CliniMed was established in 2008 by Medical Doctor, Dr Mathobela Matjekane (MBcH) UCT, to provide professional, personal and affordable quality healthcare treatment to patients under its care.

With its state-of-the-art medical facilities across the Western Cape (Khayelitsha, Mandalay, Mitchell’s Plain and Parklands, Table View), experienced Doctors and well-trained support staff, the clinic aims to improve the general health and wellbeing of the diverse communities it works in.

Over the last decade, we have tailor made the clinic to be a one- stop-shop healthcare facility, offering Primary care; treatment of acute illnesses like diarrhoea, colds and influenza infections. Dental care; evaluation of dental structures, dental screenings and dental treatment. Optometry; vision screening, eye tests, prescription glasses and contact lenses, and Aesthetic solutions; Non- surgical skin treatment for clearer skin.

Our wellness programmes focus on promoting a preventative and management approach to health. We offer weight loss programmes to prevent and manage obesity, HIV/Aids chronic programme to maintain a well-balanced life, and screenings for cancers as well as a Baby Clinic Service.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

23 Parklands
Main Road cnr Parklands & Northumberland

Tel: 021 557 4949

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Our Services Include:

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Aesthetic Consultation
- Aesthetics Consultation (Initial) (R550)
- Body Wraps
- Botox (per 1ml) (R100)
- Botox- Crow Feet (R1200)
- Botox- Forehead (R1200)
- Botox- Frown Line
- Botox- Hyperhidrosis (R5800)
- Brow Wax
- Derma planning
- Dermal Filler- Tear Through Eyes (R3800)
- Dermal Fillers - Vorbella (R3500)
- Extra 1ml Ceccareli/Lipolytic inj
- Faradic per area
- Hair Filler (R1800)
- Hair Regeneration (R1500)
- hair restoration
- Hair Restoration P-Shot/V-Shot (R3500)
- Hair Restoration- Hair Needling (R1650)
- Hair Restoration- Mesotherapy (R650)
- hair restoration/ keratinocyte gf
- Hair restoration/alcartine conjugate
- hair restoration/combinant collagen/prp
- HCG injection
- Juverderm volift
- Lipolytic face
- Lipolytics- Cecceralli 20injec (R2000)
- micrchanneling glutatherapy
- microch/ Fibroblast gf/keratino/compeel
- microchanneking keratinoGF/fibroblast/c
- microchanneling /retinol Q10
- microchanneling fibroblast GF/combinant
- microchanneling glycolic /gsm
- microchanneling GSM
- Microchanneling kojic acid
- microchanneling redermal H/a
- microchanneling redermal h/a.retinil Q10
- microchanneling sebarrhoeic acid
- microchanneling skin perfusion
- microchannelomg alcartine conjugate
- Microchannneling complexion peel
- Threads- Light Lift Linea 10u (Aptos)
- Threads- Nano Excellence 10u (Aptos)
- Threads- Nano Spring 2u (Aptos) (R3500)
- Threads- Princess (PDO) (R6600)
- Threads- Visage Excellence Classic
- Threads- Visage Excellence Soft
- Weight Loss MIC injection (R1800)
- Weight Loss- Follow-up HCG (R2200)
- Weight Loss- Saxendas per pen (R1500)
- Weight Loss- Weightless Package (R310)

Chemical Peels
- Aesthet expert peel
- Aesthet peel Hyluronic peel
- Algae Peel
- Biomedical Biosynthac Peel (R800)
- Ethnic peel
- Face and neck
- Foot peels
- Hand chemical peel
- MeLine Chemical Peel (R2500)
- Meosoaesthetic lactic peel
- Pericular eye peel
- Salicyilic acid peel
- Seborrholeic Peel (R800)
- Skin renewal peel
- Tasasol Azelan Peel (R999)
- Tasasol Summer Peel (R999)
- Tasasol Yellow Peel (R999)

- activator treatment facial
- Basic facial
- deep pore cleanse facial
- LED light therapy
- MeLine Mask
- MeLine Mask
- Neostrata Basic Facial 60min (R480)
- Neostrata Full Facial 90min (R680)
- Neostrata Oxygen Express 30min (R280)
- Oxygen Facial & Melanstop Peel (R2200)
- Oxygen Facial & Microneedling (R2400)
- Oxygen Facial 45 mins (R1800)
- QMS alginate mask -ADD ON
- sensitive skin repair facial
- Teosyal Redensity 2 Puresense
- Teosyal Redensity 2 Puresense
- Ultra-V Lift
- urban skin repair facial

IV Drip
- Detox IV Drip (R1500)
- Double Dose Myers Cocktail
- Double dose weight loss
- Energy & Weight Loss IV Drip
- Energy Booster IV Drip (R1500)
- Glowing Skin IV Drip (R1100)
- Glutation Double Dose Glow Drip (R1550)
- Hair and Nail Combo (R1200)
- Immune Booster IV Drip (R1500)
- libido drip
- Myers Cocktail IV Drip (R2300)
- Royal Flush IV Drip (R2500)
- Skin glow double dose
- Sleepy Time (R850)
- Weight Loss & Glow IV Drip
- Weight Loss IV Drip (Double Dose)

Lash Extensions
- 2 Week Fill Classic Lashes (R250)
- 2 Week Fill Volume Lashes (R300)
- 3 Week Fill Classic Lashes (R270)
- Classic Full Set Lashes (R500)
- Eye Lash Removal (R100)
- Half Set Classic Lashes (R250)
- Half Set Volume Lashes (R300)
- Volume Full Set Lashes (R500)

LED Light Therapy
- LED Light Therapy 20min (R400)

Manicure and Pedicure
- Mani - File & Paint (R70)
- Mani - Full Manicure (R150)
- Mani - Manicure (R350)
- Mani - Mini Manicure (R70)
- Milk & Honey Pedicure (R290)
- Moji Toe Pedicure (R290)
- Pedi - File Buff & Paint (R70)
- Pedi - Full Pedicure (R250)
- Pedi - Gents Pedicure (R250)
- Pedicure (R240)
- Pedicure with Gel (R350)

- 30min Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage(R400)
- 45min Back Neck Shoulder Massage(R495)
- Aromatherapy Massage (R600)
- Deep Tissue Massage (R600)
- Energetic Face Massage 30min (R250)
- Full Body Massage (R490)
- Hotstone Massage 90min (R600)
- Indian Head Massage 30min (R350)
- Pregnancy Massage 60min (R450)
- Pregnancy Massage 90min (R550)
- Reflexology Massage 45min (R400)
- Sports Massage 60min (R500)
- Swedish Massage (R550)
- Thai Massage 90min (R600)

Medical Consultation
- Medical Consultation (Follow up)
- Medical Consultation (Initial)
- Meeting
- pregnancy scan
- Saxenda 6mg/3ml pen injection

- Melanostop and Needling
- Micr0-Needling Stretch Marks (R1550)
- Micro-Needling Face (R1450)
- Micro-Needling Face and Neck (R1650)
- Micro-Needling Face, Neck & Decolette
- Micro-Needling Hands (R1450)
- Microchanneling Hyluronic
- microchanneling kojic acid
- microchanneling kojic acid
- Scars

- Buff & French Polish (R120)
- Buff & Polish (R100)
- Overlays (R300)
- Toe Overlays (R250)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic Designer Tips (R450)
- Acrylic Natural Tips (R360)
- Acrylic with Gel Tips (R400)

Nails - Gel
- Express Gel Pedicure (R200)
- French Gel (R200)
- Gel Application (R180)
- Gel Manicure (R250)

Nails - Maintenance
- Foot Massage 30min (R150)
- Medi Heel Only (R180)

Nails - Soak Off
- Gel Soak Off (R40)
- Soak Off & Buff (R80)
- Soak Off & Mini Manicure (R120)
- Soak Off Acrylic (R60)
- Soak Off Gel & New Application (R40)

- Cupping
- Cupping add on

- Hair Restoration PRP (R3000)
- PRP (R2000-R3000)
- prp treament for beard

- Brow & Lash TInt (R100)
- Brow Tint (R60)
- HD Brows (Wax & Tint) (R95)
- Lash Tint (R75)

Waxing / Threading
- Bikini Wax (R200)
- Brazilian Wax (R300)
- Brow Lip Thread (R50)
- Brow Wax (R65)
- Chin Wax (R65)
- Full Arm Wax (R150)
- Full Face Wax (R220)
- Full Leg Wax (R250)
- Half Arm Wax (R100)
- Half Leg Wax (R180)
- Hollywood Wax (R350)
- Lip Wax (R65)
- Three Quarter Leg Wax (R200)
- Underarm Wax (R150)

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Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

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