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Our main focus is on bringing out the best version of yourself. We aim to keep you Healthier, refreshed and forever young.
From boosting your immune system, nourishing your body, weight loss management, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation & acne treatment,anti-aging solution, Vaginal rejuvenation to hair loss management; Our doctor and the team will take your through the journey to get you there.

Dr Ndlela has a full aesthetic portfolio including Botox, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation, thread facial lift, cosmetic gynaecology, plater rich plasma and weight loss management

Kwamashu Address:
Shop L67
Bridge City Mall
Nogwaja Road'

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00
Saturday 9:00 - 15:00
Sundays closed

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
25 The Madison
Corner Aurora & Umhlanga Ridge Boulevard
Umhlanga Ridge

Tel: 031 566 1816
Tel: 066 469 9612 Watsapp
Tel: 031 500 1083

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Our Services Include:

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- Botox Follow Up
- Dysport (R32/unit)
- Initial Appointment 30min(R500)

- Body - Lipolysis (Starts from R800))
- Body skin mark Microneedling (R1500)
- Butt Filler -R3500
- Cellulite Mesotherapy
- Inbody scale(R150)
- Lipolytic stomach(R2500)
- Mesoestetic Melanostop Chem Peel (R900)
- Microneedling Dermapen (R1500)
- O-Shot special R2500
- PRP Winter Special(R2500)
- Sclerotherapy(Veins treatment)
- Skin tag Removal R1000/area
- Slender Wonder programme (R3500)
- Stretchmarks - Mesotherapy (R1500)

- Anti-Aging & Glow (R750)
- Asorbic Acid Chem Peel (R750)
- Biomedical Complexion Chem Peel (R750)
- Biomedical Lactic Acid Chem Peel (R750)
- Biomedical SalicylicChemical Peel (R750)
- Fire & Ice Glow Chem Peel (R750)
- Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel (R750)
- Gold Standard Micro-Needling (R1500)
- Lamelle Beta 30 Chemical Peel (R750)
- Mesoestetic Azelan Chemical Peel (R900)
- Mesoestetic Periocular Chem Peel (R500)
- Microneedling&Chemical peel comb (R1500)
- Neostrata Brightening (R750)
- Neostrata Clarifying Peel ( R750)
- Neostrata Rejuvenating Peel (R750)
- non surgical blepharoplasty (R3500)
- Pigmentation Microneedling ( R1500)
- Platelet Rich Plasma (R3500)
- PRP Vampire Facial Special R2500
- Vampire Facial (R1800)

- Hair - PRP (R2500)
- Hair loss -Micro needling (R1500)
- Hair Loss Filler R2000
- Hairloss - Mesotherapy (R2000)
- PRP Hair Special R2500

- Botox 30min (R75/unit)
- Dermal Fillers (R3000)
- Lip Fillers(R3000)
- Skinboosters(R2000)
- Threads Face

IV Drip
- Covid Drip (R900)
- IV - Detox (R950)
- IV - Energy Super Charge (R1250)
- IV - Fertility (R1900)
- IV - Glowing Skin (R950)
- IV - Immune (R750)
- IV - Skin Brightening (R1250)
- IV - Weightloss (R750)

Vaginal Rejuvination
- Intimate - O-Shots (R2500)
- Intimate Areas Brightening Peel

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Dr Ndlela - Umhlanga
Dr Ndlela - Kwamashu
Zethu   [ Therapist ]

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