTILUS PURE COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE contains no fillers, flavours, or preservatives. It is a pure premium quality product and is made for people who are knowledgeable enough to make their own choices about nutrition. It has a very faint and neutral taste and dissolves easily, making it ideal for mixing into almost any regularly consumed food or beverage. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is the principal building block in our vascular and digestive systems, skin, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue and is a critical component of muscle and bone structure. In its natural form, collagen is a triple helix composed of chains of 18 amino acids. The process of hydrolysis involves introduction of hydrogen and oxygen to break this structure down into shorter chains of aminos, sometimes called Collagen Peptides. This makes the collagen more bioavailable - meaning that it is easier for our bodies to process. When consumed, these peptides trigger increased collagen production in our bodies. Although most point to noticeable results that can be seen on the surface, in form of younger and healthier looking skin, hair and nails, the benefits of increased collagen production extend to improved gut and joint health and a host of other improvements.

•Has a faint and neutral taste
•Dissolves easily
•Support for muscle and bone structure



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