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GreenFlag Association is an international organisation aimed at reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens in closed-air public spaces. This multidisciplinary association comprises scientists, academics, and business representatives who operate collaboratively to provide practical solutions. GreenFlag operates on an inclusive, transparent, and non-political basis.

Around the world there has been a lack of clear communication about the airborne nature of COVID-19 and the substantial risks of poorly ventilated environments. Despite the now overwhelming evidence that trapped exhaled air is the main source of Superspreader incidents, this continues to be the case. The result is a critical failure to ensure that public spaces, like restaurants, public transport, and shops, are adequately ventilated. Greenflag Association was established in response to this, to provide advice and innovative solutions that will save both lives and - by keeping the economy open - livelihoods. GreenFlag also aims to promote healthier and safer public spaces in general.

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- Baseline Risk Assessment
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