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I qualified as a paediatric chiropractor in 2005 and in 2007 started exploring the fields of energetic medicine through the Bodytalk system. I certified as an advanced Bodytalk therapist and have since worked with various modalities of energetic bodywork, following an integrative and holistic approach to healing and wellbeing on all levels of the body and mind. The work focuses on the individual, the subconscious mind and energetic bodies where trauma, emotional stress, mental beliefs and disease are rooted, and result in the overlying physical symptoms. All forms of physical and emotional conditions are commonly treated at all ages.
I love my work and helping others through what I have learned and gained over time. I feel privileged to be a part of someone’s healing journey and contribute in some way to their growth, development and life experience.

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Tel 1: 083 634 2223

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- Body Talk (First Consult)
- Body Talk (Follow up Consult)
- Chiropractic Newborn (First Consult)
- Chiropractic Newborn (Follow up Consult)

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Dr Alessia Giuliano

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