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Appointment Policy

Due to current situation that is being faced within the country in general and worldwide at large, as a company we are obliged to comply with the existing standards and procedures as outlined by the department of health and labour. Our desire is to continuously not only provide excellent and luxurious service to our well esteemed customers but also to ensure that in the process of us providing high quality service to the customer we also protect their well-being.
In light of this, we have developed the following that we expect our customer to be familiar with concerning our services.

2.Installation Appointment
Appointment for the customer will be:
•Confirmed and communicated to the customer in the form of a text and or email.
•Confirmation can only happen once the customer has paid the required fee:
•Scheduled appointments are time based, thus the customer will be required to honour and stick to the stipulated time
•No plus ones inside the studio

3.Cancellation/Withdrawal/Postponement/No Show
3.1 If any customer were to cancel, withdraw and or postpone an appointment:
a.There is going to be a 20% cancellation fee with a 5% transaction fee attached with it regardless the time, date and hours left until the appointment which will be expensed from the installation fee.
b.The customer is to inform Emporia Luxury timeously as space has been reserved for the customer,
c.Units that have been styled and packed will not be refreshed again failure to honour collection time and date.
3.2 If any customer were not show up for an appointment without any prior notification:
a)There will be no reimbursement of the fee for the customer.
b)Any changes, fees or arrangements made by Emporia Luxury to make the appointment conductive for the customer, will be liable to the customer.
c)Upon there being an uncontrollable and or unforeseen circumstance(s) that warrants a ‘no show’ by the customer, Sections 3.2 (a)(b) and (c) will be applicable and will only depend upon negotiations with Emporia Luxury.
I.Emporia Luxury classifies ‘uncontrollable and or unforeseen circumstance(s)’ as occurrence(s) of 1) Death and or related death by the a) customer and or b) immediate family; 2) Accident; 3) Physical harm and 4) Hospitalization. Evidence of the mentioned items is 3.2 (c)(I) must be produced within a maximum of 24 hours to Emporia Luxury to allow for consideration.

Our Business Hours:

Sunday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Friday:
08:00am - 16:30pm
(last appointment can be taken by 15:00)
08:00am - 15:00pm

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
73 11th Street

Tel: 084 085 1182

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Our Services Include:

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Appointment Options
- closure 5x5 Installation (R250)
- closure Installation plus cornrows(R450)
- frontal 13x4 Installation (R550)
- frontal Install plus cornrows (R750)
- re-installation (R750)

Hair Dry Bar
- Collections plus Consultation
- Dry Bar Drop Off (R650)

Make Up
- Soft Glam Facebeat (R850)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

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