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The Sun and Beauty Room

Pro-Active Collagen Bovine Strawberry

R 1030 - In Stock

Liquid Collagen
Promotes Wellness, Radiant Skin, Shiny Hair and Strong Nails. Contains Essential Amino Acids
Available in Strawberry and Lemon
Recommended for:
● Contribution to the cartilage mass increase
● Reduction in joint & cartilage injury risk
● Support on recovery time after physical activity
● Contribution to articular cartilage thickness of joints increase
● Normal function of bones through development & growth
● Assisting in the improvement of Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis
● Improvement of skin’s dryness & hydration
● Enhancement of Hair strength & appearance from 5% to 45%
● Assisting ght against the visible signs of skin ageing
● Promoting much easier Sports & Recreational activity
● Provision of a powerful antioxidant action due to certain amino acids
● Maintainance of a normal digestive tract



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