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The Sun and Beauty Room

RegimA New Exp Under Eye Fix 20ml

R 569 - In Stock

ALL SKIN TYPES – A plethora of the latest technologically advanced peptides are utilised due to their specific benefits on the under eye area, targeting and reducing crows feet wrinkles in density and depth with a myo-relaxing action, offering rapid and reversible muscle and nerve relaxing effects, for safe application in the under eye and crows feet area, where the use of injectable myo-relaxors is restricted. Importantly also fades under eye dark circles, decongesting and reducing puffiness, forming a continuous film with tensor effect. Replenishment and increased collagen synthesis. There is a gradual, continual release of actives into the skin, with an immediate lifting, eye contour smoothing effects, offering 24-hour residual relaxing powers. Has a preventative as well as revitalizing action, helping delay the formation and deepening of expressive wrinkles. Use morning and night as this product has a cumulative effect and skin will begin to look noticeably smoother and more youthful.



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