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Situated in the chic and vibrant Melrose Arch, the Brow Studio welcomes you into a tranquil space of pampering. Our expert team of technicians looks forward to enhancing your natural beauty.

What we do…

Indulge in our wide range of head-to-toe beautifying treatments. Among many others, our menu includes:


Our specialty here at the Brow Studio, brows are expertly shaped, tinted and volumized in the treatments on offer.

To attain that perfect shape, our team opts for Tweezing. This method involves a focused, strand-by-strand approach that far surpasses waxing and threading, achieving a highly precise, neater and bolder finish. Our quick and accurate method also causes less pain, irritation, and redness than waxing and threading, and is the most hygienic.


For luscious brows with long-lasting fullness, our Microblading treatments are sought after. Microblading is a favourite for clients seeking bolder brows that define their face, convey youthfulness, and liberate them from the need for brow pencil. This treatment is also suitable for clients experiencing hair loss owing to alopecia, trichotillomania, and similar conditions. The treatment is a form of permanent makeup: the expert uses a fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin, creating highly realistic hair-like strokes, volumising and shaping your brows to match the ideal that you determine in consultation. This takes place in an initial session and a mandatory touch-up 4-6 weeks later. The results are precise, bold and yet very natural brows that complement your features, lasting 1-3 years.

PMU – Lash Line Enhancement

Similarly to microblading, PMU Lash Line Enhancement is a form of permanent makeup: here, the expert deposits pigment along the lash line at the base where your lashes grow from. This creates the desired thicker, fuller look, defining and framing your eyes. Results are long-lasting – anywhere from 7-10 years – although annual touch-ups are recommended to maintain that perfect look.

Lash Lift

A popular option for volumised, lifted lashes is our Lash Lift. Our Lash Lift is a treatment that can lift, curl or straighten, and lengthen your own natural lashes, making them appear thicker and fuller and giving you a fresh bright-eyed look. It is a revolutionary update on the lash perm, using silicone pads instead of perm rollers to avoid the outdated ‘dolly look’ and provide you with a dramatic yet natural-looking enhancement. Results last 6-8 weeks, with a minimum wait between treatments of weeks.

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are sought after by clients desiring elegant length or increased volume. They are premier silk lashes applied to your own natural ones to make them look fuller and longer. These lashes are glued to the base of your natural lash by a highly skilled technician with care not to cause any damage. A single silk lash can be attached to each natural one. When expertly applied, extensions feel natural and should not bother you at all. Results last 3-4 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle.

Hands and Feet

For your hands and feet, we offer a wide variety of treatments. One of our customer favourites is PolyGel. Combining the best qualities of acrylics and hard gels, PolyGel is favoured by professionals and clients for its flexible, lightweight, strong, and highly durable finish. This beautiful polish can last up to 3 weeks or more (ideal for holidays), and is also adored by clients with brittle nails as there is minimal risk of nail breakage.

And a Whole Lot More!

Our full list of services is available in the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

For comprehensive information, please visit our website at

For further information about a particular treatment, please contact us by e-mail at

Our health policy…

At the Brow Studio, our clients’ health and wellbeing is our number one priority. To ensure that our clients enjoy safe and successful treatments, we kindly request that any potentially relevant medical conditions be brought to our attention. Please note that certain medications, e.g. antibiotics, accutane, aspirin, etc., or conditions such as pregnancy and heart conditions might render a client unsuitable for certain treatments. To ensure that your desired treatment is suitable for you, we strongly advise you to contact us for further information at before placing a booking.

Alternatively, please see for comprehensive information on suitability.

Looking forward to enhancing your natural beauty!

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8am - 6pm
Wednesday: 8am - 6pm
Thursday: 8am - 6pm
Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 2pm
Sunday: 9am - 2pm (Lindie only)

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
Shop 11
The High Street
Melrose Arch

Tel: 011 684 1109
Tel: WhatsApp:0829280088

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Brow Lamination (R750)

- Consultation (R250)

- Dermaplaning (R650)
- Dermaplaning with Mask (R850)

- Brow Shape Tint and LashLift Tint (R790)
- Brow Shape+Henna LashLift+Tint (R1000)
- Eyebrow Shape (R260)
- Eyebrow Shape and Henna Spa Tint (R480)
- Eyebrow Shape and Tint (R310)
- Eyebrow Shape Henna + Lash Tint (R530)
- Eyebrow Shape Lash Lift & Tint (R740)
- Eyebrow Shape Tint and Lash Tint (R370)
- Henna Beard (R750)
- Henna Beard Henna Brows and Shape (R900)
- Henna Eyebrow Spa Tint (R220)

Eyelash Extension
- Lashes - Lash Removal (R290)

Eyelash Extensions
- Lashes Classic - Fill (R380-R460)
- Lashes Classic - Full Set (R780)
- Lashes Hollywood - Fill (R550-880)
- Lashes Hollywood -Full Set (R1350)
- Lashes Hybrid - Fill (R400-R580)
- Lashes Hybrid - Full Set (R820)
- Lashes Volume - Fill (R450-R680)
- Lashes Volume – Full Set (R900)

- Brow Shape Henna Spa Brow and Lash Tint
- Henna Spa Lash Tint (R180)
- Lash Botox (R265)
- Lash Botox add on (R220)

Eyelashes - Lash Lift
- Lash Lift and Tint (R620)

- Lip Wax/Threading (R75)
- Nose/Ear Wax (R85)
- Threading Full Face (R175)

- Pedicure (R340)
- Pedicure Express (R260)
- Pedicure Gents (R330)
- Pedicure + Gelish (R470)

- Coffee
- Deposit (R1100)

- Manicure (R280)
- Manicure Express (R220)
- Manicure Gents (R260)
- Manicure + Gelish (R410)

Hands and Feet
- File and paint (R150)
- French add on (R35)
- Gelish - French add on (R35)
- Gelish application (R260)
- Kiddies paint (R80)
- Mirror Chrome add on (R25)
- Nail art (R65)
- Paraffin dip (R85)

Lash Extensions
- Bottom Lash Extensions (R300)

- Foot massage (R150)

- MediHeel (R420)
- MediHeel + Gelish (R550)

- Microneedling Face (R1000)
- Microneedling Face and Neck (R1350)

- MB + MS Touch Up (R1350)
- MB + Powder Ombre/MS Touch Up 1+yrs
- Microblading (R2200)
- Microblading + Microshading (R2900
- Microblading Touch Up (R1100)
- Microblading Touch Up >1yr (R1650)

Nails - Artificial
- Buff and paint (R170)
- Fill (R300)
- Overlays - French (R470)
- Overlays - natural (R430)
- PolyGel - Tips - Gelish (R600)
- Repairs (R75)
- Soft gel tips and gelish (R450)
- Soft gel tips and gelish with backfill
- Soft Gel Tips and Polish with backfill
- Soft get tips and polish (R350)
- Tips french (R490)
- Tips natural (R470)
- Tips with Gelish (R590)
- Tips with polish (R520)

Nails - Ibx
- IBX Nail Rehab (R170)
- IBX Nail Rehab add on (R85)
- IBX Nail Rehab x 6 Treatments (R700)

Nails - Polygel
- PolyGel - French (R460)
- PolyGel - Fill - Gelish (R430)
- PolyGel - Fill - No Paint (R300)
- PolyGel - Fill - Paint (R400)
- PolyGel - Overlays - Gelish (R560)
- PolyGel - Overlays - No Paint (R430)
- PolyGel - Overlays - Paint (R530)
- PolyGel - Tips - No Paint (R470)
- PolyGel - Tips - Paint (R570)

Nails - Soak Off
- PolyGel - Soak Off (R130)
- Soak Off - Acrylic/Tips (R130)
- Soak Off - Gelish (R75)

Ombre Powdered Brows/Microshading
- Microshading (R2400)
- Microshading Touch Up (R1200)
- Microshading Touch Up >1yr(1750)

Permanent Make Up
- PMU Top Lash Line Enhancement (R1700)
- PMU Top Lash Touch Up (R850)
- PMU Top Lash Touch Up >1yr (R1100)

- Brow Correction (R1200)
- Consultation (no charge)
- Lip Correction (R1500)
- Lips Blush/Lipstick (R2600)
- Lips Blush/Lipstick Touch up (R2000)
- Lips Blush/Lipstick Touch up 1 yr plus
- MB + MS Touch Up >1yr (R1600)
- Ombre Powdered Brows (R2400)
- Ombre Touch Up (R1200)
- Ombre Touch Up 1 year (R1750)
- Traditional Eyeliner Top/Bot TU 1yr plus
- Traditional Eyeliner Top/Bottom (R2000)
- Traditional Eyeliner Top/Bottom Touch up

Scalp Micropigmentation
- Scalp Micropigmentation

- Full Face Sugaring (R350)
- Half Leg Sugaring (R390)
- Lip/Chin/Side Burns Sugaring (R120)
- Masque Sugaring (R100)
- Nose/Ear Sugaring (R90)
- Underarm Sugaring (R260)

- Brow and Lash Tint (R150)
- Brow Tint (R80)
- Lash Tint (R80)

- Please call to be put on a wait list

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Dudu   [ Brows, Microshading,Lashes & Lash Line ]
Taryne   [ Brows, Microblading & Lashes ]
Lindie   [ Brows Lashes & Nails ]
Karen   [ Brows & Lashes ]
Irene   [ Nails ]
Meryl   [ SMP ]

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