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Our primary purpose at Viso Bello Skin Care Centre is to assist men and women who are serious about their skin health and wish to optimize its potential.

Given the numerous skin care products and options available in the market we take it upon ourselves to select, evaluate and promote the sale of products, which in our professional opinion are cost-effective and produce results.

Clients are then free to make informed, knowledge-based decisions about their skin care products without being over-whelmed by sometimes misleading and confusing information.

Our primary product of choice is currently NIMUE which is a derma-cosmeceutical. However, we also stock several imported products which also address all skin problems and conditions.

**Please Note: At Viso Bello, we understand that your time is important. If you would like to have multiple treatments, you may split you booking over multiple therapists. For example, you may book a manicure with one therapist, and a pedicure with another therapist at the same time.

No treatments will be done on children under
12 years old. We look forward to welcoming you for a treatment, and kindly ask you not bring children with as it is disruptive to other clients.

Right of admission reserved.

We reserve the right to rearrange the appointments to maximize the time usage of the therapists.

Our Business Hours:

Monday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 7pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 7pm
Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us:

15 On 7th Avenue
Parktown North

Tel: 079 221 5942

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Our Services Include:

Click on the service name below to view itemised list

- Back Massage 30min (R350)
- Back Massage 45min (R450)
- Body Massage 60min (R550)
- Body Massage 75min (R600)
- Body Massage 90min (R750)
- Cleansing Back Treatment 400-450
- Full Body Exfoliation 30min 250
- Full Body Spa Treatment
- G5 Massage Course of 6 treatments
- G5 Treantent
- Hot Stone Massage
- Hot Stone Massage 45min
- Reflex Point Foot Massage
- Reflex Point Foot Massage
- Spray Tan x 1
- Spray Tan x 6

- Eyelash classic refill
- Eyelash extention hybrid
- Eyelash extentions classics
- Eyelash hybrid refill
- Eyelash perm and curl
- Eyelash perm and tint
- Eyelash volume refill
- Eyelashes extention Volume

- Face & Neck Needling
- Aesthetics Anti-Wrinkle injection
- Aesthetics Consultation
- Aesthetics Dermal Filler
- Aesthetics Hyperhydrosis (sweating)
- Aesthetics Lip Fillers
- CRYOLDEAL Age Spots/Skin Tags
- Face only Needling
- Face Planing on its own
- Face Planing with facial
- H2 Glow
- Ph formula and Needling

- Teen Deep Cleanse 30
- Teen Deep Cleanse 60min
- Anesi Vitamin C or Aging facial
- Kalahari Phyto Facial
- Kalahari Phyto Facial 60min
- Ph formula 30 min
- Ph formula 60 min
- Ph formula 90min
- pHformula TCA 30min

Hands and Feet
- Express Mani (Polish) R250
- Express Pedi (Polish)
- Pedicure (Polish) R400
- Express Mani (No Polish) R210
- Express Pedi (No Polish) R240
- Extra - French Revarnish R200
- Extra - Gellish Soak Off R100
- Extra - Paraffin Wax R150
- Extra - Revarnish R170
- French Manicure R380
- French Pedicure R430
- Manicure (No Polish) R300
- Manicure (Polish) R360
- Milk Solutions Heel Peel
- P.H Formula Hand Resurfacing R350
- Pedicure (No Polish) R380

- Extra - Shellac Soak off R60
- IBX Nail Treatment R130
- Shellac Express French Mani (R380)
- Shellac express french pedi(R420)
- Shellac Express Mani (R400)
- Shellac Express Pedi (R420)
- Shellac French Mani R460
- Shellac French Pedi (R500)
- Shellac Manicure (R440)
- Shellac Pedicure

Spray Tan
- Spray Tan (R350)

- Brow and Lash Tinting
- Eyebrow Tinting
- Eyelash Tinting

- 1/2 Leg (Ladies) R240
- 1/2 Leg (Mens) R290
- Back Wax (R290)
- Bikini Line (R160)
- Brazilian/Hollywood (R350)
- Chest Wax (R290)
- Chin (R95)
- Ears (R95)
- Eyebrow Reshaping (R150)
- Eyebrow Wax or Pluck
- Forearm (F-R165 M-R220)
- Full Arm (F-R220M-R250)
- Full Arm (M -R250)
- Full Face (R270)
- Full Leg (F-R330 )
- Full Leg (M-R420)
- G-String (R230)
- Lip (R95)
- male Underarm wax
- Naval (R95)
- Nose (R95)
- Underarm (R120)

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Our Friendly Staff:

Our friendly and professional staff have all the skills you require.

Dr Renske Van Der Walt

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