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The Skin Spa is a place of calmness, tranquility and warmth with gracious hospitality. We offer an unforgettable experience where we soothe away your tension while revitalizing the senses. Your wellbeing is our core business.The Skin Spa offers a team of professionals who provide a world-class service for the whole family.

Using only the best in products, we offer the latest in beauty therapy; customized facial and body treatments as well as an excellent sunless tan. Our effective body treatments and body wraps address problem areas. Our hands and foot spa offer the latest in nail trends: Shellac, Artificial nail extensions and looks for all occasions. Eyebrow threading to give your face the perfect frame, we will tint your eye brows and lashes; or if you like: permanent make-up and eye lash extensions.

If you’re unable to make this appointment please let us know at least 24hrs in advance by calling +263772287890.
Our cancellation policy is as follows:
No Shows will incur 100% charge of the booked appointment
Less than 24hours cancellation notice will have a penalty of 50% of the booked appointment

Appointments made within 24hrs are considered confirmed and cannot be cancelled without penalty.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 8am - 5pm
Tuesday: 8am - 5pm
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm
Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: 9am - 3pm

Contact Us:

Physical Address:
1 Dacomb Drive
(Next to Chisipite Senior School)

Tel 1: +263 779 718 314
Tel 2: +263 772 287 890

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Our Services Include:

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Artificial Nails
- Acrylic (USD45)
- Artificial Nail Maintenance (USD30)
- Artificial Nail Removal (USD10)
- Fibreglass Nails (USD35)
- Foot & Leg Massage (USD25)
- Gel Nails (USD45)
- Mani & Acrylic Full Set & Shellac(USD80)
- OPI Absolute Acrylic Nails (USD45)
- sculptured nails

Blow Dry
- Brazilian Split End Treatment (USD40)
- Dry Scalp Treatments (USD30)
- Hair Bar Signature Oil Treatment (USD35)
- Inova Pure Keratin & Collagen (USD40)
- Little Princess Blow Out (USD10)
- Moraccan Oil Blow Out (USD20)
- Schwarzkopf Bona Cure Blow Out (USD15)
- Steam Pod (USD40)
- Steam Pod Plus (USD55)
- Trifinity Split End Treatment (USD40)

- Balinese Massage (USD100)
- Bamboo Smoothing Body Scrub (USD66)
- Body Polisher (USD66)
- Clarins Back Neck Massage 30Min (USD35
- Clarins Exfoliation Body Polisher (USD66
- Clarins Invigorating Massage 1hr (USD60)
- Clarins Invigorating Massage 90min(USD80
- Clarins Relaxing Massage 60min (USD60)
- Clarins Relaxing Massage 90Min (USD95)
- Cool Sculpting 2 Areas (USD473)
- Cool Sculpting per Area (USD315)
- Deep Tissue Massage 60Min (USD65)
- Deep Tissue Massage 90min (USD80)
- Four Hand Massage (USD150)
- Hot Stone Back & Neck Massage (USD40)
- Hot Stone Full Body Massage (USD70)
- Hot Stone Full Body Massage 30Min(USD45)
- Indian Head Massage 40 min (USD45)
- Reflexology(Foot Massage)40 min(USD40)
- Sports Massage 30 min (USD30)
- Sports Massage 60 min (USD70)
- Sports Massage 90 min (USD95)
- Spray Tan Excl Exfoliation (USD44)
- Sunless Tanning Incl Exfoliation (USD77)
- The Body Lift Sculptor (USD90)
- The Firming Age Corrector (USD90)
- The Moisture Quencher (USD90)

- Derma Blading (USD90)

Eyelash Extension
- Classic eyelash extensions
- Eyelash Extension Touch Ups (USD35)
- Eyelash Extension up to 4D (USD100)
- Eyelash Extenstion up to 6D (USD130)
- Volume Lash Touch Ups (USD50)

- Celluma 30 Min Facial Session (USD45)
- Celluma Adv & Microdermabrasion(USD165)
- Celluma Body Sessions per Minute(USD1.5)
- Celluma w Advanced Clarins Facial(USD145
- Celluma with Clarins Facial (USD115)
- Clarins Classic Facial (USD68)
- Clarins Pro Brighter Skin (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Oily Skin Rescuer (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Radiance Ritual (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Skin Blitz for Men (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Skin Comforter (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Skin Firmer (USD90)
- Clarins Pro Thirsty Skin Soother (USD90)
- Clarins Skin Firmer (USD115)
- Clarins Tri Active Brighter Skin (USD115
- Clarins Tri Active Oily Skin Resc(USD115
- Clarins Tri Active Radiance Ritu (USD115
- Clarins Tri Active Skin Comfort (USD115)
- Clarins Tri Active Skin Firmer (USD115)
- Clarins Tri Active Thirsty Skin (USD115)
- Clarins Tri Active Youth Booster (USD115
- Dermapen
- The Hollywood Facial (USD90)

- Brazilian Keratin Blow Out (USD250)
- Hair Texturizers - Own Kit (USD30)
- Ladine with Keratin Booster (USD50)
- Texturize Ladine & U-PRO Full Head(USD80
- Texturizers Ladine - Routes (USD40)
- Texturizers U-PRO - Route Touch (USD40)

Hair Colour
- Schwarzkopf Colour - Long (USD75)
- Schwarzkopf Colour - Short - Med (USD60)

Hair Extensions
- Extensions - Bonding (USD35)
- Extensions - Weave In (USD35)

Hair Styling
- Style Cut (USD20)
- Trim (USD10)
- Up Dos (USD30)

Hands and Feet
- Buff & Varnish OPI Butter London (USD12
- buff and revanish
- French Shellac Polish (USD35)
- Gold Spa Manicure (USD40)
- Gold Spa Pedicure (USD45)
- Lechat Polish Changing Colours (USD35
- Lechat/Mood Changing Colours(USD35)
- Manicure with OPI Gel Shellac (USD55)
- OPI Gel Polish (USD35)
- Pedicure with OPI Gel Shellac(USD70)
- Peel Off Shellac Polish Only (USD15)
- Platinum Spa Manicure (USD45)
- Platinum Spa Pedicure (USD50)
- Shellac Polish (USD30 extra)
- Silver Mani with Peel Off Shellac (USD38
- Silver Manicure (USD35)
- Silver Pedi with Peel Off Shelac(USD42)
- Sliver Manicure & Shellac Polish (USD50
- Sliver Pedicure & Shellac Polish (USD65
- Sliver Pedicure (USD38)
- soak off

IPL Hair Removal
- Mens IPL HR - Arm Half (USD65)
- Mens IPL HR - Arms Full (USD120)
- Mens IPL HR - Back (USD130)
- Mens IPL HR - Cheekbones (USD25)
- Mens IPL HR - Chest (USD90)
- Mens IPL HR - Eyebrows (USD25)
- Mens IPL HR - Full Body ExFace (USD550)
- Mens IPL HR - Legs Bottom Half (USD105)
- Mens IPL HR - Legs Full (USD200)
- Mens IPL HR - Legs Top Half (USD120)
- Mens IPL HR - Neck (USD25)
- Mens IPL HR - Shoulders (USD50)
- Mens IPL HR - Stomach (USD65)
- Mens IPL HR - Underarms (USD45)
- Womans IPL HR - Stomach Full (USD80)
- Womens IPL HR - Arms Full (USD90)
- Womens IPL HR - Arms Half (USD50)
- Womens IPL HR - Back Full (USD115)
- Womens IPL HR - Back Half (USD80)
- Womens IPL HR - Back of Neck (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Bikini Full (USD80)
- Womens IPL HR - Bikini Line (USD50)
- Womens IPL HR - Buttocks (USD40)
- Womens IPL HR - Chest (USD65)
- Womens IPL HR - Chin (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Eyebrows (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Forehead (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Full Body ExFace (USD400
- Womens IPL HR - Full Face (USD65)
- Womens IPL HR - Legs Bottom Half (USD90)
- Womens IPL HR - Legs Full (USD170)
- Womens IPL HR - Legs Top Half (USD105)
- Womens IPL HR - Neck (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Side Burns (USD25)
- Womens IPL HR - Stomach Full (USD80)
- Womens IPL HR - Stomach Half (USD50)
- Womens IPL HR - Underarms (USD40)
- Womens IPL HR - Upper Lip (USD25)

- Microdermabrasion (USD105)
- Microdermabrasion Oxygen Therapy (USD135
- Microdermabrasion with Glycolic (USD135)

- Couples Therapy (USD315)
- Skin Spa Radiance Package (USD210)
- Skin Spa Summer Splash (USD126)
- The Skin Spa Symphony (USD231)

- Bella Schinder Bright Eye (USD32)
- Dermatude (USD160 Per Session)
- Glo Glycolic & Micro-Derm facial (USD140
- Gold Facial (USD160)
- Green Peel (USD210)
- Neo Strata Glycolic (USD110)
- Oxygen RX (USD160)
- Rose De Mer (USD210)
- SWiCH (USD160)

Permanent Make Up
- Microblading
- Microblading

Teeth Whitening
- Teeth Whitening (USD105)

Thai Massage
- Thai Massage 60 min (USD40)
- Thai Massage 90 min (USD60)

- Eyebrow and Lip Threading (USD15)
- Full Face thread
- Threading (USD10)

- Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint (USD25)
- Eyebrow Tint (USD15)
- Eyelash Tint (USD15)

- Back Wax (USD35)
- Bikini Hollywood (USD40)
- Bikini Wax (USD25)
- Brazilian Wax (USD35)
- Chest Wax (USD35)
- Chin Wax (USD15)
- Eyebrows Wax (USD10)
- Facial Wax (USD25)
- Facial Wax (USD25)
- Full Arm Wax (USD25)
- Full Bikini Wax (USD30)
- Full Leg Wax (USD35)
- Half Leg Wax (USD20)
- Lip Wax (USD10)
- Stomach Wax (USD30)
- Underarm Wax (USD15)

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