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No Grow Female Facial

R 810 - In Stock

This formulation provides permanent removal female facial hair and peach fluff.
Facial hair removal for women. Get rid of unsightly moustache and chin hair.
Get permanent loss of unwanted facial hair. Formulated for sensitive facial areas of the upper lip, cheeks, and chin but powerful enough to iradicate strong dark facial hair.
Dissolves hair above and below the skin and shrinks the hair root for long-term elimination of hair. Achieve a smooth hair-free complexion, free from fuzz or visible hard bristles with Hairfree.
This product is formulated for use on sensitive facial skin but is designed to get rid of all types of facial hair from wispy blond superficial surface, sometimes called “fuzz”, to dark thick facial hair growth.
The hair reduction ingredient GSF2:0 works beneath the skin to neutralise the matrix bulb of the hair root. That’s the place where new hair growth starts. It dissolves hair and destroys the hair follicle.
No Grow Female Facial Hair Remover is fine-tuned to react with the protein and density of female moustache hair. This product is formulated to react to strong, dark moustache and chin hair.
Suitable for all hair types from blond to black, even grey facial hair.

● Formulated To Work On All Types of Male & Female Body Hair
● Shrinks The Hair Follicle To Stifle New Hair Growth
● Formulated For Normal/Average Body Hair
● Painlessly Shrinks Hair Root To Give You Hair Free Skin
● Achieve 99.5% Hair Reduction In 120 Days
● Easy To Use Wipe-On-Wipe-Off Cream



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