Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

We care about skin.
We care about you feeling your best.
We care about making a difference you can not only feel but also see.
Offering indulgent and effective treatments to look after you from top to bottom and from inside out. Lady Grace is a lifestyle.
Let us pamper you, let us treat you, let us celebrate your skin.

Please Note: Pensioners and Students receive a 20% discount.

Our Business Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00
Friday: 08:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 15:00

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Physical Address:
Shop SHF07A
Mountainview Shopping Centre
Cnr. 14th Avenue and Weltevreden Road

Tel: 011 678 0436

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Our Services Include:

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- Brow Threading & Brow & Lash Tint (R225)
- Brow Threading and Brow Tint (R150)
- Brow Wax & Brow & Lash Tint (R210)
- Brow Wax and Brow Tint (R135)
- OTG Brow Lip & Chin Thread (R270)
- OTG Brow Lip & Chin Wax (R270)
- OTG Tint & Thread [Brows & Lashes] (R270
- OTG Tint & Wax [Brows & Lashes] (R270)
- PAM Wax & Tint (Brows & Lashes) (R325)

- Dermapen Course of 3 (R2100)
- Dermapen Course of 6 (R3600)
- Dermaplaning Course of 6 (R2400)
- IBX Course of 6 (R510)

- Dermapen Single Session (R850)
- Graceful Dermapen Session 1 (R950)
- Graceful Dermapen Session 2 (no charge)

- Dermaplaning (R450)
- Graceful Dermaplaning Session 1 (R950)
- Graceful Dermaplaning Session 2 (R0)
- PAM Dermaplaning (R325)

Eyelash Extensions
- Classic Lashes 2 week fill (R310)
- Classic Lashes 3 week fill (R370)
- Classic Lashes Full Set (R700)
- Lash Removal (R200)
- Volume Lashes 2 week fill (R510)
- Volume Lashes 3 week fill (R570)
- Volume Lashes Full Set (R950)

- ProPower Peel 30 (R630)
- ProPower Peel 60 (R820)

Facial - Add On
- Add On - Galvanic (R50)
- Add On - High Frequency (R50)

Facial - Dermalogica
- Face Fit (R99)
- Face Mapping (Free)
- Graceful Pro Power Peel 60 (R950)
- Graceful ProSkin60 (R950)
- LUX ProSkin30 (R275)
- OTG ProSKin30 (R270)
- PAM ClearStart (R325)
- PAM ProSkin30 (R325)
- ProSkin 30 (R320)
- ProSkin 60 (R580)
- TEEN ClearStart Facial (R280)

- Feet - Deluxe Pedicure NO Product (R190)
- Feet - Deluxe Pedicure with Gelish (R410
- Feet - Deluxe Pedicure with Paint (R265)
- Feet - Gelish Application (R260)
- Feet - Little Ladies Pedicure (R70)
- Feet - Pedi File Buff and Paint (R130)
- Feet - Shellac Application (R300)
- Feet -Express Pedicure with Paint (R210)
- Feet Deluxe Pedicure with Shellac (R440)
- Feet Express Pedicure with Gelish (R345)
- Feet Express Pedicure with Shellac (R385
- LUX (deluxe) Pedi With Gelish (R275)
- LUX (deluxe) Pedi With Paint (R275)
- OTG EXP Pedi - Gelish (R270)
- OTG EXP Pedi Paint (R270)
- PAM Deluxe Pedi - Gelish

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Lash Lift
- Lash Lift (R450)
- Lash Lift and Tint (R500)

- Back and Neck Massage 30min (R280)
- Foot Massage 30min (R200)
- Full Body Swedish Massage 60min (R450)
- Hand Massage 30min (R200)
- LUX Back Neck & Shoulder (R275)
- LUX Foot Massage (R275)
- LUX Hand Massage (R275)
- PAM Full Body Massage (R325)
- PAM Hand & Foot Massage (R325)

- Surgiheel (Add On To Any Pedi) (R120)

- Microblading Initial Session (R1650)
- Microblading Touch Up (R650)

Nail Art
- Chrome (Full Set) (R40)
- Chrome (Per Nail) (R4)
- Free Hand Art (Per Nail) (R5)
- Stickers (Each) (R1)
- Stones/Studs/Rhinestones (Each) (R1)

- Naila Soak Off with File & Buff (R90)
- Naila Soak Off WITH NEW Application(R50)
- Naila Tips with Gelish (R380)
- Naila Tips with Polish (R350)
- Naila Tips with Shellac (R380)

Nails - Acrylic
- Acrylic Fill with Colour Acrylic (R260)
- Acrylic Fill with French Acrylic (R260)
- Acrylic Fill with Gelish (R340)
- Acrylic Fill with Nail Polish (R300)
- Acrylic Fill with Natural Acrylic (R260)
- Acrylic Fill with Ombre (R280)
- Acrylic Fill with Shellac (R340)
- Acrylic Overlay Colour Acrylic (R360)
- Acrylic Overlay French Acrylic (R360)
- Acrylic Overlay Natural Acrylic (R360)
- Acrylic Overlay Ombre (R380)
- Acrylic Overlay with Gelish (R440)
- Acrylic Overlay with Nail Polish (R400)
- Acrylic Overlay with Shellac (R440)
- Acrylic Sculpture Colour Acrylic
- Acrylic stick on tips
- Acrylic Tips with Shellac (R490)
- Acrylic Tips Colour Acrylic (R410)
- Acrylic Tips French Acrylic (R410)
- Acrylic Tips Natural Acrylic (R410)
- Acrylic Tips Ombre (R430)
- Acrylic Tips with Gelish (R490)
- Acrylic Tips with Nail Polish (R450)
- Soak Off Acrylic NEW Application (R55)

Nails - Add On
- Foot Buff (Add On To Any Foot Treatment)
- Nail Repair (Each) (R25)
- Nail Repair with Fill (Each) (R10)
- Rubber Base (Add On) (R45)
- Structure Gel (Add on) (R30)

Nails - Biosculpture
- Biosculpture Application (R320)
- Biosculpture Fill (R220)
- Soak Off BioSculp WITH NEW Application

Nails - Gelish
- Deluxe Manicure with Gelish (R410)
- Deluxe Pedicure with Gelish (R410)
- Express Manicure with Gelish (R345)
- Express Pedicure with Gelish (R345)
- Gelish Application on Feet (R260)
- Gelish Application on Hands (R260)
- LUX (deluxe) Mani With Gelish (R275)
- OTG EXP Mani - Gelish (R270)
- PAM Deluxe Mani - Gelish (R325)
- Soak off Gel WITH NEW Application (R50)

Nails - Gents
- Manscaping Deluxe Manicure (R190)
- Manscaping Deluxe Pedicure (R240)

Nails - Little Ladies
- Little Ladies Gelish ADD ON (R100)
- Little Ladies Manicure (R70)
- Little Ladies Pedicure (R70)

Nails - Polish
- Deluxe Manicure with NO Product (R190)
- Deluxe Manicure with Paint (R265)
- Deluxe Pedicure with NO Product (R190)
- Deluxe Pedicure with Paint (R265)
- Express Manicure with Paint (R210)
- Express Pedicure with Paint (R210)
- LUX (deluxe) Mani With Paint (R275)
- Mani File Buff and Paint (R130)
- OTG EXP Mani - Paint (R270)
- PAM Deluxe Mani - Paint (R325)
- Pedi File Buff and Paint (R130)

Nails - Polygel
- Polygel Fill French (R300)
- Polygel Fill Natural (R300)
- Polygel Fill Ombre (R300)
- Polygel Fill with Gelish (R360)
- Polygel Fill with Nail Polish (R320)
- Polygel Fill with Shellac (R360)
- Polygel Overlay French (R420)
- Polygel Overlay Natural (R420)
- Polygel Overlay Ombre (R420)
- Polygel Overlay with Gelish (R470)
- Polygel Overlay with Nail Polish (R430)
- Polygel Overlay with Shellac (R470)
- Polygel Sculpture French (R490)
- Polygel Sculpture Natural (R490)
- Polygel Sculpture Ombre (R490)
- Polygel Sculpture with Gelish (R540)
- Polygel Sculpture with NailPolish (R510)
- Polygel Sculpture with Shellac (R540)
- Polygel Tips French (R470)
- Polygel Tips Natural (R470)
- Polygel Tips Ombre (R470)
- Polygel Tips with Gelish (R520)
- Polygel Tips with Nail Polish (R490)
- Polygel Tips with Shellac (R520)
- Soak Off Polygel WITH NEW Application

Nails - Rehab
- IBX (1 treatment) (R90)
- Vitagel Recovery (Add On) (R30)
- Vitagel Recovery Application (R150)
- Vitagel Strength (Add On) (R30)
- Vitagel Strength Application (R150)

Nails - Shellac
- Deluxe Manicure with Shellac (R440)
- Deluxe Pedicure with Shellac (R440)
- Express Manicure with Shellac (R385)
- Express Pedicure with Shellac (R385)
- Shellac Application on Feet (R300)
- Shellac Application on Hands (R300)
- Soak Off Shellac NEW Application (R60)

Nails - Soak Off
- Soak Off Acrylic with File & Buff (R90)
- Soak Off Biosculpture File & Buff (R90)
- Soak Off Gelish with File & Buff (R85)
- Soak Off Naila
- Soak Off Polygel with File & Buff (R90)
- Soak Off Shellac with File & Buff (R90)

- Brow and Chin Threading (R155)
- Brow and Lip Threading (R155)
- Brow Lip and Chin Threading (R215)
- Brow Threading (R95)
- Chin Threading (R85)
- Full Face Threading (R240)
- Lip and Chin Threading (R155)
- Lip Threading (R85)
- LUX Full Face Thread (R275)

- Tinting Brows (R85)
- Tinting Brows And Lashes (R150)
- Tinting Lashes (R95)

Waxing Ladies
- Ladies Bikini Wax (R135)
- Ladies Brazilian Wax (R225)
- Ladies Brow and Chin Wax (R140)
- Ladies Brow and Lip Wax (R140)
- Ladies Brow Lip and Chin Wax (R215)
- Ladies Brow Wax (R80)
- Ladies Chin Wax (R80)
- Ladies Full Arm Wax (R190)
- Ladies Full Face Wax (R235)
- Ladies Full Leg Wax (R240)
- Ladies Half Arm Wax (R130)
- Ladies Half Leg Wax (R180)
- Ladies Hollywood Wax (R260)
- Ladies Lip and Chin Wax (R140)
- Ladies Lip Wax (R80)
- Ladies Nose Wax (R80)
- Ladies Stomach Wax (R110)
- Ladies Three Quarter Leg Wax (R200)
- Ladies Toes Wax (R50)
- Ladies Underarm Wax (R110)
- LUX Full Face Wax (R275)
- PAM Brazilian Wax (R325)
- PAM Hollywood Wax (R325)

Waxing Men
- Mens Back Wax (R340)
- Mens Brow Wax(R90)
- Mens Chest Wax (R340)
- Mens Ears Wax (R80)
- Mens Full Arm wax (R225)
- Mens Full Leg Wax (R275)
- Mens Half Arm Wax (R150)
- Mens Half Leg Wax (R200)
- Mens Nose Wax (R90)
- Mens Stomach Wax (R285)
- Mens Three Quarter Leg Wax (R220)
- Mens Underarm Wax (R125)

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