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No Grow - Male Beard 75ml

R 1005 - In Stock

This strong formulation provides permanent removal of thick, androgen-driven male beard hair.

Fed up with shaving? This formula attacks androgen-driven beard male hair growth.
If you are fed up with strong beard hair growth Male Beard Hair Remover will get rid of this coarse hair and give you a smooth hairless complexion. This strong formulation gets rid of men’s beard hair – even tough androgen-driven facial hair – whilst Growth Inhibitor treats the roots to reverse hair growth activity to enable a reduced shaving regime.
Male facial hair that has been toughened up by years of regular shaving requires a stronger formulation to breakdown the protein structure of the hair than regular strength No Grow. Male Beard Hair Remover addresses this problem by incorporating an advanced protein formulation specially designed attack tough androgen-driven male beard hair.
Now you can achieve the same long-term hair removal effects of laser hair removal but without the inconvenience and cost. No Grow is a simple wipe-on-wipe-off cream which is safe and easy to use and contains a unique formulation to stop hair growth.
No Grow Beard Hair Remover removes hair deep beneath the dermis layer and kills the hair roots. A great alternative to shaving.
● Formulated To Work On All Types Male Beard Hair
● Shrinks The Hair Follicle To Stifle New Hair Growth
● Formulated For Normal/Average Body Hair
● Painlessly Shrinks Hair Root To Give You Hair Free Skin
● Achieve 99.5% Hair Reduction In 120 Days
● Easy To Use Wipe-On-Wipe-Off Cream



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