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The Sun and Beauty Room

Lamelle Acnevelle Plus

R 345 - In Stock

Your two-a-day pimple protector. Lamelle Acnevelle Plus is an oral supplement that’s registered as complementary medicine for treating pimples. It’s proven to clear up to 88% of pimples in 8 weeks. This product performs well in conjunction with the Lamelle Clarity skincare range.

Acnevelle Plus contains an effective dose of copper (in the form for Copper Glycinate). Patients taking the supplement can experience an 80% improvement in their skin after eight weeks. Furthermore, it assists in barrier replacement therapy and has anti-itch effects, as well as anti-redness benefits. It also reduces skin's sensitivity and reduces inflammation.

It is best to use this in conjunction with the Clarity range as their effects are synergistic for problematic skin.



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